Trelly's Fishing Report

Trelly's Fishing Report

Bellarine Peninsula, Queenscliff, Surf Coast, Lake Eildon, Shepparton Lakes, Goulburn River, Shepparton Region Channels, Waranga Basin, Loddon River/Cairn Curran, Campaspe River / Lake Eppalock, Bendigo Family Fishing Lakes 

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Goulburn River

The Goulburn River is still seeing some ok fishing however it has slowed down a bit after the rain we had last weekend. The days prior to the rain saw some nice Cod getting caught mostly on baits such as Chicken and Bardi Grubs. There were still a handful of nice Cod getting caught off the top as well around Murchison and Toolamba on lures such as Kingfisher and Codger Paddlers. Around Shepparton and north of Shepp there have been plenty of smaller Cod getting caught on baits as well as Spinnerbaits and Hardbodies such as Old Mate 15ft divers cast towards likely looking timber throughout the day.

Trellys Regular Alex Hawkes has been putting in a heap of time chasing Murray Cod recently and was rewarded this week landing this tank of a Cod on a Jointed surface paddler. This Cod measured 96cm and a new PB for Alex. You can check out the Video on Alex's Youtube Channel Hawkesy Fishing


Broken River

The Broken river has been fishing well with plenty of the standard smaller Cod getting caught on Jackall Pompadours and other similar small to mid sized surface lures. There was also a 103cm Murray Cod caught out of the Broken on Saturday By Luke Bradbury. Luke was casting a Jointed surface Paddler when this horse jumped on, a tough task to land solo on the steep bank, Luke managed to get her up for a nice photo before a safe release back into the river.


Waranga Basin

Waranga Basin has been fishing well with plenty of small Redfin getting caught a a couple larger ones amongst them. fishing the shallow sections early in the morning or late afternoon has been seeing good results and going deeper throughout the day. When trolling throughout the day lures such as 55mm Codgers in pink and RMG Poltergeists in Redfin colour have been going well. Throughout the day casting towards any of the rocky points and working your lure over the edge has also been working well and a good ay to find some larger fish. Lures such as Ecogear ZX40's and Samaki Vibelicious soft vibes have been working well when casting around the points and drop-offs.


Shepparton Region Channels

The Channels around Shepparton have been fishing ok with some good Yellowbelly getting caught while casting lures such as small hardbodies and vibes or blades. The Channels near Waranga basin are a good place to target for Redfin on small soft plastics. Wayne Caught this nice Yellowbelly in one of the Channels Near waranga Basin while casting a small Hardbody. 


Lake Eildon

Lake Eildon Has been producing some nice fish from Murray Cod to Redfin and Yellas. Yellowbelly have been getting caught in the Delatite arm on Yabbies and Trolling size 2 Stumpjumpers as well as in the Main arm and around Jerusalem Creek. Jay Caught this new PB Yellowbelly of 53cm earlier in the week at Lake Eildon.

Redfin have been getting caught in good numbers around bonnie doon while fishing with worms and shrimp. trolling size 3 Stumpjumpers and Rmg Poltergeists along the edges has also been a good method for getting some nice Redfin.
Murray Cod have been a bit slow since the full moon but there are still a handful getting caught on the troll with 15ft Old mate divers amongst the snags. Casting spinnerbaits along the deep rock walls have also been a great method to tempt some of the shut down fish. 



Mulwala has been a bit hit and miss lately but there have still been some excellent catches of Cod up to 127cm caught on swimbaits and some other great cod over the metre mark getting caught on big surface lures. Jackall Gigantarels are a good way to target the bigger fish but there are still plenty getting caught on Jackall Gantarels along with Megabass Big-M's. Surface lures like the Balista Tremor with the new Paddler bib has been going well on the overcast days and in the morning, afternoon and into the night. Bait fishing is the best method for those on the bank with Yabbies and Cheese being the best baits at the moment. Macen Caught this nice 71cm Cod on a Yabby from the bank while at Mulwala over the Weekend, Macen also caught another 4 smaller Cod in the River at Yarrawonga on chicken last weekend.


Loddon River

Clarity in the loddon is still relatively good, with visibility around Newbridge around 3ft and Bridgewater around 5ft. While the water temperature has dropped off a little the fishing is still superb in this river with quality Yellow Belly and Murray Cod being caught on the regular. Early morning surface lures have been working great with the bassman aussie crawler being a great lure of choice with its big profile there's been numerous amounts of big fish landed on this lure. During the middle of the day spinnerbaits fished tight amongst the structure is also a great option to get some good quality fish with cod around 80cm being landed over the last week and good sized yellow belly measuring up to 50cm.
If chasing Yellow Belly try using tn60’s darker colours seem to be working the best, such as black market. We also have a great range of TN60 silents.
People using bait have been rewarded, Trellys special chicken seem to be working the best currently or fresh shrimp for the Golden’s.


