Daiwa Zillion HD 1520HL Baitcaster Reel


Daiwa Zillion HD 1520HL Baitcaster Reel

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 Daiwa Zillion HD 1520HL Baitcaster Reel

The Daiwa Zillion HD Baitcaster Fishing Reel has emerged from the shadows dressed in black and silver. Carrying the name and pedigree that has made the Daiwa Zillion legendary amongst baitcaster reels, the newest reel to bare the famous label is laden with many of Daiwa's latest and most advanced performance driven technologies. Anglers have been presented with a reel that ticks the boxes on all levels.

The foundation of the Zillion HD's impressive design and performance is one of Daiwa's greatest innovations, Real Four. With Real Engine, Real Control, Real Endurance, and Real Custom combining to deliver unmatched precision, power and performance.

The HD's new G1 duralumin spool is both lighter and stronger than ever before with its free-floating Speed Shaft spool design allowing for effortless friction-free rotation, while its larger deeper profile allows you to put more line on your Zillion than ever before.

The new HD features an allow frame, gear, and side plate, a step up from its predecessor which only possessed an alloy frame. The new gear and side plate enhances reel strength and integrity, while the newly designed side plate provides greater spool support for improved spool balance and rotational smoothness to significant improve casting and cranking performance.

The Zillion HD continues Daiwa's innovation trend by featuring Mag Seal technology. Mag Seal is a revolutionary system that involves magnetized oil. It forms a seal, reducing dust, water and salt intrusion. Located on the pinion gear,  the result is increased protection and performance. Slamming the door shut on unwanted intruders, Mag Seal technology is baitcaster protection and design advancement like you've never seen before.

Daiwa's advanced gear design, Digigear, delivers its tell tale precision and smoothness. Under load the Zillion HD's powerful gear box allows for effortless cranking and unmatched power and performance, making for effortless hours and days on the water.

The revolutionary T-Wing System unearthed a new age in casting performance for the Zillion with its pivoting T-shaped line guide light years ahead of traditional line guide systems. TWS delivers unparalleled casting performance, reduces line noise and friction, and improves line control, reel stability and balance.

Casting control has never been more refined or effortless, with Daiwa's legendary Magforce Z delivering ultimate control and precision. Magforce Z is seamless in design and flawless in performance for total casting control.

Giving you the power to take control is Daiwa's UTD. Powerful, unyielding UTD gives you the power and poise to take control of whatever crosses your angling path.

A new large clicking alloy star drag puts this control in easy reach, with its super light, ergonomic design making it easier than ever to crank the power up when needed.

Ultimate cranking control is available in the new Zillion with a large 100mm Swept Handle. This brings the balance point of the handle closer to the centre of the reel for unmatched rotational balance and cranking ease.

Made of alloy and featuring a stylish red coloured handle nut retaining plate, and large EVA Power Knobs for enhance cranking comfort and control the new HD delivers when it comes to both looks and performance.

Taking a great thing and making it even better, the new Zillion HD elevates the famous Zillion name to another level. With its dark looks, enhanced styling and stunning performance it has delivered anglers a reel like nothing before it.


  • 2018 Model
  • Alloy frame, gear and side plates
  • Newly designed spool side plate featuring improved spool support
  • Real Four Technology
  • Digigear
  • Magseal (pinion gear)
  • TWS T-Wing Type II System
  • G1 Duralumin Spool - Lighter
  • Speed Shaft
  • EVA Power Knobs
  • 100mm Swept Alloy Handle
  • Long arm ratcheted alloy star drag
  • Magseal bearing under Cast Control Cap
  • 7kg UTD - Ultimate Tournament Drag
  • 10+1 bearings

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