Berkley Folding Boat Net



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Berkley Folding Boat Net

Berkley Folding Boat Nets are designed to for easy use and storage. You can fight all the fish you want but getting them onto your boat is often another issue completely. Increase your chances and catch more fish with a Berkley Folding Boat Net.

Berkley Folding Boat Nets are perfect for catch-and-release fishing thanks to the fish-friendly silicone netting helping to reduce damage to fins and scales. Tangled hooks aren’t a problem with this net.


  • Folding Telescopic Boat net, 2m extended, 1.4m retracted
  • Net folds for easy storage
  • Fish friendly and tangle free Catch n release netting
  • Anodised handle and frame
  • Space saving retractable handle models
  • Comfortable non slip EVA hand grips
  • Elasticated safety cord with clip

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Category: Landing Net

Type: Fishing