Daiwa Fuego CT 100H Baitcaster Fishing Reels



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Daiwa Fuego CT 100H Baitcast Reel

The all-new Daiwa Fuego CT 100H baitcast fishing reel has been lighting a fire in the baitcast range. Built on a solid, frame that houses a bulletproof gearing system, the Daiwa Fuego CT 100H baitcast reel sits comfortably in the hand. Smooth just got smoother with Air Rotation, a new technology from Daiwa that makes turning the handle almost effortless, with a fluid, smooth feel that says precision and performance.

At the core of Daiwa's Air Rotation is precision designed and machined gearing, a level of refinement that makes for buttery cranking and unrivalled smoothness when under load. Air Rotation is as light as air and as smooth silk.

The Daiwa Fuego CT 100H baitcast reel employs Magforce Z braking system technology, the latest generation of Daiwa's unique magnetic anti-backlash control for the experienced angler. The Magforce Z braking system combines the best attributes of old-fashioned mechanical braking with today's advanced magnetic braking technology. It is easily adjusted to any skill level to control backlash. With Magforce Z spool startup is faster and the spool spins longer.

With a big motor comes the need for some serious brakes and Daiwa's legendary UTD- Ultimate Tournament Drag the has all the stopping power you'll need to muscle the toughest fish. With 6kg of silky smooth drag pressure available, the Daiwa Fuego CT 100H baitcast reel is the baitcaster to handle any fish that's thrown at it. 

Big on features, the Daiwa Fuego CT 100H baitcast reel delivers anglers the latest baitcast spool design. The new CT or compact design delivers improved cast control due to line being able to more freely unwind from the spool. The large swept handle and non-slip knobs deliver reel balance and complete control.

The Daiwa Fuego CT 100H is an ideal bait cast reel for anglers targeting a range of species. Anglers who target Murray Cod, Bass or Yellowbelly will find the The Daiwa Fuego CT 100H perfect for targeting these species. the low profile and compact size lend the Fuego perfect for a range of techniques and lures such as spinnerbaits, jigs and crank baits.


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