Owner 5130 Beast Unweighted Fishing Hook



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Owner 5130 Beast Unweighted Fishing Hook

This unweighted version of Owners Beast has all the features of the Weighted Beast, less the weight. The unweighted version is ideal for lighter baits than do not need large amounts of weight to be swam.

Due the XXX-strong wire and big gap angle there is a lot of steel in this hook which allows the hook alone to act as the weight on lighter baits. "Clip-On" weights can always be added to the shank to increase the hook's weight.

The Owner Beast Unweighted is ideal for rigging larger plastics and swimbaits for species such as Murray Cod, Barramundi, Flathead and Mangrove Jack when a super slow sink is needed, when fishing shallow water or if you are fishing surface baits. 

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