Trellys Fishing Report

Trellys Fishing Report


Corio Bay

The inner harbour of Corio Bay has had some fantastic fishing on offer with Snapper on the chew with areas like north shore are producing some nice fish to 3kg. Bait fishing on a tide change has been resulting I great results with bait fishing produce the best results. Pilchards, squid and silver whiting have all been accounting for fish. Flathead have also been in solid numbers with an anglers picking up some ripper sized ones whilst chasing the snapper. Well worth having a lighter rod out with small baits when out there at the moment. There is also a report of a kingfish being caught off Lineburners boat ramp that was estimated between 90-100cm which is fantastic to hear. This is a confirmed report also.


Outer Harbour

 The outer harbour has been holding its usual species we mention in our reports but over the past week have heard some other species making a big presence such as silver trevally and Gummy Sharks. The gummies have been in massive numbers right through the outer harbour with some boats landing up to 12 fish a session, although lots of them are just on legal there is some fish coming in at over a metre.


The Bellarine Peninsula

Around the Bellarine Peninsula has continued to fish well from Clifton Springs right through to Queenscliff with anglers picking up solid Whiting and Calamari. The closer you get towards the heads the better the fishing is seeming to be for both species, the key is to finding the correct clarity. For Example the whiting are best in dirty water and the squid in clearer water. There have also been plenty of Garfish around at the moment, anchoring up with a burley trail with some float rigs should get you amongst that action.



Offshore has continued to offer some fantastic Bluefin Tuna fishing this week with anglers having some insane sessions on super aggressive fish. The fish have been seen pretty much daily busting on schools of whitebait so using small white stickbaits have been matching the hatch perfectly. Poppers have also been producing fish whit looks nothing like a whitebait but the fish don’t seem to mind. Sticking with the birds is crucial as they are the masters of the hunt for these bait fish and they have a much better eye than us and will be onto them quick, the birds are out best friends at the moment.


Goulburn River 


Carp, Carp and more carp there everywhere in the Goulburn at the moment. The only positive about so many carp is that the cod’s food source is so easy to match at the moment. Smaller swim baits and wake baits have been successful lately with the cod busting up on these small carp schools that are running just under the surface. TN60 and TN70 jackals rigged with single hooks have also worked well. The key has been to start your retrieve as soon as the lure hits the water and just lifting your rod tip a little more than usual to keep that lure closer to the top. Bait fishing has been dominated by carp reports especially for those using worms but this can still be a great time for those who just enjoy reeling in a fish. 



Kialla Lakes 


There is a hype of activity at Kialla with heaps of fishos lining the banks of an evening. It’s great to see so many keen fishos casting lures or bait fishing. The reason it’s so busy on the water is simply the fishing is just so good at the moment. We have seen reports of Yellowbelly up to 40cms caught on Spinnerbaits around the willows and the odd cod being caught on bait amongst plenty of small Redfin. A trend we are starting to notice is the vast variety of techniques and lures some locals are now using in the lake.  As mentioned earlier there is a heap of activity and the fish do clue onto the seeing the same lures over and over again.  So hearing reports of some locals have been using Bream, Bass event trout lures to target fish has been refreshing. We had a report of 8 fish being caught in a 45-minute period just before sun down with all 8 fish caught on a bent minnow running just under the surface. Again, small jerk baits and crank baits that you could use for bream and trout have worked in the shallows with legal sized Yellowbelly being caught in around a foot of water. It’s not just the main lake that is producing fish with Catfish, Redfin and Yellowbelly being reported in the 2 smaller lakes. Worms and yabby tails have been great baits in these lakes either lightly weighted or under a foot near the weeds. 



Lake Nillahcootie 


Over recent weeks we have been getting some good reports from Lake Nillahcootie with Cod and Yellowbelly caught on both lures and bait. Worms and chicken have been the bait of choice from the bank with some legal cod caught amongst plenty of smaller fish. Trolling small and medium sized Codgers has been another great way to fish the lake at the moment with up to 10 fish being reported in an afternoon trolling session. Casting TN60 jackals to the bank or around structure in the colour “Brown Dog” has been a stand out for those targeting Yellowbelly. 



Lake Hume


The Redfin fishing has been amazing again this past couple of weeks with plenty of reports from those who went there over the long weekend. Slow rolling Soft plastics has been a great way to target Redfin with both Keitech 3inch easy shiners and black Gulp plastics working well. There has been some bigger Redfin and Yellowbelly reported away from the bug schools of fish with Mask Vibes or Fish Traps accounting for many of these bigger fish. Those trolling for Redfin reported some good numbers of fish trolling the trusty Trellys white and orange crazy deeps with pinks and purples also a good colour. Bait fishing with worms has been best from both the bank and the boat but stock up because there is a heap of hungry fish in the lake.