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Balista Smoke

The Smoke range of deep divers are designed to mimic bait fish both in body profile and swimming action. The Smoke 65 features our scientifically proven LED technology, the LED light works particularly well in dirty water, low light conditions and after dark.

With the position of the tow point on the large bib this gives an intense action as well as exceptionally good snag resistance. On the cast the Smoke crash dives down deep quickly allowing you to get to the strike zone quicker and stay there for longer. The body is 65mm in length and dives to 15 feet.

Fitted with 3X strong BKK hooks these not only hold the fish but you'll hook more with the needle sharp BKK trebles.

The realistic body profile of the Smoke 65 allows you to target many species effectively including Mangrove Jacks, Barramundi, Bass, Golden Perch, Murray Cod, Redfin, Flathead and many more.

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