Tasmanian Devil Lures - 7g

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Welcome to The Beautiful World of Tassie Devil Lures!

Are you looking for a top-quality trolling, casting, or jigging lure sure to get results? Then check out Tassie Devil Lures. These lures are the perfect choice for anglers looking for a competitive edge when targeting various fish species in fresh and saltwater.

Unique Design

What is there not to like about the Tassie Devil Lures? They feature a hollow torpedo-shaped centre core encased in plastic and have curving wings. A bead and treble hook are fastened to the end of the line, which passes through the lure’s body. It also comes in various patterns, colours, and styles to fit practically every fishing scenario.

Unrivalled Working Mechanism

The Tasmanian devil lure is one of the market's most effective fishing lures, and it's easy to see why. The secret to its success is the revolutionary winged technology that causes the lure to swim irregularly, simulating the movement of wounded fish. This erratic swimming action attracts predators, giving you a chance to bag fish like bass, trout, school mackerel and salmon. 

The Competitive Edge

The Tassie devil is a sure-fire strike that consistently lands you your target species. The line-through rigging method or the open flight stainless steel centre used with the 7, 13.5, 20, or 26-gram version inhibits fish from throwing the hook since both ways allow the lure body to glide up the line away from the fish. Casting, trolling and jigging will never be more straightforward.

Key Takeaway

In addition to being incredibly effective, the Tasmanian devil is one of the most durable lures on the market, able to withstand multiple catches without showing any wear. This makes it an ideal lure for those who want to maximize their chances of fishing success. Whether a seasoned angler or a beginner, the Tasmanian devil is a must-have lure for your tackle box.

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