Firearms License

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How to get your Victorian Firearms License.

Step 1:
Book in for your Firearms Safety Course at your local Police Station.

Step 2:
Pick up your Firearms License Application from the Police Station or download via the website.
Fill out the required fields, then send it off to registry
Address: Firearms Registry GPO Box 2807 Melbourne VIC 3001

Step 3:
Wait for your application to be approved and arrive in the mail. Once you get the application go to your local Westpac Bank and pay the fee.

Step 4:
Go to your local VIC Roads and get your photo taken.

Step 5:
In approximately 28 days you will receive the hard copy of your license in the mail.

Step 6:
Now that you have your license you can apply for a Permit to Purchase (PTA)
at your local Firearms Dealer, paper or electronic.
You will need to know the calibre of the firearm for the PTA.
Your first PTA will take 28 days, After your purchase your first firearm PTA's will be over night (VIC only)

Step 7:
When you receive the permit (via mail or electronic) bring the permit to the dealer, and then you may pick up your firearm.