Rapala V-Perch Bladed Jig 15g
Rapala V-Perch Bladed Jig 15g
Rapala V-Perch Bladed Jig 15g
Rapala V-Perch Bladed Jig 15g
Rapala V-Perch Bladed Jig 15g
Rapala V-Perch Bladed Jig 15g


Rapala V-Perch Bladed Jig 15g

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A lure that has dominated the freshwater fishing in recent years is the bladed jig. The bladed jig is so effective because it offers anglers a blend of some of the best reaction baits on the market in one bite sized package.

Rapala has come to the party with the new Rap-V Bladed Jigs. Available in two sizes and a combination of weights to cover all fishing scenarios. These bladed jigs combine elements from multiple lures, the wobble and vibration of a crank bait, snag deflecting properties of a square bill and flash of a spinnerbait.

Fitted with a colour matched welded silicone skirt and a uniquely printed and snag-reducing blade, this lure swims with irresistible flash and vibration. The versatile and easy-to-fish Rap-V Bladed Jigs are highly effective in any type of situation.

Each Rap-V Bladed Jig features a soft plastic keeper on the hook to allow for using a trailer to increase its presence in the water.

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