Trelly's Fishing Report

Trelly's Fishing Report

Fishing and Boating news.
DELWP Goulburn to Murray Water trading information Session
Wednesday 28th of April 4.30-6.30pm
Trellys Outdoor Shepparton
209 Corio St, Shepparton.

Have Your Say on Goulburn to Murray Water Trading Next Wednesday the 28th of April at Trellys Shepparton.
DELWP is reviewing Goulburn to Murray water trade and operating rules to help protect the health of the lower Goulburn River, without increasing water delivery risks in the Murray, and while enabling opportunities for water trading. As the next stage of this review DELWP are currently undertaking community consultation through April on preferred long-term options that have been identified in a regulatory impact statement.
*Numbers are limited to a maximum of 20 due to COVID restrictions.*

Lake Victoria Shepparton

Over the weekend there were some great Trout caught out of Lake Victoria thanks to Victorian Fisheries and their Vicfish Kids program. Over 150 Kids took part in the program on the weekend with more than 100 Rainbow Trout caught including some stonking ex broodstock Trout like this one that Declan landed on a Scrub Worm.

Goulburn River
The Goulburn river around Shepparton has been a bit slow lately with bait being the best method. Trellys Chicken Bites have accounted for a few mid sized Cod around the Boulevard and up to Bunbartha. There have been some great Cod and Yellowbelly getting around Murchison mostly on bait. Chicken and Scrubbies have been the best baits recently with a few also getting caught on cheese. Brad has been getting some good numbers of fish on bait recently including this great Cod he caught on a Scrubbie in Murchison.

Seymour has been fishing ok over the past week with a few Redfin getting caught on worms along with some small Cod getting caught on Yabbies and Chicken. Some of the small streams around Seymour hold some nice Trout and excellent Macquarie Perch. Peter from Seymour spent a day last week casting lures in one of the Streams around Seymour and landed this great sized Macquarie perch. 

Over the last week of the school holidays there were some nice fish caught out of Barmah on both bait and lures. The best baits for the area were Chicken, Yabbies, Cheese and scrubbies. There were still a lot of small Trout Cod getting caught but some good numbers of mid sized Murray Cod were amongst them. Surface lures in the morning have also been accounting for some great Cod with a few larger fish over the metre mark getting caught off the top on big surface lures like Coddog Paddlers and Balista Tremors with the Paddler bib. Josh Caught this 118cm Cod from the bank while casting a big Surface lure.

Lake Eildon has been fishing well recently for most species. Trout have been going well around Bonnie Doon while trolling Tassie Devils and Small hardbodies. There have also been some good Trout getting caught in the big river arm while trolling tassie Devils. Redfin are mostly being caught around Bonnie doon and in the Delatite arm on baits like shrimp and worms while fishing the trees. Yellowbelly have been a bit harder to get but the Delatite arm seems to be the best part to target them lately especially on some of the slightly warmer and sunnier days. Murray Cod are being caught in the Main Arm, Jerusalem Creek and Goulburn arm while trolling 15ft divers along the edges and casting big spinnerbaits towards some of the rocky points. Large swimbaits and soft plastics have also been successful in landing some of the bigger fish which are starting to get on a lot of people's minds coming into the winter swimbait season. Nick caught this chunky Eildon Cod that went 99cm on the weekend at Eildon.

Lake Hume
Lake Hume is still the best Lake in the state if You’re looking for a good feed of Redfin. Along with huge numbers of fish getting caught they are also mostly good sized which is allowing plenty of anglers to fill their freezers with this awesome eating fish. Trolling Rmg Poltergeists in the extra deep diver has been the best way of finding fish with the Trellys white colour going really well. Once a good school of Redfin is located bait fishing with Shrimp and working plastics like the Bait Junkie Minnows around the school has been the best way of getting onto great numbers of fish. 

