Trelly's Fishing Report

Trelly's Fishing Report

Shepparton Region Channels
The Channels around Shepparton are still fishing well for both Redfin and Yellowbelly. Casting small hard bodied lures and Plastics rigged with a beetle spin have been working well. Fishing around structures like bridges and grass beds have been great spots to target. Nick hit up the Main Eastern after work during the week and got onto a few Redfin and caught Yellowbelly while casting a Rapala BX Brat 6.

Lake Victoria Shepparton
There have been a few of the stocked Rainbow Trout getting caught out of Lake Victoria over the past week since they were stocked in there. The key to getting these fish in the parts of the lake that are free of weed has been getting there and fishing first light and last light. Casting soft plastics like the Strike Tiger Nymphs has been the go to until it gets brighter. Once the sun is up small hard bodied lures rigged with a single hook on the belly are better options when being cast through the weed. Nelson from Trelly’s Shepp got out before work this week and caught a few of the smaller stocked Trout while casting soft plastics.

There are also some big carp in the Lake, usually caught on worms they will also take the odd soft plastic. Nelson from Trellys Shepparton was fishing for Trout in Lake Victoria before work with Co-workers Shane and Brad when this monster Carp took his Strike Tiger Soft Plastic. 45 minutes later they managed to get it into the net after a few tense moments. The Carp ended up weighing 9.5kg, a good test on 4lb Leader.

There have been a few nice Cod getting caught out of Nagambie on Bait and lures. Baits like Chicken and Cheese have been going alright around the Wineries and near Chinamans Bridge. Trolling hard bodied lures near the caravan park has accounted for a few good Cod as well as casting Swimbaits and surface lures near the weir. Ash visited our Shepparton store where he purchased a Venom Swimbait rod and some Jackall Gantarels. He didn’t waste any time christening the rod and lure on this 85cm Nagambie Cod.

Sevens Creek Euroa
There have been some nice numbers of mid sized Cod getting caught in Sevens Creek near Euroa. Casting spinnerbaits throughout the day has been a great way of getting onto some good numbers of fish. Surface lures in the low light periods are also a good way of getting onto these skinny water fish. Brad has been getting onto good numbers of Cod near Euroa including this one he caught on a white 4D Spinnerbait.

Lake Hume
Hume is still seeing good numbers of Redfin getting caught over the last week. Bait fishing is still the best way of getting onto good numbers but working ice jigs in the deeper water has also been really successful. We’ve had a handful of customers saying that the fish have moved out into around 30-40ft so trolling deeper divers like the RMG Poltergeist 50mm Crazy deeps have been needed to find where the Redfin are schooling up. Ice Jigging in the deeper water and bait fishing with worms and smaller Yabbies have been the go for getting the Redfin fired up.

Mulwala has been fishing well over the past week with good numbers of Cod getting caught on hard bodied lures like Coddog Divers and 15ft Old mates trolled in the main parts of the lake and in the old river bed. Casting swimbaits and shallow running lures like Jackall Gantarels and Megabass Big M 4.0’s have been working well. Justin from Shepparton caught this Cod while casting a Jackall Gantarel at Mulwala over the weekend.

Loddon River
The loddon is electric at present for big healthy cod. These fish have not been shy of taking a big sized lure or bait. Try using a big hard body lure such as your white crows in 15ft, these lures are great to try and entice the big cod out. Surface lures have also been working well with zerek stalkers and kingfisher surface lures doing most of the damage.Spinnerbaits have also been going well on the yellow belly with 4D lures being a great option at present, the 3/4oz is a great weight for this river and they get into the strike zone nice and quick. People using bait have also had amazing success in this river with murray cod measuring up to 96cm being caught recently, worms and bardi grubs have been a standout bait. If chasing yellow belly try using a fresh shrimp, it won't be long before they are very hard to get so it is worth freezing some of these to use at a later date.

Cairn Curran 
Reports have slowed down from this lake with the cooler weather coming through. It’s still worth trolling around the yacht club with RMG poltergeists. The yellow belly if they're feeding find this lure hard to resist, Especially in the trellys colour. A bit of dizzy scent can sometimes be useful in tough situations so apply this generously and regularly to increase your chances. Yabbie scent seems to be the most popular scent used at the moment. Bait anglers are having a little more luck around the trees, peeled yabby tail seems to be a great bait with anglers catching redfin up to 35cm and yellow belly up to 60cm. If you're fishing from the bank cast small plastics out as far as you can and retrieve with a slow twitch twitch pause. The fish seem to eat the plastics on the pause with this cold weather. If bait fishing from the bank look for rocky ledges or a nice drop off. Try using yabby tail from the bank or some fresh scrubbies.

Campaspe River 
This river is still fishing well with anglers reporting multiple yellow belly and murray cod. Anglers are having luck with bait and lures from the bank. Casting bigger lures such as your Cod Dog hard bodied lures or bigger surface lures like taylor made walks on water or bassman aussie crawlers first thing in the morning or late afternoon have seen some good fish being caught up to 80cm. Using bigger lures in the cooler months puts you in with a better chance of catching a good sized murray cod. There have also been some good sized yellow being caught with some weighing up to 10lb and over 50cm’s. The fish have mostly been caught on spinnerbaits fished close to structure, the standout colour seems to be white and black. Bait fishing has also been going good recently with chicken accounting for some good sized murray cod. If chasing yellow belly try using scrub worms.

