Trellys Fishing Report

Trellys Fishing Report


Ocean Grove Offshore

The offshore run of Tuna is still producing the goods to anglers heading out with fantastic reports coming from all along the coast. Tuna have been holding in great numbers right along the coast with the back of the rip proving to be the current hotspot. Anywhere between 20 to 40 metres has been where vast majority of the fish have been hanging with a variety of sizes on offer, fish ranging from 4kg – 20kg have been about. Anglers trolling hard body lures and skirted behind a spreader bar/ Daisy Chain have been super effective, 3 – 4 inch skirts in particular. When the fish are often seen on the surface casting stick baits and poppers into them is a fantastic way to get into the action and very thrilling watching the surface strikes. When the fish are busting up chasing bait fish small stick baits are truly irresistible and when ‘milling’ poppers and larger floating surface stick baits work really well. When the fish are ‘milling’ on the surface they can be very tricky to catch but with persistence and regular lure changes to keep the fish guessing should result in some hook-ups. The Snapper continue to fish exceptionally well offshore with large numbers of fish being picked up along the 50m line. Anglers dropping baits on the schools of fish have been picking them up but anglers dropping jigs have been having the best success. Dropping jigs ranging between 40-100 grams have been lethal and with the aid of additional assist hooks to stick them, it’s proving to be very effective.

Port Phillip Bay

Inside the bay Gummy Sharks have been fishing very well out in the channels and deep water off St Leonards with anglers landing Gummy Sharks to over 20kg. Fishing fresh baits and on the tide changes has been producing the goods for a lot of anglers. A tidal running Sinker rig is definitely the rig of choice when fishing in these areas.


Lake Bullen Merri

Lake Bullen Merri Continues to fish very well for Trout (Rainbow, Brown, Tiger) and Chinook salmon to 10lb! Anglers trolling the edge of the lake have been doing very well landing fish with hard body lures and tassie devils working very well. Bait fishing during the day in the deeper water has also been very effective with pilchard fillets just off the bottom really well, a thick burley trail is also key to success when bait fishing in here.  


Goulburn River 


The Goulburn River continues to bounce back after the floods with heaps of reports coming in this past week. Anglers took advantage of the stormy conditions last week with some crazy top water sessions with fish over a meter reported off the top.The new Bassman Wake Walkers have been a big hit this past fortnight with some big fish now being caught on these new lures. Those fishing during the day with bait have reported Cod, Yellowbelly, carp and silver perch with Trellys chicken baits and scrub worms accounting for most of these fish. Areas such as Murchison, Arcadia and in the heart of Shepparton have been hot spots. The upper Goulburn has seen some huge hauls of trout recently and post floods we have been getting reports of up to 25 fish caught in a session. Casting small nymph soft plastics, Rapala’s and spinners have been way to chase these trout ton lures. With worms fished under a float along with powerbait being great baits.


Broken River 

It was a great lead into Christmas for the broken river with plenty of fish being caught from Benalla to Shepparton. The best thing about the broken lately is it has fished well for all types of fishermen. Fishos using bait have reported heaps of fish around the 40/60cm range with Trellys chicken and night crawlers working best.Casting black and green Bassman's or orange and black 4D Spinnerbaits saw cod up to 68cms caught along with plenty of Yellowbelly. The trusty pompadour was the stand out top water lure this week with the surface bite going well around Dookie, Benalla and upstream of the junction. 


Kialla Lakes 


We are now experiencing one of the best periods of fishing in Kialla lakes with so many Yellowbelly and Redfin being caught. These fish seem to be in very healthy condition and are most likely River fish the moved into the lake system during the floods or the relocated Yellowbelly from either the Channels or greens lake. These fish maybe a tad small but they are super aggressive smashing small crank baits, Rapala Brats and tiny Chatter baits regularly. If they are not biting the lures mentioned above switched to a beetle spin rigged plastic especially around weeds.

Nagambie Lake

Fishing in the heart of Nagambie has been a hot spot location this past week with many Nagambie residents coming into our Shepparton store to stock up on Strike Tiger plastics and zx40 blades. The Redfin bite has been great with heaps of fish being caught in the mornings with fishing from the boardwalk being the best location. There has also been some nice Yellowbelly being caught amongst the Redfin and the odd cod on bait. 


Irrigation Channels 

With the access still a little tricky in the rivers many locals are still heading out to the channels to chase a fish. We have been getting many people in the stores stocking up on beetle spins, Keitechs and small Arashi divers this past week. Downstream of drop bars has been the best areas to fish with channels around the Basin, Arcadia, Shepparton east and Katandra producing Yellowbelly, Redfin and Cod. Bait fishing around the edges where flowing water is pushing into has also been a great way to chase fish in the channel system This week with night crawlers and scrub worms working best.