Cairn Curran

Yellow belly are going great at Cairn Curran! Trolling small hard bodies such as your RMG’s in the Trellys white colour has been an absolute standout. There are a lot of smaller ones around but there are also some good quality sizes amongst them. Try trolling around the yacht club or rocky wall near picnic point, both these areas seem to be holding good numbers of fish. Alternatively you can try bobbin zx43’s or plastics around the trees as some are schooled up in the structure, this is a great way to get some good numbers of fish.
The reddies are getting hard to get with the amount of Yella’s around however if you go out and use smaller plastics such as your strike tiger nymphs and jigs like your rapala x-rap you should be in with a good chance. The tip is to keep your eye on the sounder and look for schools of fish. Another option is to troll small hard bodies such as your size 2 stumpys until you find the school. Once located just go back over them and try to use jigs or plastics.
There is also great fun to have with bait across this lake with anglers having great success with scrub worms and small yabbies from the bank or the boat.


Campaspe River

The Campaspe river has dirtied up after the recent rainfall. Making it tough however, have had reports of good fish around the elmore weir taken on swimbaits-spinnerbaits and hardbodies fished tight against structure. Using a rattling lure in the water while it’s dirty would be the best currently such as your Jackall Doozer or Australian crafted in the 90mm. The rattle will help the fish locate the lure through the vibrations that it sends through the water.
Bait fishing in this river however currently seems the best option for anglers keen to land some fish. With scrubbies and smaller yabbies being the pick of the bunch along with raw chicken.


Lake Eppalock

While we have had a lot of rain that fell across the Bendigo Region the lake has stayed pretty clear with visibility around 1m. While water temperatures were around 22 degrees, the fish were really switched on! Mornings seemed to be the most productive times with anglers getting good numbers of redfin. Trolling the white Trelly’s RMG in crazy deep has been an absolute standout for this lake recently. Troll along any banks with some sort of drop offs and once you hook a redfin circle back over the school and try jigging. This is the most effective way to get good numbers of fish. Whilst there are a lot of smaller fish around, stick to the schools as there are usually some better sized fish mixed amongst them. Bait fishing is also a great way to get some good quality fish, with reddies measuring up to 40cm+ and Golden Perch over 50cm angling from either the land or boat. The standout bait has been the scrubbies.
If targeting Golden Perch look for the rocky ledges and steep drop offs. Try using vibes for your Yellow Belly such as black market TN60s. Alternatively bobbin ZX43’s around trees or schools of bait has been a great way to entice a good sized Golden to eat.
hard bodies such as  your Australian Crafted 90mm in brighter colours seem to be working best.


Bendigo's Family Fishing Lakes

Crusoe Res have been fishing well with a recent stocking of Silver perch and Yellow Belly. The silvers have taken a liking to small worms on a small hook.
While for the avid lure fisherman plastics or spinners have been accountable to numerous amounts of trout, reddies and silvers. Some of the reddies are measuring as high as 35cm.
Lake Tom Thumb, has been fishing good for smaller redfin. People have been catching these fish on small spinners or for the keen bait angler worms on a small hook have been another great option, with carp also being taken on worms or corn.
Kennington Res has seen some good reddies being caught casting small soft plastics such as your squidgies 50mm drop bear curl tail. These fish are measuring upwards of 30cm and are best caught when the plastics are worked slowly.


Offshore Barwon Heads

Offshore Barwon heads hasn’t changed too much as all the hype has once again been around the tuna and kingfish. The tuna are holding right along the coast however they do seem to be holding mainly straight off the bluff in about 40 metres. Trolling small skirts and diving lures have been working well as the fish have been holding a little deeper, they are occasionally coming to the top and when they do casting stick baits at the school is a very effective way to target them. Although tricky to temp with persistence the bite should come. 

Kingfish are still chewing hard along the coast, from Cape Schanck all the way through to Portland has been producing some cracking fish with our local waters fishing really well too. Fish have been holding in good numbers anywhere from 20 – 50 metres of water with 25 seeming to be the magic depth. Dropping jigs on their heads or casting surface lures at fish on top should produce the goods.


Corio Bay

Inside Corio Bay and in particular Stingaree bay has had some solid whiting fishing on offer right through the spoil ground and around the clock tower mark. Fishing the tide change with baits such as pipis and squid has been producing some good numbers of fish at an impressive size. The Whiting fishing has been pretty consistent right along the peninsular all the way to queenscliff and that seems to be where the better fishing is too. 


Clifton Springs

Pinkie Snapper have been showing up in good numbers off Clifton Springs snatching up angler’s baits and plastics anywhere between 4-8 metres. With fish holding in good numbers and ranging in size from 30-50 cm they are great fun and perfect if you’re getting into soft plastics. Calamari are still holding in good numbers along the Curlewis Bank in about 3.5 metres of water, the squid seem to be at a decent average size and quite a few numbers getting around too.


Wurdi Buloc Reservoir

Wurdi Buloc Reservoir has been giving up some good fishing as of late with brown and rainbow trout reports coming through. Casting spoons and shallow divers from the rocks has been super effective with fish getting up to 4lb in weight along with some Redfin bi-catch.


Barwon River

Adam From Trellys Geelong and Laverton got out for a session on the Barwon river earlier in the week and laded this cracker of a Yellowbelly while casting a Zman Minnowz rigged with a spin jig. 


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