Trellys Fishing Report

Trellys Fishing Report
Corio Bay

Inside Corio Bay has seen the snapper come on the chew with some solid reports coming from many different parts of the bay with both bait and soft plastics getting the bites. Casting soft plastics around just about any structure inside the bay has been very effective with fish reaching 3kg as Adrian Feher and Adam Van Der Lugt from Trellys found out on Sunday. Adrian and Adam were casting soft plastics around the many structures of the Geelong waterfront were the boys found pinkie snapper in plague proportions with the biggest reaching 3kg, Zman slim swimz in 2.5” were dynamite.

Bait fishing has been producing some cracking fish too and they have been at a much better average size with the potential of a monster, fishing at night with a tide change has been producing the better results.

The Bellarine Peninsula 

The Bellarine Peninsula has still remained a popular location for anglers in hope to find a feed of fish with squid and whiting being the number target for most boats. Whiting are still biting well out from Queenscliff on the tide change with some quality fish getting around, it has been tough work finding them in big numbers however with regular re-positioning will assist in finding where they are sitting. The squid fishing along the peninsula has been on the improve, although they aren’t in fantastic numbers yet they are making up for it in size. The Queenscliff cut has been fishing well for anglers casting soft plastics into the channel there, the high tide slack is the ideal time to be fishing there with silver trevally, salmon and pinkie snapper all in good numbers.


Offshore Barwon Heads has had some great bottom fishing on offer this past week with boats finding feeds of snapper, gummy sharks, nannygai flathead and cuttlefish. Fishing in a bit closer on the 30 metre mark has been holding plenty of nice size flathead and pinkie snapper with bait fishing proving deadly with flathead reaching over 50cm in length, gummy sharks have been a bit tricky to find but they are definitely still out there with some boats finding them to over 10kg.

Nannygai and Snapper have been holding well out in 50m of water, once again bait fishing being the most effective however slow pitch jigging has been getting its fair share of fish too.

Waranga Basin

Waranga Basin has been fishing well for Redfin with the odd Yellowbelly mixed in. Trolling small hardbodies that run at around 4.5m - 6m has worked best. The numbers haven’t been huge but there are still some great reports of Redfin over 45cm. Harrimans Point and near the Caravan park are the best sections of the Basin to try but keep an eye on your sounder for any structure or fish schooling as casting small plastics like 2” Keitechs or Strike tiger Nymphs is a great way to get onto a few nice fish.
There have been some nice Crayfish caught out of the Basin with baits such as cooked sausages or liver working the best.

Shepparton/Mooroopna Local Lakes

Victoria Lake in Shepparton has seen a few Redfin and Trout getting caught while casting small plastics. It’s been a bit slower recently but there are still plenty of fish to be caught. Soft plastics rigged weedless are a great option otherwise it can be hard with the weed fairly built up at the moment.
In Mooroopna the Recreation Reserve Lake has been stocked with some Rainbow trout which are worth giving a go. Bait fishing with Powerbait or casting small soft plastics should do the trick and get a few fish on the board.

River & Cairn Curran

The water is looking fantastic from Newbridge through to Serpentine. Angling from a boat has seen a number of people rewarded whether that is from trolling or casting. The A/C hardbodies in 90mm have been a great lure of choice for our local waterways, in particular lures with a lighter coloured underbody. Cast towards structure and use a slow retrieval. If bait fishing from a boat chicken or yabbies has seen some good cod caught up to around 90cm.

Cast the bait as close as you can to the snag and be patient. If walking the banks there's been a few cod caught on spinnerbaits and bigger soft plastics. In particular purple Gangster Lures spinnerbaits or white plastics as can be seen by local anglers Jacob and Rob.

Cairn Curran has seen a few anglers lucky enough to land some really solid Golden Perch. While the fish aren’t around in great numbers some of the fish that are getting caught are pushing around 60cm in length! The fish seem to be taking a liking to small lures such as the RMG’s, or Stumpjumpers particularly in the colour purple. 
Redfin school’s are still hard to come by but it is worth trolling along to try and find a school, if you're lucky enough to locate a school bouncing jigs or soft plastics is a great way to try and get a feed. If they’re smaller in size persist because there's usually a few decent sized ones amongst them.

Eppalock & Campaspe River

The reddies have slowed down a little over the last week with the recent rain. If your lucky enough to find a school they seem to be sitting a little deeper in around 25-30ft but can be very finicky. Persist on a school, cast the jigs in and bounce plastics. It also is a good idea to have a spare rod rigged with worms as when they are fussy they seem to be more content in taking worms. Stick to fishing those rock walls to get some yellas as a few have been caught on the troll recently.

Campaspe River is fishing better with reports of some cod being caught on spinnerbaits. Few being caught on chicken or worms with a running sinker rig. However unfortunately it's still a bit murky and the recent rain isn’t in our favor. 

Crusoe Reservoir, Kennington Reservoir & Lake Tom Thumb

All these reservoirs are starting to produce some redfin. Mostly undersize but if you stick to a school there is usually a bigger one amongst them, try casting spinners or plastics in to get the bite. If bait fishing worms has been a great option whilst powerbait has produced some trout.