Murray Cod Fishing

Murray Cod Fishing in Australia

Murray Cod season is closed. The closed season for Murray cod is from 1 September to 30 November inclusive. 

The Murray Cod is the largest freshwater fish in Australia. The species has been measured at up to 1.8 m in length.

The Murray Cod is considered the apex predator of the river systems of the Murray-Darling Basin and has a tendancy to aggressively attack other critters entering its territory.
The species' diet changes with age with the typical adult diet consisting of spiny crayfish, yabbies and shrimps . It has also been known to feed on other native and non-native fish species in the waterway. Less common animals found in the diet include ducks, cormorants, grebes, tortoises, water dragons, snakes, mice, frogs and mussels.

small green spotted murray cod fish

Where can you find Murray Cod?

Below is a map of the Murray Cod Distribution throughout the Murray Darling Basin.

Maps of Murray Darling Basin that links to Murray Cod Locations

Rocky River in Forest

7 Ways to Catch Murray Cod


Worms, Yabbies and Bardi Grubs the most easily accesible baits although chicken, cheese and other fatty, oily baits work great. Bait is your best option on a river bank but dont let that stop you having a flick with a lure on another rod at the same time. Make sure   Hooks and Sinkers Available here


Hardbody Lures

Hard Body lures are great for trolling and flicking lake walls and river banks. Dont be suprised by a Golden Perch taking the same size lure!


Spinnerbaits are a great alrounder because you can fish them at all depths, shallow or deep. They come in many different shapes and sizes but the most popular spinnerbait of all is the Bassman Codman series in a 5/8oz.



Swimbaits can be used to look like an injured fish and typically used in the first few feet from the surface of the water - although weights can be purchased to swim them deeper!

Surface Lures

Surface lures are the most exciting way to catch murray cod and can be caught during any time of the day - cod will sit higher in the water column during dusk and dawn though ;)

Soft Plastics

Chasing cod that are a bit fussy? The more life like you can get your bait the better! Clear water is advised for baits with no rattles although we've been proven wrong before.

Lipless Crankbaits

Rattle cod's brains with a Lipless Crankbait. Your bound to get a reaction.

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For more info about murray cod fishing check out these two local legend on YouTube and Facebook,

Man holding Freshwater Yabbies excited

Man holding large murray cod green fish on bright sunny day on a river