Waterproof Fishing Knots Book



Waterproof Fishing Knots Book

For all your salt and fresh water fishing knots turn to the ‘Waterproof Book of Knots – Basic Fishing’ book to make sure you’re mastering knots for your line. It’s a handy book to keep in your pocket whilst out fishing or to read through at home to practice the knots.

The 6 x 4 inches guide is also waterproof, meaning if you happen to drop it in the river you’re stood in, down in the lake nearby or a wave splashes it, you’re book is protected. Keep it in the boat, kayak or even tackle bag when you walk the river bank. This handy pocket sized guide is sure to come in handy while you are out on the water.

Learn all the basic knots for both salt and freshwater by reading this comprehensive, pocket-sized guide to fishing knots. Great for beginners and children who are learning.