Shimano Lucanus Jig



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Shimano Lucanus Jig

The Lucanus jigs are one of the original octopus style slow jigs. The weighted heads gets the lure down into the strike zone where the skirt with its many appendages wave gently in the current to attract the attention of any nearby predators on the reef. The small twin assist hooks are lethal for any fish that even sniffs the Lucanus jig.

Simply drop the jig down and gently bounce, hop or wind it a few meters back up. A slow retrieve is the key to get the most like like action out of the Lucanus jigs, even sit your rod in the holder and let the movement of the boat impart action onto your Lucanus jig. All reef species such as Snapper, Emperor, Nannygai, Morwong and Coral Trout find the Lucanus irresistible. Even give it a go on your favourite Flathead mark, it will certainly produce some action!

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