Trellys Fishing Report

Trellys Fishing Report

The local fishing this last week has been much the same as past weeks, fantastic! Squid, Whiting, Salmon and Snapper all showing up in great numbers with some quality fish being caught. North Shore still remains the current hot spot for the Snapper at the moment with some quality fish to 5kg being caught. Anglers fishing bait with Pilchards and Squid have been having the best success however lures have been accounting for their fair share also. Brad Apps put this to test on the weekend casting soft plastics in hope for a few snapper and was not disappointed. Fishing hard on structure Brad managed to reef out some quality pinkies to 50cm along with plenty of smaller ones and as many Salmon as you wanted to catch. The Geelong waterfront is still holding its share of pinkies sitting on the structure but the attention has definitely shifted to north shore.

Bellarine Peninsula

St Leonards is still providing boats with good hauls of King George whiting at the moment. Pipis and Mussels have been the two favourite baits with fresh squid still remaining a hot favourite, keeping active and moving around has been crucial to finding the large schools and its very simple. If you don’t get a bite in 10 minutes make a move.

Queenscliff harbour has had some nice fishing on offer at the moment with Silver Trevally and Salmon showing up in good numbers to both boat and land based fishos. Fishing the incoming tide and ideally on slack has been the prime time to fish for them with both lures and bait account for plenty of fish. There has been a few whispers of the snapper starting to come onto the chew and as the weather gets warmer we should start to see them really improve.

The calamari fishing in the Queenscliff bight has been red hot this week with once again some fantastic reports rolling in of some massive calamari. Fishing the slack tide is hand down the best time to fish and allows you to fish your jigs perfectly and not drift too fast off the mark where the squid are holding.

Goulburn River

There have been some nice Yellowbelly getting caught out of the Goulburn around Shepparton and Murchison. Ryan was out fishing with his dad earlier this week and caught this 41cm Yellowbelly on Bait in the Goulburn near Shepparton.

Shepparton lakes

Victoria Lake has been firing with plenty of Trout getting caught on both lures and bait. Although the weed is pretty thick there are a few great spots to fish where there is minimal weed and the Trout are schooling. Around both boat ramps; behind Aquamoves and at the Canoe club, have both been producing fish. Small soft plastics like Strike Tiger Nymphs and 2” Keitech Easy Shiners are the best plastics to use at the moment. Black brub plastics with the head chopped off are also working well. Bait fishing with worms and Powerbait has also been working well and is a good way to get a bait into the weedy sections. Fish with your bait suspended about half a metre under a float with a small split shot sinker just above the bait to keep it down.
Kialla lakes have started going well with some good reports of Yellowbelly getting caught on Jackall TN60’s and Ecogear ZX40 blades. Casting from the bank and trolling these lures behind a Kayak have both worked with a handful of Yellowbelly up to 40cm getting caught in a single session.

Shepparton Channels

The Channels around Rushworth have been performing the best and have seen some great yellowbelly getting caught over the past week. Casting lures has been the best method around these Channels with reports of fish getting caught on a handful of styles including 55mm Codger divers, ZX40 blades and Jackall TN60’s. ZX40’s in colour 416 have been a great option and when worked on a slow lift a wind retrieve have proven to be extremely successful. Codgers cast around bridge pylons are also working well on the local channel Yellowbelly.
The Main Eastern Channel is yet to fire up however there have been a few reports of Good numbers of Redfin getting caught around Pine lodge and Shepparton-Euroa Rd.

Broken River

The Broken River around Gowangardie Weir has seen some great numbers of Yellowbelly getting caught up to 50cm. Casting lures and Bait fishing have both proven to work well. We had one report of around 10 fish getting caught in one session while fishing with both bait and casting Vibes and other hardbody lures. Small spinnerbaits like the Bassman Yellaman also accounted for a few fish around this area over the last week too.

