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Trellys Fishing World Geelong



The Offshore snapper bite is continuing to show no sign of slowing down with the fish still going bonkers. Boats have been finding no problem in finding truckloads of snapper ranging anywhere in size from just under a kilo right up to 4kg. Drifting in depths from 20 right through to 50 metres has been holding plenty of fish, slightly towards Torquay way. Rob Thornton and Adam Van Der Lugt went out for a look Monday morning and managed plenty of pinkies to 2kg aswell as a Yellow Tail Kingfish that measured in at 67cm, good sign for the upcoming season. Not just snapper have been biting well out there at the moment but also Flathead and Gummy sharks have been chewing well and in good numbers.





Queenscliff has still been offering some fantastic squid fishing in the bight this past week with plenty of reports rolling in. No massive squid but they do seem to be in quite good numbers, anglers fishing with bigger jigs and dead baits on squid spikes have been picking up the bigger models. Whiting are still chewing well on the grass beds for the patient angler. Fishing the tide change with fresh squid has been most productive.





Altona has been a popular snapper hot spot for the past few weeks now and is starting to show zero sign of slowing down anytime soon. The area known as P2 has been by far the most popular location with plenty of boats getting stuck into tonnes of fish with some reaching over 6kg. Fresh squid, silver whiting and pilchards have been the best baits.




Wurdi Buloc Reservoir has been a little slow over the past week but for some anglers that have put in the time have managed to pull out some nice fish. Trout have been the main species on the chew with anglers casting shallow diving lures or bent minnows finding some good success, redfin like eating them too.





It was a cracking opening weekend on the Goulburn with Cod being reported from Nagambie down to Loch Gary. The best sign was the range of sizes with a couple over a meter reported but plenty ranging from 30/80cms. Those trolling had plenty of luck on Oar-Gee lures & Codgers with Bassman Codman and mumblers working best for those on the cast during the day and Pompadour’s working well in low light periods. Bait fishos were using everything from scrub worms. Dim Sims and Trellys Chicken and cheese baits. Yellowbelly up to 55cms were caught on scrub worms and Pirate vibration bladed Spinnerbaits.  With some good weather predicted this week we would expect the river to fish even better in week 2 of cod season. 



Plenty of fish being caught in the channel systems around Shepparton this week. Those fishing lures reported that Lipless Crankbaits & Zx40 blades were the stand out lures. Slow rolling both kinds of lures or a deadly technique is a pause, followed by a flick of the rod tip to make the lure jump off the bottom followed again by a pause. Cod, Yellowbelly & Redfin are being reports also on bait with scrub worms or small yabbies bobbing around bridge pylons working well. 








What a great site it is to see the Cod Classic back up and running after this covid affected period. By all reports the vibe was buzzing and for some that vibe continued onto the water. Conditions were a bit rough with the wind blowing up at times but all in all it was all positive. Prior, during and post event there were reports of some big fish being caught in the lake with Jackall Gantarels, Balista Tremmors & Codman Spinnerbaits working well. Bait fishing was dominated by chicken and cheese from both the bank and boat.  







Still plenty of Redfin being caught at Hume this week with trolling Halco RMGs working well when your in search mode. Once fish are located dropping down worms or blades has worked best in open water. The Yellowbelly fishing has not been as hot as recent weeks which maybe just due to majority of people chasing cod elsewhere for opening or just looking for a feed of Redfin. 





We had a lot of reports in our Shepparton store of some good fishing but strange fishing at Eildon over the last week. Down towards Bonnie Doon there were reports of heaps of Redfin holding only on one side of the lake and not the other. Down towards the wall there were some big foul hooked fish dropped at boat side plus some meter plus fish being caught in the middle of the day in open water. Bassman Mumblers with a black plastic & Balista Temmors in surface mode have both worked best for the bigger fish. With the weather now starting to warm up we would expect the Yellowbelly fishing to continually get better with some reporting back to us that water temps are similar to those that are normally around the late October period which is normally prime Yellowbelly time. If your looking to up your knowledge jump onto Spotify and check out the podcast episode Cod Guru Kate Norman did. Also we have a YouTube video with Kate talking all things Eildon 13 Fishing Reels and a special competition with Trelly on our Trellys Shepparton YouTube page. 







BOOF BOOF BOOF I’m on, is a sound we all love to hear and in week one of cod season it was heard a lot. There were heaps of cod caught from Benalla to Gowingardie and also down behind Kialla lakes near archer street. These fish were no record beaters but the numbers of catches were high. Bait fishing produced more Yellowbelly then cod over the last week with scrub worms being the stand out. 





The reports of cod being caught in the Benalla Lake are becoming more regular. Some over the years have measured in over the meter mark with the one below in the 90s. A lot of fish have been caught on bait with cheese and chicken working well. Those fishing with lures have mentioned Spinnerbaits & Shallow diving hardbodies have worked well. We look forward to plenty more reports this cod season from the locals around Benalla. 





Good signs for the upcoming cod season on week one with plenty of fish being caught. Bank fishing was a nice easy way to catch a cod both in town but also out towards the site of Go Fish Nagambie. Scrub worms and Chicken working best this past week with the odd report of cod being caught on Shrimp. A little upstream the Yellowbelly were biting Spinnerbaits with the Bassman Shorties being the best lure of choice for casting. Trollers reported the 15ft diving Old Mates in Purple Ghost worked well on cod over opening weekend. 





We are still getting reports of the odd trout being caught early in the morning especially after the cooler nights. Keitech Easy shiners in the 2 inch have been the stand out as well as small celta spinners. If you can’t get to the lake early we would suggest rigging your lures weedless or using bait on the weed edges. Trolling TN60 jackals up and down the rowing lanes has also produced some Yellowbelly now the water temps are coming up. No reports of cod being caught this week in the lake but there is plenty in there so come into the shop and stock up on some cod bait or lures for the lake. 




Just to get the juices flowing here is a few random cod photos from the opening week of season 2021/22.