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Storm: RIP Rigger


The Storm R.I.P Rigger makes rigging monumental soft baits like the R.I.P Shad and R.I.P Curl easier than ever before. Featuring a weighted plastic head that perfectly matches those baits and any other 6" or larger soft plastic. The head attaches to the plastic by a large diameter and pitch screw lock, securing your plastics better than tradational plastic keeper barbs. You can twist the R.I.P Rigger in and out of your chosen soft baits over 30 times with no decrease in durability. 
The head features two different tow points for different swimming actions, the rear point also gives you a secondary rigging method to have the trebles rigged on the top side of the bait.

On the bottom of the R.I.P Rigger is two premium VMC trebles. One treble is positioned further back in the plastic and connected by premium stainless steel multi-strand wire and secured with crimps. 


Rigging large soft baits on standard jig heads can be tricky and time consuming and rarely do you end up with a rig with the adequate hook exposure to target trophy fish. With the R.I.P Rigger you can confidently and quickly rig even the largest soft baits and be sure that the hooks are there for when the fish of a lifetime decides to bite. 
Available in 4 colours and weighing 22g the R.I.P Rigger is perfectly suited to mulloway, murray cod or barramundi. 

Weight: 22g
Suits baits 6" or larger