Daiwa Steez A TW Baitcaster Fishing Reels


Daiwa Steez A TW Baitcaster Fishing Reels

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Daiwa Steez A TW Baitcaster Fishing Reels

The Daiwa Steez A TW baitcaster fishing reel is a staple in the Daiwa Steez range. Starting in early 2000, DAIWA wanted to win back the recognition of being the top worldwide bass brand. Daiwa put forth all efforts and once again provided performance proven bass fishing equipment worldwide. In the spring of 2006, the first model of Steez was produced. This first model was rigid and lightweight with its Air Metal (magnesium) frame. Weighing in at 155g (5.5oz). The average weight for a baitcasting reel at that time was 200g (7.1oz). Achieving 155g (5.5oz) was truly an extraordinary accomplishment during this time. This was and continues to be the current standard for Steez reels today. In 2016, over a decade since the first Steez model was launched, Steez TWS took the reigns. This lightweight reel gained an enormous following with finesse anglers. Now in 2017, the new A version arrives with all new features.

A 34mm G1-Duralumin spool provides faster spool rotation and strength and partners with Daiwa's TWS for outstanding casting performance and control. The wide levelwind of TWS creates minimal friction for longer casting and extreme free falling ability. 

Setting the reel for optimum cast control has become easier with the Steez A TW. Daiwa's new Zero Adjuster eliminates the need to adjust the spool tension knob for optimum casting performance.

Headlining the Steez's impressive design and performance is one of Daiwa's greatest innovations, Real Four. With Real Engine, Real Control, Real Endurance, and Real Custom combining to deliver unmatched precision, power and performance. An ultra strong, aluminium frame sees the reel sit assuredly and balanced in the angler's hand, and palms beautifully for ultimate comfort and control. Continuing Daiwa's innovation trend, it features Mag Seal technology.

Delivering unrivalled protection in spin reels since it was first introduced in 2010, Mag Seal is a revolutionary system that involves magnetized oil that reduces dust, water and salt intrusion. For added protection and performance, Mag Seal is located on the pinion gear. This results in the prevention of water and salt intrusion, increasing protection and performance. Slamming the door shut on unwanted intruders Mag Seal technology is baitcaster protection and design advancement like you've never before.

Daiwa's advanced gear design, Digigear delivers it's telltale precision. It combines with the new Air Rotation system to create a reel that has few peers when it comes to smoothness. 

Ultimate cranking control is available with a large Swept Handle that brings the balance point of the handle closer to the centre of the reel. This combines with Daiwa’s large, super grip knobs for unmatched cranking power, balance and control. Giving you the power to take control is Daiwa's ATD. Powerful, unyielding ATD gives you the power and poise to take control of whatever crosses your angling path.

The revolutionary T-Wing System unearths a new age in casting performance. Daiwas pivoting T-shaped line guide (TWS) is light years ahead of traditional line guide systems. TWS delivers unparalleled casting performance, reduces line noise and friction, and improves line control, reel stability and balance. 

Partnering with TWS is the performance-driven duraluminium spool, with its lighter, stronger, and faster design. Working in unison, these two features make for ultimate casting ease and performance.

The new Steez A introduces innovations and unparalleled designs. The combination of Magseal, ATD, Air Rotation and TWS makes it one of Daiwa's most sensitive and technically advanced baitcaster reels ever developed. You will feel more connected to lures, detect more bites and fight fish with ease. Steez A is Technology to Feel.


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