Trelly's Fishing Report

Trelly's Fishing Report

Trelly's Fishing Report

Bellarine Peninsula, Queenscliff, Surf Coast, Lake Eildon, Shepparton Lakes, Goulburn River, Shepparton Region Channels, Waranga Basin, Loddon River/Cairn Curran, Campaspe River / Lake Eppalock, Bendigo Family Fishing Lakes

Goulburn River
The Goulburn River around Shepparton has been fishing well and flowing at a steady rate allowing plenty to hit the water and find some nice fish. Most Cod in the area have been around 40cm-70cm but there have been some bigger fish getting caught. 
Bait fishing seems to be producing the most fish with baits such as Chicken and Yabbies working well. 
Luke Basten was fishing along the Goulburn with his family over the last week and landed plenty of fish including this excellent looking 96cm Cod off the bank on chicken. 

Justin From Trellys Shepparton fished in the Goulburn south of Shepparton earlier in the week and got some nice fish while casting a Balista Dyno 90. This Cod smashed his Dyno 90 on the second cast for the evening.

Broken River
The Broken river between Shepparton and Benalla has been fishing well with plenty of Cod getting caught off the top on Pompadours and Codger paddlers. Most fish have been small but there have been a few nice ones caught up to 80cm. The best sections have been closer to Benalla with late afternoon being the best time to get into some surface munching Cod.

Mulwala has been fishing well lately with plenty of nice cod getting caught while casting shallow hard bodied lures and spinnerbaits. Around Majors creek and Bundalong have seen plenty of great fish with a few measuring up to 1.25m. Max from Trellys Shepp fished out from Majors after work on Thursday and had a great session with mate Damo while casting hardbodies around the shallow flats with good numbers of fish up to 70cm. 

Lake Eildon
Lake Eildon has been very busy lately but the fish have kept biting with some nice chunky cod up to 80cm getting caught while trolling around the main arm and Jerusalem creek. Casting lures hasn’t been as successful during the day but there are still some good ones getting caught on spinnerbaits off of the rock walls. There have been some nice Trout up top 60cm getting caught on Tassie devils around the main arm. Yellowbelly are still going well with some good fish up to 60cm getting caught around the Delatite arm on soft vibes as well as some good ones getting caught on yabbies. 

Loddon River
Golden Tagged Cod have been released this week into the Loddon! These fish are worth either $2000 or $10000! The loddon river has been fishing great. Anglers that have put in the time and the effort in this river have been rewarded with some great fish being caught.
If fishing from the bank, anglers chasing Yellow Belly have had great success using freshly caught shrimp, or good scrubbies which are stocked at your local Trellys store.
Those people who are targeting murray cod on bait cannot go wrong using Trellys scented chicken or medium sized yabbies make sure you fish close to structure to increase your chances. 
For the avid lure fishermen early mornings or late afternoons have provided anglers with a better chance of catching that trophy sized murray cod. Lure’s such as your Bassman Crawler or Jackall Pompadour are the lures that are working great this time of year. Make sure you cast as close to the snag as possible.

During the day bassman codman’s in 1/2oz or 5/8oz have been great to get a few Cod or Yellowbelly. Standout colours in this waterway would have to be natural colours such as black with chartreuse tips, or dark green. 


Cairn Curran
Golden Tagged Cod have been released this week into Cairn Curran! These fish are worth either $2000 or $10000 and it is a great incentive to take your family out fishing. Cairn Curran is still fishing great for Yellowbelly. Bait fishing and trolling is proving a great way to target these fish. The fish can be found all over the lake, from either boat or bank. Casting small yabbies out with a running sinker has seen a number of anglers rewarded with Yellowbelly measuring from 25cm-55cm. It’s also worth casting around Jackall Transams or Mask Vibes to try catch a Redfin or Yellowbelly. Fishing from a boat it is worth trying to bob plastics such as your gulp 2.5” around the trees to see if the yellow’s are holding up against the structure. It’s worth trolling small hard bodies such as your small RMG’s around rocky ledges to find the schools of yella’s or reddies that are hanging around. 

