Megabass Magdraft



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The Megabass Magdraft has crashed onto the Australian Swimbaiting scene in a big way. With its roots firmly established in the USA and Japanese big bait market, this soft plastic swimabait has fast become a go-to lure for Aussie anglers chasing that dream Murray Cod in lakes and impoundments.

The unique head design, pectoral wings and large boot-shaped tail give this lure an ultra-realistic swimming action that cannot be compared to anything else on the market! The pectoral wings aid in the lures stabilisation to ensure any unnatural roll is counter balanced. These fins also act as a valuable weed guard to help keep the belly hook away from weed.

The internal Mag Hold System ensures that the fully rigged swinging treble sits flush with the body via the use of an internal magnet. This results in less snags and a much better hook set once that big Cod engulfs your bait!


  • 10'' - 175g
  • 8''- 88g