Trelly's Fishing Report

Trelly's Fishing Report

The Goulburn River around Shepparton fished alright over the Easter long weekend with plenty of nice Cod getting caught mostly on baits such as Chicken, Cheese and Shrimp. Around Shepparton good areas to Target have been around the back of Aquamoves and the Caravan park along with around the Boulevard and up towards Bunbartha. Oakley Caught This nice looking Trout Cod on Trellys Chicken Bites near the Boulevard last weekend.

Broken River
The Broken River has been fishing well over the past week for both Yellowbelly and smaller Cod. Yellowbelly up to 40cm have been getting caught more regularly over the past couple of weeks on Mid sized Hardbodies. Cod have been getting caught early morning on pompadours and small Kingfisher Paddlers. Throughout the day spinnerbaits and mid sized hard bodied lures like 70mm Codgers and size 2 Stumpjumpers have been accounting for most fish. Jesse Caught this nice Cod and a few similar sized Cod earlier this week.

The Goulburn River around Murchison saw Heaps of people camping along its banks over the Easter Long weekend with it fast becoming one of the most popular areas to camp along the Goulburn river. With plenty of people camping around this area we saw some good fish getting caught mostly on bait, however if you got there early enough in the boat there is still an alright surface bite before dawn throughout the Murchison and Arcadia area. Leigh Caught this Cod measuring 110cm from Murchison North on Saturday Morning.

Nagambie has been fishing ok over the past week with bait being the best method for most over the past week. Lures have still been accounting for some nice fish with trolling being a consistent method around the Wineries and Chinamans Bridge. Casting spinnerbaits and surface lures in the lake and Goulburn Weir have been a great choice for the lure casters. Around Tahbilk and Mitchelton Wineries have been fishing consistent with Shrimp and Cheese proving to account for some nice Murray Cod for the bait fishos. Shane Landed his first Cod from Nagambie last week Measuring 84cm.

Seymour is going great lately with good numbers of natives getting caught over the past couple of weeks. There are plenty of great sections along the river however it can be a bit shallow so you’ve got to be mindful of a few sections when travelling between spots. Bait fishing has been the best method with baits such as Chicken and Cheese being the go to for Murray Cod and some good Yellowbelly getting caught on Scrubbies. Stephen landed some nice fish including this 45cm Yellowbelly and 55cm Cod from Seymour earlier in the week.

Trolling and casting lures has still been a great method around the Seymour area over the past couple of weeks. Trellys Shepparton regular Ash has been getting onto some nice fish lately including this 60cm Trout Cod he landed out of his Kayak near the Lions Club in Seymour on an Old Mate in colour #4.

Gunbower Creek
Like most areas over the weekend there were some good fish getting caught out of Gunbower Creek. Casting lures was a great way of getting onto some bigger fish. Spinnerbaits and hard bodied lures like the 15ft Old Mate Divers are a great option to tie on to get you started. Nick Caught this 86cm Cod out of the Gunbower Creek over the weekend. 

Eildon/ Thornton.
Lake Eildon fished alright over the long weekend with some nice Cod getting caught mostly around Jerusalem Creek, Big River arm and the main arm. Bait fishing with big Yabbies and Chicken has been successful around some of the rock walls along with trolling big Hardbodies like the 165mm Coddogs around Jerusalem Creek and into the Big River arm. There are still a few Yellowbelly and Redfin getting caught around the Delatite arm on Scrubbies in about 20ft of water. The Ex Broodstock Trout are still going really well in the Goulburn River around Eildon and Thornton with some excellent Rainbow Trout getting caught over the Easter weekend. Some smaller Brown and Rainbow Trout were also getting caught on Spinners and baits like Mudeyes and Scrubbies. The Ex Broodstock Trout have been getting caught while Casting small Hard bodied lures like Rapalas and Atomic Jerk Minnows around some of the deeper holes and along weed edges has been working really well. Darek Had a great Easter weekend fishing the Goulburn, landing some great fish including this big Rainbow.

