Trelly's Fishing Report

Trelly's Fishing Report

Bellarine Peninsula, Queenscliff, Surf Coast, Lake Eildon, Shepparton Lakes, Goulburn River, Shepparton Region Channels, Waranga Basin, Loddon River/Cairn Curran, Campaspe River / Lake Eppalock, Bendigo Family Fishing Lakes  

Goulburn River

The Goulburn River is still fishing ok with bait being the best method for most anglers. Around Bunbartha has been going ok with some smaller fish getting caught on Cheese and Shrimp. Around Shepparton there are some nice Cod just below legal getting caught on Cheese and Chicken however we’ve been hearing of heaps of Turtles getting caught lately from those Targeting Cod and Yellowbelly. Around Raftery’s Road there have been some nice Yellowbelly getting caught on Yabbies and worms with some fish around 50cm hitting the bank. Surface fishing in the early morning is still your best bet around Rafterys road and down near Avenel. Up near Undera there have been some good numbers of Cod up to 60cm getting caught on both bait and Lures. Trolling size 2 Stumpjumpers in the Fruit salad colour worked well for Grant over the weekend who landed Good numbers of Cod with the family including this one.


Nagambie is still ticking along well with some good numbers of Cod getting caught around the Wineries and up near Kirwans Bridge. Better numbers of fish have been getting caught on baits such as Chicken and Cheese. Shrimp has been a great bait for Yellowbelly as well as some good sized Murray Cod. Elaina Caught this nice looking Cod from Nagambie over the long weekend on Chicken.

There have still been some bigger fish getting around but they have been a bit tougher to find recently. Spinnerbaits have been going well for the lure guys along with trolling 15ft Old mates and the XL Sized Old Mates. Tom From Nagambie caught this Cod on a Spinnerbait over the weekend.

Waranga Basin

Waranga is fishing well, although mostly small fish. Casting soft plastics to the south of Harrimans Point has been a good place to start with 2-3m being a great depth that is holding plenty of fish right now. For those Trolling, Near Harrimans Point and the north west corner of the wall have both been producing well. Finding fish can be a little tough some days but once located they have been easy enough to pick some out of the school until they fire up properly. Size 3 Stumpjumpers in Red and white have been a good choice when trolling. 2” and 3” plastics like the Keitech Easy Shiner, Strike Tiger T-tails and Daiwa Bait Junkie Minnows. If the Redfin are being a little finicky, adding a Bassman Beetle spin to the front of your plastic or lure is a great way of enticing some more bites. 

Lake Hume 

Lake Hume is going extremely well for Redfin with excellent numbers of good sized fish getting caught. There have been some great reports of people taking home 50-100 Redfin all around 25-40cm long. Trolling to find the fish and then pulling up on them is still the best method to get great numbers of Redfin. Anthony Bergamin had another great session on the Redfin at Hume over the weekend where they counted 262 fish caught in one day. They kept around 70 fish between 28-34cm which worked out around 6kg of fillets. All of Anthony's fish were caught on Vibes. 

Yellowbelly have also been going well lately at Lake Hume while trolling the same areas that the Redfin have been hanging around. Tyler Caught this 46cm Yella on a white RMG he bought from Trellys earlier in the week.


Mulwala has been a bit tough for the lure guys lately but there have still been a few nice fish getting caught over the last week. Spinnerbaits have been the better lure to cast lately with some nice Cod and some great Yellowbelly getting Caught throughout the day. Bait fishing has been the way to go with some good numbers coming from the deeper sections of the Lake. Matt from Shepparton Fished downstream of Bundalong last week with the family where they caught 12 Cod up to 70cm on Chicken and Cheese. Matt's Son Lachlan caught this great looking Cod which is a new PB for him of 61cm.


Eildon has been fairly slow over the past week with a lot of boat traffic somewhat shutting the fish down, we still heard of some nice Cod getting caught especially while trolling in the afternoon. Size 1 Stumpjumpers accounted for a few good fish up to 70cm. Eildon Pondage was fishing well over the long weekend with some Great Brown Trout getting caught on Spoons and Rapala divers. Near the Bridge and the Rec Reserve have been good places to start when heading to the Pondage for a cast. Dean Barnett caught this cracker of a Brown from the Pondage over the long weekend.