Swan Hill
The Murray River in Swan Hill has had some nice fish caught out of it over the last couple of weeks. Bait fishing with big yabbies and Chicken is a great way of getting onto some nice fish when fishing from the bank. Trolling deeper divers like Stumpjumpers, 25ft Old mates and big Coddog divers have also been a great way of getting onto some good Murray Cod. Graham caught his new PB Murray Cod on the Weekend while trolling a Stumpjumper. This fish measured 96cm.

The Loddon River - The Loddon River is still continuing to produce some great quality fish!
Anglers have been rewarded using bait and lures. Some of these fish are measuring up to 92cm as lucky angler JD was able to find out during the week. If you’re using lures make sure you are persistent and work an area of the river. Casting bigger lures puts you in with a better chance of landing that big one. Lures such as your Balista Tremor, or Jackall Gigantarels are great options. Early mornings and late afternoons still seem to be the most productive times to chase these fish.
If chasing Yellow Belly try using small vibes such as your jackall TN60s especially in colour Ghost Black Red Belly. These lures are best worked with a very slow retrieve as the fish are a bit finicky coming into the cooler months. These fish seem to be holding in tight against structure or off weed beds.
Bait fishing is still a great way to get good numbers of fish. If you're still able to get some fresh shrimp these are great to use around the weedy edges, if you have any left over after your days fishing they are also great when frozen in the colder months so it would be worth sticking a few in the freezer if you plan to get out over winter. Trellys also stock a fresh supply of great sized scrub worms all year round and are a great bait for all freshwater species such as Murray Cod, Carp, Yellow Belly and Redfin. If you're chasing a big Murray Cod we also stock good sized bait Yabbies, and Trellys Special Chicken.
Please find below local angler JD’s great catch which was taken on a size 1 stumpy!!
Reports from the lake have definitely slowed up over the last couple of weeks. With the water cooling down it has reduced the amount of active fish.While saying this however the quality of the fish that we have seen come from this lake have been magnificent. This week we saw a 12lb and a 14lb yellow belly caught from the bank and a couple from a boat.
Anglers using yabby tails and fresh scrubbies have had the most success. If bank fishing, look for any structure from rocky banks to snaggy areas. If fishing from a boat try around the trees, move from each tree if you haven’t had a bite in the first 15 minutes until you find an active fish.
Lures are still working, bouncing vibes such as your Ecogear ZX40 round the trees is a very effective way to find a feeding fish out of this lake system. If you're chasing cod try using some bigger hard bodies such as 90mm A/C invaders or some heavier 3/4oz Spinnerbaits. We now stock 4D spinnerbaits which would be great for this system.
The river is still fishing well, with anglers using bait or lures both being rewarded. In these cooler months it is worth getting out of bed first thing in the morning and casting those bigger lures. Lures such as Kuttafurra Rats, or Bassman Aussie Crawlers have accounted for some big fish in the past. The early mornings and late afternoons still seem to be the most productive times.
Anglers are still having great success using gangster motherfrogger spinnerbaits especially in those brighter colours. These are best worked close to structure, a lot of the fish will eat on the drop so make sure you let your spinnerbait sink.
Bait fishing is still a great option with fresh big scrubbies a great option, this bait is great for Yellow Belly and Cod used under a light sinker on a running rig. Another great option for the Cod is Trellys Special chicken baits, if chasing the big one be generous on your chicken and be patient.
The lake is still on fire - There have been great reports coming out of Eppalock with good numbers of Redfin and Yellow Belly being a regular occurrence. Trolling small RMG hard bodies in crazy deep is the most effective way to find the schools of fish. Brighter colours seem to be working the best. Once the schools have been located try bobbing a jig. Fishing with ice jigs is the best way to get down to the bottom and puts you in with a better chance of landing some of the better fish that are amongst the schools. Fishing with plastics is also a very effective way to get some good numbers of fish. Once you’ve located the schools dropping 2.5’’ grubs is a great way to get the fish to bite. There also seem to be a few yellow belly mixed amongst the redfin so persist. Also an alternative way to also fish for yellow belly is to go around the trees and drop black grubs around the structure and continuously bounce your grubs until you locate a fish. There's been a few trees around the lake holding multiple fish.
Trolling for Cod with this colder weather coming through is also a great way to get a good fish, try the 90mm A/C (Australian Crafted Lures) work these lures along a rock wall or structure. This is a great way to try to catch a big one.
Bait fishing has also been working well from the banks and the boats. Scrub worms under a small sinker is a very effective way to get a yellow belly or redfin to chew.
Forrest Field Lake - This is a small lake located in Kangaroo Flat, this lake is unfortunately very hard to use lures in due to the great amounts of weed located throughout the lake. However, don't let that put you off because the fishing can be great in this lake. The lake is home to Redfin, Carp, Silver Perch and trout. Local youtuber RKJ (Rohan) was able to get out during the week using small worms and was rewarded with some great sized redfin.
It’s worth using a small sinker and a small hook in this lake with some fresh worms. If you’re going for trout then powerbait also works well, a personal favourite and our best seller is definitely the sherbet.
Crusoe Res - Has been producing the odd redfin and yellow belly. Working small soft vibe plastics such as your Zerek Fish Traps in 65mm, Ghost Catfish have been an effective way to try to get these fish to bite.
Lake Weeroona - There has been some big carp caught recently from this lake using Corn or bread. Small sinker is a must or even unweighted.
Has been producing the odd redfin and yellow belly. Working small soft vibe plastics such as your Zerek Fish Traps in 65mm, Ghost Catfish have been an effective way to try to get these fish to bite.
Lake Weeroona - There has been some big carp caught recently from this lake using Corn or bread. Small sinker is a must or even unweighted.
Local angler Nick purchased a miller rod and concept 13 A3 reel from us during the week and was able to christen it with a great 99cm cod from Elidon! Great stuff Nick!

