How to get a Victorian Firearms License?

Before you arrive to sit the firearm safety test..

If you're looking at getting your firearms license in Victoria there are a few thing you need to first.

Cost: $25 

Step 1: Firearm Safety Code

Read the Victorian Firearm Safety Code Booklet. You can also find one at your local firearms dealer.

firearms safety code booklet for victorian firearms license


Step 2: Firearm Safety Video - Victoria Police

Watch the Firearm Safety Video made by Victoria Police.

Step 3: Multiple Choice Test
You will sit a multiple choice firearms test.
To sit your test with us - Come into Trelly's Shepparton at 209 Corio St ANYTIME  during the working week to sit (Directions are Below). It cost $25 per test that you sit.
What happens if I fail? 
You will need to re sit the test at another date after re studying the Firearms Safety Code and Re- watch the Firearm Safety Video by Victoria Police above.