Loddon River

The river at present is still dirty, with clarity being around 1ft from Laanecoorie through to Bridgewater. People who have persisted with bait have come across the odd fish with some Cod measuring around 60cm, Trellys scented chicken seems to be the best way to get the fish to bite in the current conditions. If you’re heading to the Loddon it is worth going to Serpentine as the clarity around there is a little bit better. Some fish have been taken on lures, such as Jackall Doozers. These lures work well in dirty water as they put out a very strong rattle. Early Mornings and late afternoons still seem to be the best time to try and get a bite. The Loddon near Baringhup is pretty murky at the moment however there have still been a few good fish getting caught recently. Trellys Pro Staffer Nelson stayed at Baringhup over the long weekend where he found plenty of Redfin action in the river and managed to land some fish on Soft plastics with a beetle spin blade. Nelson was Fishing with mate Richard who landed this good Yellowbelly on worms.

Cairn Curran

Cairn Curran is still fishing relatively well, and anglers have been rewarded fishing from the bank or boat. People using small yabbies or scrub worms on a running sinker around picnic point have seen some good Yellow Belly caught, some of these fish are around 50cm. If casting lures from the bank try around the rock wall at picnic point and cast small vibes such as your TN60’s or Jackall Mask vibes with a bit of bright colours seem to be working best. If launching your boat try around the yacht club or the pines tree areas. A lot of people have been rewarded trolling crazy deep RMG’s in brighter colours. With multiple fish becoming a regular occurrence! Another way to target these fish is to go up to the trees with burkley black grubs and try to grub the trees. This is a very effective way to get multiple fish, these fish seem to move around the trees during the middle of the day. Fish them slowly and persist, a bit of scent can also help entice the bites try using Gulp Gel (Scent).  

Campaspe River

The Campaspe has been fishing well. Early mornings and late afternoons are definitely the most productive time to try and get the bite. Larger surface lures this time of year are definitely the best way to try land that big one. The bassman aussie crawler is a great lure to choose with such a big presence.  During the middle of the day Spinnerbaits have been working great especially on Yellow Belly as well as Murray Cod. Using dizzy scent in garlic has also helped to attract the bite of these native fish. Bait fishing has also been going pretty good in this river with chicken being the standout bait for Cod, Scrubbies being the standout for Yellow belly and Carp.

Lake Eppalock

Clarity in this lake is really good being around 4-5ft. The lake is still fishing well for Reddies and Yellow Belly. Redfin have been schooled up in around 20-25ft of water. The best way to locate these schools is to troll along with small hard bodies such as your RMG crazy deeps especially in the special trellys colour (White with Orange)

Bendigo’s Family Fishing Lakes

Tom thumb has seen anglers doing alright on spinners, if you watch (RKJfishing) on youtube you will be able to see the best methods to help you get a fish. Spinners in this lake that seem to be working the best are any that have a bit of a red flash in them. If bait fishing try using worms on a small running sinker. This is a great way to pick up some smaller silvers or carp.
Crusoe Res - There have been some smaller redfin around this lake being caught on small plastics, 2.5in curl tail grubs have been the standout with daiwa bait junkies being the plastics of choice.  If bait fishing with worms tench and trout have also been getting caught.

Torquay Offshore

Tuna are still in fantastic numbers right along the coast in and amongst the 40m mark with Torquay being the current hotspot. The fish seem to have turned their diet to Pilchards so small blue skirts or pilchard colour divers have been working very well and of course stick baits are still getting a good chunk of fish. Kingfish are still going well in similar areas to the tuna, once again casting lures into the schools of fish on the surface or jigging on the schools holding deep has been very effective. The Rip has still been fishing quite well for the kings too with most anglers jigging them up or dropping live baits


Queenscliff has been on fire this last week with some fantastic whiting reports coming in with big numbers and big fish, some boats have been finding bags of whiting with all fish over 40cm. Fishing the grass beds has been a very popular location and there are still plenty of reports coming in right through all the way as far as St Leonards. 

Clifton Springs

Clifton Springs has still had some good reports of whiting coming through right along the Curlewis Bank, although the numbers and size quality isn’t like Queenscliff, with some patience and persistence there are still some quality captures to be had. Snapper are still biting well in the area just off the boat ramp in 7-9 metres of water with Pilchards and squid proving to be deadly in landing a feed of fish. 

The Inner Harbour

The Inner harbour has been producing quite a few Pinkie snapper reports for both land based and boat anglers with most getting plenty of fish to 45cm. The new Yarra st Pier has only recently been opened to the public and anglers casting small worm style soft plastics have been having great success in landing a variety of different species.

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