Lake Hume
Lake Hume is still Firing on all Cylinders with hundreds of Redfin getting caught per session by many anglers. Bait fishing with Shrimp has been the stand out method for getting onto great numbers of fish along with trolling and working soft plastics or vibes. Trolling is a great way of finding the fish and then dropping baits or plastics down has been working great for getting numbers into the boat. Rodney with son Lachlan Caught this great feed from Hume last week. 

Lake Mulwala turned it on over the weekend with great numbers of big Murray Cod getting caught throughout all times of the day. Bait and lures were both working over the weekend with plenty of big Cod including a few around the 120cm mark coming on board for some lucky fishos. Casting swimbaits was the best method for the lure fishos with some great Cod being caught on Bone Focus 130’s and Jackall Gantarels and Gigantarels. For the Bait fishos; Chicken and Cheese were great baits along with Yabbies. Ben managed to land this 120cm Mulwala Monster while fishing with his Dad over the Easter weekend.

Murrumbidgee River
The Murrumbidgee River has had some great Cod getting caught out of it over the last 2 weeks, mostly on Baits such as Chicken and Cheese. Andrew visited our Shepparton Store earlier this week after coming back from some time working up on the Murrumbidgee. He landed some great Cod on bait including this healthy fish that measured 79cm. 

Loddon River
This river is finally starting to clear up! The river is starting to fish well for all species from redfin through to murray cod. If you're after some reddies try casting some small soft plastics, i’ve seen some redfin recently up around 40cm. Below Cairn Curran and Laanecoorie are the standout areas, if bait fishing small hooks and a worm are also a great option. Chasing Murray Cod - Early mornings and late afternoons are definitely still the standout times. With the cooler mornings surface lures are a great option to try to entice those bigger fish. Throw some bigger surface lures such as the Kingfisher Abela jointed surface lures, or Kuttafurra joe the rat. These lures really push the water on the surface and can help to produce that strike we all chase. Yellow Belly - There is still plenty of this species still around, with the water temperature still being warm enough. Cast around weedy edges and in against the tight timber with tn60’s the colour HL Purple has been an absolute standout for prostaffer Will. 

Cairn Curran
The lake is a little hit and miss at present but if you are able to get out on the right day there's good numbers of fish that are able to be taken. The rock wall around Picnic Point is still going good for bait fishing and lures. If bait fishing try using small yabbies or scrub worms this will put you in with a good chance of a good sized Yellow Belly or some Redfin. If using lures tn60’s and zerek fish traps have been working great on both reddies and yellow around the rocks. Trolling is a great way to find the fish, there are still strong reports coming in from around the front of the yacht club. RMG poltergeists have been working really well in this area, brighter colours seem to be the most popular. Another great area to try if things are slow is around the pine tree area. There are some steep drop offs here and some good fish will hold around this area. It is also worth throwing something bigger such as a big spinnerbait for cod. Bait fishing is also great from the bank or the boat, try using yabby tails around the trees. This is a great way to get some reddies or yellow belly. Bank fishing is much the same look for some structure or rocky ledges and you're in with a good chance.

Campaspe River
Water clarity in this river is great at the moment, from all reports early mornings and late afternoons seem to be the most productive way to land a good one. Good sized yellow belly up to 55cm have been taken on 1oz spinnerbaits. The most popular spinnerbait at the moment would be the 1oz gangster motherfrogger in black and white.

If chasing Murray Cod bigger surface lures such as your Mega Pompadours have accounted for some fish measuring up to 90cm in length. It is worth persisting with the mouth of bigger pools, a lot of the bigger fish hold these area’s waiting for that easy feed to come down. 
If using bait chicken has been a standout, with chicken baits stocked at trellys Bendigo and Shepparton it is worth giving some a try! Fresh shrimp is also a great way to get a Yellow Belly, the shrimp will start to get hard to get towards the end of this month so it is also worth freezing some for the winter if you plan on going in those cooler months. 

