Trellys Fishing Report

Trellys Fishing Report

Corio Bay Outer Harbour

The fishing this past week has continued to impress with anglers getting stuck into some insane fishing right across the region with the outer harbour producing some fantastic fishing! The Snapper have been chewing really well between the bend of the channel and the boat ramp of Clifton Springs in 8 Metres of water. Anglers taking the time to sound around and find the big schools of fish are having some mental sessions on the snapper landing lots of fish to 5kg. From reports there have been some schools of fish still spawning so they are sure to be aggressive when a bait or soft plastic goes past their nose.


Queensliff & St Leonards

King George Whiting along St Leonards through to Queenscliff have been chewing very well again this past week with anglers getting amongst some quality bags of fish. A few locations that have been producing have been the area known as “Bourke Street”, the front of swan bay and the Grass Beds out front of Queenscliff. Fishing the stronger tides is the ideal times to fish as the whiting chew best during these times.


Offshore Barwon Heads & Portland

The tuna out the front are still on fire with anglers having some insane sessions landing lots of fish on stick baits and poppers, keeping with the birds is key as they are often hot on the baitfish that the tuna are chasing. The 60 metre line still seems to be the most productive area to where the fish are holding. The Portland Barrel Tuna bite is still going strong and the reports are coming in pretty much daily (when weather permits). Trolling with skirted lures still remains the best and most reliable technique with 8 and 10 inch skirts, dropping pilchards into the bait balls and casting stick baits are also accounting for plenty of fish too.


South West Estuaries

 The Estuary systems along the great ocean road and the West Coast are mostly fishing quite well for Bream and perch with anglers having great success targeting both species and landing both on various techniques. Surface fishing during low light times is producing the goods on the perch and casting hardbody along the edges for the bream is working a treat.


Goulburn River 


Over the past couple of weeks, we have been reporting that singled bladed Spinnerbaits have been working great. This week it’s been Spinnerbaits but it’s been those with bigger double Colorado blades or even other blades baits such as the Bassman Mumblers working well. Spinnerbaits or Mumblers in Dark colours have been best and working good around Murchison, Moira Park and around Shepparton. Chasing cob off the Top has also been popular this week with the black and orange Trellys Pompadour working well alongside some weedless rigged frogs. The best thing about the weedless frogs if you can get them super hard into the cover and have confidence that you won’t lose your lure. Bait fishing has also been productive with fishing around sand bars featuring prominently in the feedback we have been getting. Worms have been the stand out for carp and yabbies and grubs for cod. 



Murray River 


There has been some great session reported from the Murray River lately. Downstream of the Yarrawonga weir has fished great with some big fish caught pushing upstream towards the weir. Further downstream there has been some solid fish caught with a variety of methods working well. Trolling Old Mates & Codgers in brighter colours have worked for those wanting to target cod on the troll. Casting Smaller swimbaits or weedless rigged soft plastics have resulted in some nice catches from those casting lures with the bigger more solid timber being a better snag to target compared to the smaller spindly type timber. Bait fishing with worms is seeing heaps of small carp caught with some reports of carp biting hooks without baits by just dangling them in the shallows. Large Yabbies and Trellys chicken baits have been good cod baits especially around Tocumwal with some cod reported up to 80cms caught on those baits. 


Kialla Lakes


The lake is changing with the water level rising higher than it’s been since the floods which is pushing plenty of fish shallow. The freshly flooded edges are full of bait and the yellow and Redfin are hunting the bait just around the drop off. Matching the hatch is ideal so smaller thin profiled hard bodies have worked well shallow. Don’t be scared to cast tight to the bank with some legal sized Yellowbelly being caught on Xr4s maybe a foot off the bank. Bait fishing under the willows is still a great way to chase Redfin but the key is to either have an unweighted hook or even a float with plenty of worms on the hook. You might need to try both sides or out the front of the trees with sometimes the fish holding in different areas of the trees. 



Lake Mulwala 


There has been plenty of action at lake Mulwala lately with some major tournaments showcasing some great fishing. There is so many active fish in the lake at the moment with heaps of cod being caught from the smaller 40cm fish up to 110cms. Casting big Spinnerbaits around the bridge has been a successful method, but it’s super important to stay in contact with your lure on the drop as they have been smashing the Spinnerbaits as the fall down. In other parts of the lake, we have been getting reports of cod being caught on Chatterbaits, Soft plastics and also off the top in low light periods. Casting TN60s or ZX40s around the mouth of the Mulwala channel has also been a great spot to chase Yellowbelly along with slow rolling black gulps in the reeds.