Waranga Basin

Waranga Basin is still fishing a bit slow but there have been some signs of Redfin schooling up between Harrimans Point and the wall as well as around the Caravan Park. dropping ice jigs and soft plastics into these schools of fish has worked well but we haven't seen any massive numbers getting caught just yet. Trolling deep divers like RMG Poltergeists in the crazy deep diver has seen some better sized Redfin getting caught around 40cm in the deeper areas.
The shallower sections have also seen some better numbers of fish getting caught while trolling little soft plastics between the weed beds as well as small Stumpjumpers. Some good reports of Yellowbelly getting caught on stumpjumpers have come out of the Basin over the last couple of days. Again the shallower areas have been the best spots for Yellowbelly as the warmer water seems to be getting them feeding well.


With the recent Fisheries stocking of Eildon Pondage there have been some Excellent Brown Trout getting caught over the past couple of weeks. Casting lures has been the most productive method to target these trophy sized fish. Working your lures along the edges of a weed bank and above the weed has been very successful. Paul Fished the pondage recently and caught these two Browns in the same area while casting a 7cm Rapala in Brown Trout Colour. The fish measured 60cm and 64cm

Paul also went for a fish in the Goulburn River near Thornton and was rewarded with this brilliant Rainbow Trout also caught on the same 7cm Rapala. This Rainbow Measured 74cm and is a prime example of the excellent Trout fishing now on offer in the Goulburn River downstream of Eildon.

Although Cod Season closed at the start of September it’s hard not to give a shout out to Tim Holden who was fishing with good mate Tim Dunne last week. Targeting Yellowbelly with a ZX30 he got smashed, landing and releasing this 120cm beast. A Reminder that Cod season is closed in all Victorian and NSW waters except Eildon, Copeton and Blowering until December. This fish was caught as By-catch while targeting Yellowbelly and returned to the water safely after a quick Photo.

Eppalock has started to see some reddies on the chew, a large number of these fish are spawning and carrying eggs but these fish have been found in good numbers. Casting plastics has been the most successful way or using ice jigs. Whilst a lot of smaller ones are around there's also a few bigger ones amongst most schools. So put the time in and you should be rewarded. Yellow Belly are being caught along the rocky edges or up against trees grubbing.  Troll or cast small hard bodies such as the A/C’s or RMG’s. Bait fishing with small yabbies or scrubbies has also been a great way to entice these fish to bite.

Crusoe Reservoir, Kennington Reservoir, Lake Neanger, Tom Thumb and Weeroona

With school holidays just around the corner a friendly reminder that all our local lakes have been stocked with a good number of table sized Rainbow Trout. Kennington received 500, Crusoe 450, Forest Lake 200 and Neanger 300. This is perfect for families to get out and enjoy the great outdoors! Reports from our local lakes currently are occasional reddies and trout taken on Celta spinners or if bait fishing is more your thing then Berkley Powerbait in sherbet is a personal favorite!


With restrictions lifted local anglers Will & Jed were able to sneak away and both were able to catch some beautiful trout, Here's some photos of the best. Caught on paddle tail plastics with the colour pink working great on this particular day! Spinners and little hard body Rapala’s also worked great.

Loddon River & Cairn Curran

Loddon River from Laanecoorie to Serpentine - First few weeks of the Golden Perch season have been a little slow with water temperatures still sitting around 14 degrees but with that warmer weather on the horizon it is worth persisting. Stick to the weedy edges and shallower areas where the water might be a little bit warmer and you’re in with a good chance. Casting vibes such as the Jackall TN60s or the Profishent vibes have been accountable for numerous amounts of Yella. Bait fishing with scrubbies has seen some good sized yellow belly being caught at the flour mill at Bridgewater.
Cairn Curran is starting to see a few yellow belly being caught on smaller hard bodies such as your small AC’s or Profishent Chainsaws, stick to the rocky edges and drop offs and you're in with a good chance. The reddies have started to spawn so a few are starting to be caught mostly on plastics such as your Strike Tiger Nymphs especially in orange.

Eppaclock & Campaspe River

Unfortunately just as the fish started biting in the Campaspe they’ve decided to let water go and it's made the water very dirty. It’ll make casting lures in the current conditions very tough. It’s still worth having a go with bait however as this water does hold some very large Golden Perch up to 60cm. Scrub worms with a small sinker are the go, the fish can be finicky so watch your rod tip, you may need to strike to hook the fish. I’d also be looking at fishing below the spillway to Eppalock as they’ve let water go when this happens you can get some good sized reddies and yellas below the wall.