Berkley Extended Kayak Net



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Berkley Extended Kayak Net

The Berkley Extended Kayak Net like all Berkley nets feature silicone netting, making it possible to have a net for both catch and release and catch and keep fishing.

The Berkley Catch and release nets fish friendly large silicon netting helps reduce damage to fins and scales while still being easy to sweep through the water when netting.

An added bonus of the Berkley Catch and release nets is they are constructed with anodised frame and are built to last. 


  • Fish friendly and tangle free silicon Catch n release netting
  • Anodised frame
  • Comfortable non slip EVA hand grips
  • Folds for easy storage
  • Space saving retractable handle
  • UV Stable Netting
  • Safety lanyard


  • length 76cm
  • Net size 31 X34cm
  • Net Depth 27cm

Collections: Fishing Tools & Accessories, Recently Added

Category: Landing Net

Type: Fishing