Trellys Fishing Report

Trellys Fishing Report

Corio Bay

Local Fishing is continuing to improve each week with more species coming on the chew and started to be in bigger numbers. Starting inside the bay and King George Whiting seem to have come back on the chew a bit with areas like Stingaree Bay, Leopold and Clifton Springs all seeming to holding a few fish. Most fish have been on the smaller side however there does seem to be a few getting around with some bigger ones thrown into the mix.  Calamari are still being caught in good numbers with Clifton springs to Portarlington fishing well and still some reports from Bird Rock / Avalon. Size 2.5 – 3.0 jigs are a great size to run at the moment with natural colours and white seeming to be the standouts.



Calamari have started to show up in better numbers of Queenscliff with anglers putting in work getting rewards. The deeper water is proving to be one of the more popular locations as of late. Anglers dropping jigs down on a dropper rig or baits on a squid spike have both been accounting for a few. They aren’t going crazy yet the squid but over the course of this month they should only get better and better. Size 3.5 jigs are pretty much a must for chasing the squid here and size 4.0 jigs also work exceptionally well also.



Barrel Tuna have been fishing very well right along the coast lately with some popular locations being Apollo Bay, Portland and Port Mac. Most anglers have been finding success trolling skirted lures between 8-10inch with colours such as Evil, Lumo and Paris all finding themselves tangled with a few fish.


The Otway Rivers

It’s September and that means trout season is back open! Right across the state anglers bolted to their favourite streams and rivers in hope to tangle with a few and it’s safe to say most were very satisfied. The Otway’s remained a popular location for local residents as lots of the best action is less than 2.5 hour drive from Geelong. The otways is a great place to fish as the scenery is as good as it gets, lots of great access and rivers to fish and of course LOADS of fish. Although not massive in size they make up for it in numbers however there was some impressive fish getting around.


Goulburn River

We have had some early spring Yellowbelly reports come in this week with some nice sized fish being caught. Smaller compact Spinnerbaits out toward Murchison and small divers in Shepparton has been reported to us numerous times. There has also been some bait fishing reports this week with some locals having success off the banks around Shepparton using both scrub worms and night crawlers. The carp are still active but there has been some Good legal sized Yellowbelly caught in between the Carp.Those fishing the upper Goulburn had some great success for trout opening with some cracking trout caught. Small divers, nymph style soft plastics and floating scrub worms were all great techniques for chasing trout. 


Broken River 

For the first time in a long time, we have had some good reports from the broken river with some early season Yellowbelly now on the move. Downstream of both weirs have produced legal sized yellowing with tn60s or mask vibes working best. The best ways to fish these lures are with Either a slow roll or a pause and hop retrieve. It’s also good to swap the trebles for single hooks as they become a lot more snag proof. There has been plenty of carp caught this week on bait with some actually targeting carp in the river with both worms and corn. 


Kialla Lakes 

Worms in the trees have been dynamite this week with some nice Yellowbelly and Redfin reported. Unweighted worms dropped in small open pockets between the branches or floated on the edges of the trees have been best. Lure fishing has been a little quiet recently with the lower water levels and dirty water. There has been the odd fish caught hopping blades but it’s been hard work. Hopefully as the water heats up, we will get a better lure bite off the edge or out deeper. 


Waranga Basin 

The Redfin are on the bite out at the basin with some good pan sized fish caught lately. Casting square bills along the rock walls has been a great way to chase Redfin with some bigger fish caught on both the Bassman Tubby’s and also the Jabba Jaws. These lures roll over and off the rocks nicely and the Redfin are taking a liking to them. Another lure that has been working is a football jig just slowly dragged through the rocks or a shake and pause. There have been some high numbers of Redfin caught off the banks on worms this past week but the size has mostly been small. This can be a great time if your keen to just catch numbers but if you're looking for more size it’s best to go deeper.