Trelly's Fishing Report

Trelly's Fishing Report



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Corio Bay


Inside Corio Bay pinkie snapper to an impressive 45cm were more than willing to snap up soft plastics that came there way. Anglers fishing along the waterfront either land based or from a boat reported excellent results. At time the odd large school of Australian Salmon appeared and took the same plastics as pinkie snapper. Wanting to tangle with something a little larger Daniel Sparks put in a few hours fishing around Corio Bay. Daniels rod screamed to life and after an extended fight on 1kg line Daniel boated a snapper of 7.35kg.

Clifton Springs 

Moving around to Clifton Springs and when anglers were able to find a break in the weather squid took a liking to size 3 jigs worked slowly over the weed beds.  Now is the time to stock up on a few squid with snapper season only a few weeks away.


Queenscliff was the destination of choice for anglers seeking big season squid. Trelly’s Geelong’s Kevin Hunter boated a several large squid using baited jigs in the Queenscliff Bight. Kevin noted that the squid were more interested in baited jigs than artificial. Whiting were a little hit and miss but the grass beds did see a few whiting to 45cm on the chew.


Down the surf Stephen Goodall took trip down to Bancoora where fishing bait and lure he beached numerous salmon to over 40cm. Sea Iron Pelacus lures worked well and allowed for a long cast.


Off Shore from Ocean Grove in fact right along the western coast those anchoring up and fishing baits had no trouble in boating some impressive gummy shark to over 20kg.

Wurdee Boluc 

Freshwater fisho’s still found to going good. At Wurdee Boluc Michael Evans found great results casting Fish Arrow Three Shot Minnow where he snagged a Brown Trout of 61cm 3kg. Michael also went on to land a few redfin to 40cm.

Lake Purrumbete 

Lake Purrumbete is the place for a mixed bag with Brown Trout, Rainbow Trout, Brook Trout & redfin on the chew. By far the most successful tactic is casting hardbody lures around the weed bank edges at first or last light.

Lake Bullen Merri 

Next Door at Bullen Merri Chinook Salmon are still having a crack at hard body lures trolled around Potter’s Point. As the weather begins to warm up down rigging will see the bite window last longer.

Goulburn River

Fishing around Seymour to Nagambie has been very quiet, a few Crays around, probably the highlight, but you will have to work hard for them. The deeper water south of the township the go. A few small Redfin in Nagambie Lake on worms. The Main Eastern Channel at Wahring is producing some Redfin on Worms and small Yabbies, as well as size 3 Stumpjumpers and Silver Hogbacks. Remember that quite a few Cod move down the Main Eastern Channel, so always worth a shot with some Big Lures and Baits such as cheese. Recent Rain has made fishing the River from Murchison, Toolamba and Shepparton difficult, however bait fishing the banks might get you a Cod or Yellowbelly, Worms and Bardi Grubs would be the go.


Still quite a few Redfin being caught at Waranga Basin and Greens Lake, best method has been Trawling small Hardbodies such as Crazy Deep RMG Poltergeist and Strike Pro Mini Hunches and having a stinger above the lure with a white 3 inch soft plastic. Focus your attention to the Inlet Channels at Both Lakes, they are filling the Lakes for the upcoming irrigation season and stirring a few fish up. There is a few Salmon and Trout hanging around the mouth of the Catternach Channel, so Pink Tassie Devils well worth a go. All the Channels in the region are filling or full, they are dirty, so Bait fishing with Worms and Yabbies will be your best bet.


The 2 highlights of the Region are probably the Victoria Lake where Rainbow Trout on small Spinners and Powerbait under a float are a chance, and The Main Eastern Channel towards Euroa a good chance of a Cod mainly on Cheese and Bassman Spinnerbaits, Codman Series.

Murray River/Mulwala

Simon Tate caught a nice 92cm Cod on the Murray during the week on a 130mm Deep Diving White Crow, otherwise the River is dirty and flowing really hard making fishing difficult. Mulwala has been very hard work with little reward, still worth a go for the last couple of weeks before closing, Big surface lures and swimbaits will still give you a chance of a big fish, you won’t catch them from your lounge room!

Out of Town

Shop regular Fons Rouw had a great weekend at Lake Eildon with his family, catching really nice Rainbow Trout on a mixture of Balista Trances, Tassie Devils and RMG Poltergeist.
With Cod Closing in most part at the End of the Month, remember Lake Eildon is open for Cod Fishing all Year and due to their natural spawning habits are very active feeding during September to November, so Big Plastics, Swimbaits, Surface Lures, Wakebaits, and Big Deep Divers well worth a go for some Monster Fish during this period.

Next Week 

Next week those looking to wet a line consider Queenscliff for big squid with the Bight a great place to start on a run in tide. The piolet boat Jetty and grass beds are other locations renowned for big squid this time of year.  Freshwater Fisho’s head for a drive to Lake Purrumbete with such a variety of species on offer it’s hard to pass up.