Owner ST-56TN Treble Fishing Hook



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Owner ST-56TN Treble Fishing Hook

Owner ST-56 Trebles are 3X-Strong with a corrosion-resistant black chrome finish and are perfect replacement hooks for improving the hooking power of many salt and freshwater lures.

The Owner ST-56 are the hook of choice for many Murray Cod swimabit anglers who are upgrading hooks on lures such as the Jackall Gantarel and Gigantarel's. It is also a fantastic option for saltwater anglers needing a beefier treble for Barramundi or topwater stickbaits and poppers in the PE2-5 class.

The Owner ST-56 is lethal when used as "stinger" on wire rigs for Spanish Mackerel and other toothy predators.

Designed with wide gaps and strength in mind, it features a short shank, forged bends, and three Super Needle Points.