Bendigo’s Family Fishing Lakes
Crusoe Res - With this colder weather coming in the fishing has really picked up at Crusoe. Anglers are having luck casting lures and using bait. Small hooks are the main tip at this lake, power bait in sherbet has really been the standout this week, however small worms are also a great option. There have been some good redfin caught this week as well as some good trout.
Forrest fields - Plenty of little silvers out and about in this lake, try using a worm on a small hook as the silvers have very small mouths, this is also a great way to catch some of the bigger redfin in the lake that you might've seen in RKJ’s recent fishing video. There are some little trout being caught using powerbait also so it is worth a look.
Lake Tom Thumb - There have been some absolute monster carp that have been caught from this lake recently. Try using a bunch of worms or corn both are a great way to catch these fish which are great fun on light gear.

Lake Eppalock
Lake Eppalock is still fishing magnificently with numerous anglers being rewarded. People are having great lucky fishing from the bank or the boat. If fishing from a boat and chasing redfin, troll small hard bodies such as your RMG poltergeist or 50mm Australian Crafted in around 20ft of water. Look for rocky edges or steep drop offs. Once you’ve picked one up on the troll go back over the school and try to bounce soft plastics through them, this is a great way to get the fish to bite. Soft plastics such as your daiwa bait junkies 2.5” grub in bloodworm have been a standout.Using a scent on your plastics can also help enhance that bite we stock Gulp Gel and Dizzy scent both work extremely well. Another great option is to use ice jigs - Trellys Bendigo is now stocking 1/2oz lunkerhunt straight up jigs which are an absolute standout on the redfin.

There are usually a yellow belly or two around the redfin schools so it is also worth having a yabby tail out the back. If you're chasing a yellow belly try using a black grub around the trees. This is an effective way to find good numbers of fish. Bait fishing has also been a great way to get good numbers of fish, scrub worms seems to be the standout bait at present. This bait is best used on a running sinker rig and used against rocky banks. Anglers have been lucky enough to land good numbers for a feed.

Cod fishing in the colder months is also very effective in this lake, try using bigger swimbaits or hard bodies such as your Australian Crafted 90mm. Use these lures up tight against structure or rocky edges and persist. Cod can also be a good by-catch while trolling for Redfin and Yellowbelly with some nice ones coming on smaller lures like RMG Poltergeists or 50mm Codgers.

Corio Bay
The outer harbour has had some reports of some fantastic snapper getting caught with fish getting to 20lb. Bob Sobeveski got stuck into some cracking fish during a weekend evening soaking baits in hope for a snapper or 2 and it’s pretty safe to say he was not disappointed. Bob landed 3 Snapper at 9.5kg, 8kg and 5kg along with 3 gummy sharks and a heap of smaller pinkies. 


St Helens Rocks
St Helens rocks have been fishing quite well for land based anglers over the past week or so with a variety of species on the chew down there such as pinkie snapper, flathead and whiting. Casting out baits like blue bait and squid on a paternoster rig has been by far the best way to score a bite down there lately.

Curlewis Bank
The Curlewis bank is still producing some nice squid to anglers drifting the weed beds. The water clarity has cleared up quite nicely so the squid fishing has really improved from a few weeks ago, the standout coloured jigs would have to be natural colours at the moment but they don’t seem to be super fussy.

Offshore Barwon Heads
Offshore Barwon Heads has had quite the break from the massive numbers of boats over the past few weeks but there is still some good fishing to be had out there. Although the tuna reports haven’t really been talk of the town there is still plenty of sign out there and some guys are still spotting them so it still pays to take some tuna gear out there and have a look. The flathead have been biting really well along the 50m line, the flatties have been in massive numbers and some good size ones amongst them too.

Western Vic Lakes
The Western lakes have really fired up this week with some fantastic reports of brown trout and redfin being caught. Lake Purrumbete has had massive numbers of redfin holding right around the lake but more towards the east bank and at first light there has been some good trout on offer with fish reaching the 8lb mark. Wurdi Buloc Reservoir has been fishing well over the past week for both trout and redfin as Andrew Orchard found out early in the week landing quality trout and redfin on shallow diving minnow hardbodies.


Clarence River Grafton
Trellys Shepparton Pro Staff Nelson and Nick made the 15hr road-trip up to Grafton to fish the Bassman Spinnerbaits ABT Clarence river Bass Tournament over the weekend. The river was fishing well with some great bags being weighed in over the two days for the shared weight event. Fishing as Non-Boaters, both caught some nice fish over pre-fish and the two competition days. Nick finished in 17th and Nelson ended 31st out of the 46 non-boaters for the event. They found the best lures over the weekend included the Bassman TW Spinnerbait, Bassman Football Jig and Rapala BX Brat 6.