Bardi Grubs

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How to catch Bardi Grubs

  1. Find the right Tree (commonly lone eucalyptus trees or Casuarina pauper on sand hills)
  2. Chip away the first few inches of soil around a tree until you find bardi grub holes 1-2cm wide.
  3.  Flick the Bardi Grub hole - If there is a hollow sound, there is no grub home - If there is a dull thud, there could be a grub home.
  4. Insert bardi grub wire until it reaches the grub 
  5. Tighten the wire gently and pull the grub from the hole
  6. Cover up any bare ground around the tree that you have chipped away in the process.

Store your bardi grubs in a low temperate in singular packets - a cellar or wine cooler is ideal temperate that imitates the ground they live in. They can live in this dormant state for 3 months +