Trellys Fishing Report

Trellys Fishing Report

Offshore Barwon Heads

Finally starting to see some better weather come through which has allowed anglers to get out offshore and chase the Gummy and School Sharks that are out in big numbers. Anglers anchoring up along the 30m line are having great success landing sharks to over 20kg. Fresh baits definitely make a big difference to success. Pinky snapper have also been hanging about off shore and over the next 2 months they should really fire up out there. The fish usually school up along the reefs in anywhere from 30-50 metres and can reach up to 8kg in weight with most around that 2kgmark. Jigging and bait fishing will both produce results.


Outer Harbour

Coming back into the bay there has still been plenty of good fishing options on offer with anglers finding plenty of small squid right around the bay. As mentioned they are small but they sure make up for it in numbers as there seems to just be heaps of them. Smaller 2.5 and 3.0 jigs are best for these size ones, especially this weekend with light winds and slow drifts expected.


Corio Bay

Inside Corio Bay has seen a few more garfish reports start to pop up again with waggim walk proving to be a popular location this past week with a few being landed. Although they aren’t going crazy by any stretch there still seems to be a few getting about. They key is a steady and solid burley trail with tiny baits suspended under a float.


Wurdi Buloc

Wurdibuloc remains a hot fishing location this past week with anglers having good success landing good numbers of Redfin and Brown Trout. Anglers casting off the main rock walls with soft plastics and hard body lures have been having the best results. Fishing early morning or late in the afternoon will more often produce the best fishing when chasing trout.


Goulburn & Broken Rivers 

Both river systems have now been at a steady level for over a week and this has allowed some local anglers a chance to get back out fishing. We have had a couple of reports come back this week with cod and carp being caught from the banks on worms but we expect now the levels are settled more locals will fish both rivers. There is only a couple of weeks left before the cod season closes so if you are planning to target a cod over the next 2/3 weeks think big. The water is still very dirty so throwing lures with presence would be the best bet, Tremors or bug kingfisher surface lures would be a great option alongside bigger bladed Spinnerbaits such as the Old Mates. 


Shepparton Lake

We have had some cold mornings this past week and this has resulted in some great trout fishing especially around sunrise. Fishing in low light times has seen the trout become more confident and taking small surface lures or shallow run divers just under the surface. As the sun comes up the trout seem to be holding a little deeper so small spinners or strike tiger soft plastics rigged weedless have worked best. Bait fishing with worms has been great this week with some nice fish caught both under a float or fishing on the bottom. Out deeper there has been some good sized Redfin and the odd Yellowbelly caught either via trolling Tn60s or casting weedless rigged soft plastics. Make sure with your Tn60s you rig them with a single hook on the belly facing backwards as the pull through the weed better.


Waranga Basin 

 The fishing has been amazing at the basin lately with some solid Redfin being caught. Trolling in about 15ft around Harriman’s has been a great spot to target high numbers of fish with the Both the smaller Old Mate’s or the 15ft diving Codgers working well. Casting blades around the main rock wall near the boat club has resulted in the biggest catches this last week with a couple of Redfin reported up to 40cms. Both a slow roll or a hop and pause technique has worked well. Bait fishing this week has been good with some nice fish being caught both off the bank or drifting worms with the banks at Harriman’s and near the caravan park being the best areas. 


Lake Mulwala 

There have been some positive reports coming in from lake Mulwala lately with some monster cod being caught lately. Swimbaits and topwater's have been the stand out lures with lures with white working best. Anglers have been targeting the areas just off the edge of the old river beds with these flats producing most of the fish. Bait fishing has been a little slower with only a couple of reports coming in this week. Scrub Worms or cheese from the banks seems to be the best baits to use to target cod at the moment and we expect this to stay the same for the remainder of the season. There are only a few weeks of cod season left so Mulwala will be a great option to chase that last minute cod, come into Trellys and stock up on some great cod deals.