Lake Eppalock
|Lake Eppalock is still the pick of the bunch. There is still great fishing to be had out of this system, whether that is chasing a feed of redfin or a good Yellow Belly or Murray Cod.  Casting lures has been a very effective way to entice these fish. Redfin have taken a liking to white plastics, such as your 80mm wriggler in the drop bear colour or strike tiger 3” White Pearl Grubs. The best way to locate these fish is to troll along in around 15-20ft of water. Standout lures are your RMG crazy deep poltergeist also in white, which is a trellys special colour. Once you have located the school go back over them and try bouncing the plastics or bouncing jigs - this is a great way to get good numbers of fish. Yellow Belly have been found around structure, such as rocky banks or old trees. A very effective way to get these fish to bite is to cast out TN60s and make sure you let them sink before your retrieve, a standout colour is black market. All vibes are great as well as your ecogear zx40s, dark colours in these seem to work well. An alternative way to vibes is to try bouncing black plastics around the trees “grubbing” it is a great way to get the numbers up. I have heard of anglers managing around 3 Yellow Belly in a session at this lake.  If chasing murray cod look for those steep drop offs and rocky banks, this puts you in with a good chance. Trolling lures such as 120mm AC invaders is a great option! If bait fishing is more your thing, try some scrub worms or small yabbies. This bait is great for getting good sized Yellow Belly or Redfin.

Bendigo’s Family Fishing Lakes
Crusoe res - Still some redfin up to 35cm being caught, most seem to be getting caught on worms with a running sinker. There is the odd tench also being caught on worms! If casting small plastics, 2.5 grubs they are also an effective way to get reddies.
Kennington Res - There is some redfin being caught around the jetty, anglers using worms have managed to get some good numbers of fish measuring up to 40cm in length. Small spinners are also a great way to catch these fish. 
Lake Tom Thumb - Small redfin and silvers are being caught on worms, with small sinkers. If you’re chasing carp, corn cornells have been a great way to get these fish to eat, some measure over 60cm in length.

Corio Bay
Across the Corio Bay inner harbour saw some good bread and butter fishing on offer for some anglers, the Geelong waterfront offered some decent fishing and more so for the land based fisherman with salmon, pinky snapper and flathead all finding their way onto anglers lines. 

Bellarine Peninsula
The Outer Harbour whiting bite over the weekend was red hot with fishos finding some fantastic fish. Clifton Springs through to Point Henry was by far the hot spot with anglers finding plenty of fish and most of them at a good size with the average holding around 36cm. Calamari remain in good numbers in closer and the average size has seemed to have jumped up a little bit as well which is nice. Natural colours are working the best with size 3.0 jigs proving the perfect size.

Barwon Heads and Ocean Grove
Barwon Heads and Ocean Grove saw large numbers of locals and tourists soak up the sun along the river whilst catching a fish or two. The river provided some hot action from the front of the system all the way up to the sheep wash with trevally, salmon and King George whiting showing up all through that stretch. Fishing either side of the high tide has been the ideal time to fish with baits like Pipi or Chicken on a running sinker rig working a treat.

Barwon Heads Offshore
Offshore Barwon Heads has still seen a few Tuna reports get around, the bite has definitely shown some sign in slowing down over the past week however some persistent anglers are still finding the odd fish here and there. The bottom fishing off Ocean Grove has been quite productive over the past week with anglers finding large numbers of some of the best table fish like Flathead, Snapper and Gummy Shark. Drifting in 50 metres has been a good depth to start looking with squid on a paternoster rig.

South West Estuaries
The South West estuaries have still continued to fish well for bream and perch over the long weekend with most systems fishing quite well. The Curdies River was a popular location for some anglers with most finding some solid Bream to 40cm and perch to about 35cm. Early mornings had a good surface bite on offer with bent minnows working very well and as the day goes on working the edges with vibes was very effective.