Campaspe River
The Campaspe River has been fishing consistently well since cod season has opened back up. There have been a lot of good Yellow belly and Murray cod caught out of this water in recent times with one lucky angler this week managing a cod measuring over the special meter mark. This fish was caught by a young local angler on a bardi grub. Try early mornings or late afternoons for your best chance of catching a good fish. Spinnerbaits or hard bodies have also been great options during the day, these lures are worked best slowly. Just make sure you get as close to the snags as possible and have patience.
Bait fishing with scrubbies or yabbies has been a great way to target fish in these rivers. 

Lake Eppalock
Lake Eppalock has slowed down in recent weeks, with not as
many reports coming in since the lake has started to drop. Anglers from the bank have had some success on small yabbies, they are being rewarded with some good sized Golden’s. Casting from the boat lures without a rattle have proved to be best, with lures such as TN’s in silent or jackall masked vibes or transams all working rather well. Try trolling along to find a school or reddies or yella’s and once found cast in. Theres still the odd report of people getting good numbers of redfin and yella’s. This lake has also been stocked with a large amount of small cod fingerlings and decent sized cod as part of the target one million. Some of these cod released are also worth 2k & 10k so great reason to get out and have a go.

Bendigo's Family Fishing Lakes
The lakes around Bendigo have been slowing up. The red hot spot is still Lake waroona, with some monster carp being landed. The best way to entice the big carp is with a small bit of corn or bread on an unweighted hook.
Lake Tom Thumb is still producing small redfin on spinners such as your vibrax 6gram blue fox in the Red Black & Silver colour. If bait fishing with corn or bread there is also some good carp being caught in this area.
Crusoe Res unfortunately has a lot of weed around the edges making it very difficult for angler’s to fish from the bank. There are a lot of small minnows getting around so if casting plastics in areas without weed you might be in with a chance of landing a redfin up to the pound, pound and a half.
Barkers Creek Res is definitely worth a look. Fisheries have released murray cod in this area as part of the target one million. They have released 3 cod with a golden tag with 2 fish worth $2000 and 1 fish worth a lucky $10,000.

Queenscliff is still fishing very well for Calamari in the bight, Rob Vecoli from Trellys Geelong got out Monday casting off the surf finding his bag of 10 squid in no time with white 3.5 size jigs working best. Australian Salmon have also showed up in good numbers inside the rip snatching up just about anything you can put in their face, white occys have been a favourite.

Barwon Heads 
Fishing the mouth of the river on the incoming tide has been producing some fantastic numbers of Silver Trevally. Casting small grub style plastics have been deadly in landing great numbers of fish with some measuring up to 45cm with plenty of bi-catch like salmon and king George whiting.

Offshore Ocean Grove
It’s without question the big news this week is the Tuna off Barwon Heads and through to the Rip. Anywhere between 20 to 50 metres of water has been holding fantastic numbers of fish ranging from 6 to 20kg. Trolling skirted lures or Divers has been the most popular technique although casting stick baits and poppers has also been super effective especially when they are working bait to the surface. They are currently feeding on pilchards so any blue or pilchard pattern lures should work a treat. There has also been a few kingfish reports roll in too all along the coast ranging in size from legal to about 85cm with Berkley Skid Jigs being a fantastic lure to jig on them.

Offshore Snapper are still showing no sign of slowing down and gone fishing charters are still finding plenty of fish to about 5kg with bulk numbers of smaller fish amongst them. Dropping baits like squid and salmon in 40 metres of water has been by far the most effective tactic to getting a feed.

The Otways
The Otway streams have been firing quite well this week for the local brown trout, the Cumberland River is a fantastic spot to give it a crack with fish holding in great numbers. Casting small shallow running hardbodies or flys have been working a treat.