The Geelong Waterfront is alive at the moment with fish seeming to be everywhere! Australian Salmon are in large numbers right through the area, anglers fishing the many land based locations in the area are having no issue getting stuck into the action as the fish are working bait hard up against the structure. Thanks to the fish being super aggressive it’s quite easy to spot where they are holding as there is a scene of absolute carnage with salmon busting out of the water, baitfish jumping and birds diving in. Amongst the salmon bust ups there is still plenty of other species on offer such as pinkie snapper, flathead and trevally all holding around the structure and more than willing to snatch up a soft plastic as it goes past.
North Shore has had some solid reports of large pinkie snapper holding in tight to the rocks and other structure that is out there. Casting soft plastics or using baits like pilchard and squid have been doing the damage in landing fish to just over 60cm. There has also been some good Bream getting around in the same area, downsizing your tackle should get you a few bites from them guys too.

Bellarine Peninsula
The King George Whiting fishing after this blow has been phenomenal along the peninsula at the moment, just as we were thinking it couldn’t really get much better its gone and done it. Hearing tonnes of reports from Clifton Springs, St Leonards and Queenscliff with all locations holding large numbers of fish and most fish pushing over 35cm. If you’re chasing a feed of fresh whiting then now is definitely the time. 

Barwon River
Barwon River Estuary has been producing a good variety of fish along the front of the system from Barwon Heads bridge all the way to the sheep wash. Silver Trevally, Whiting, salmon and mullet have all been hanging around the system and all enjoying the same rig and bait which makes it a bit easier to bag a variety of fish. Lightly weighted running sinker rig with a bit of pipi has been irresistible to the fish in the system. 

Lake Bullen Merri
Lake Bullen Merri continues to fish well for the local salmonoid’s in there with both Rainbow Trout and Chinook salmon biting well for most parts of the day. Flat line trolling first thing in the morning has been very productive for the Trout and bait fishing during the day for Chinook salmon has been going good too.