Trellys Fishing Report

Trellys Fishing Report



The good weather over the week and Australia day saw hundreds of boats flock offshore in search of a Tuna off Barwon Heads with many boats having some great success. Between the bluff of Barwon Heads and Torquay has definitely been the current hot spot as of late with depths between 20-65m all holding plenty of fish with sizes ranging anywhere from 10-25kg. Trolling Skirted lures with the aid of a spreader bar has really been making a massive difference with angler’s success. Deep diving hardbodies such as Rapala X-Raps, Samaki Pacemakers and Nomad DX Minnows have all been accounting for plenty of bites also on the Troll. The Better sucsess has been to the boats mainly throwing topwater lures at the surfacing fish as trolling tends to put them down deep and in a bit of a sooky mood. Poppers and floating stick baits prove to be a hot favourite and having a variety of sizes and colours is very handy as each day is different and finding out what they want on the day is a game changer.


Yellowtail Kingfish have been in brilliant numbers along the coast this week, although most aren’t massive in size they sure do make up for it in numbers with reports of a school or two of 10kg plus fish. Topwater stickbaits and poppers have been working very well and so too have jigs.


Mako Sharks have continued to be in great numbers offshore also at the moment with plenty of reports still coming in. Setting a burley trail in the deeper water and ideally away from other boats trolling for Tuna anglers have been having some great success with sharks up to 60kg being caught.





Inside the bay has still been producing some great fishing over the past week with Whiting and Calamari both in good numbers and on the chew. Both species are being caught right across the peninsula with bag limit captures for both being very achievable.





The surf coast estuaries and rivers have been producing some great fishing for both Bream and perch with Aires Inlet being a hot spot. Casting small curl tail soft plastics and hard bodies have been super effective and on an evening surface lures have been deadly.




Fishing has been red hot this week in the Goulburn River with plenty of fish reported around Seymour, Mitchelton, Toolamba and in the heart of Shepparton just behind The Shepp lake. Bait fishing has been very successful with Trelly's special chicken baits being a stand out with scrub worms and cheese also producing plenty of cod. Those who have been targeting cod and Yellowbelly on lures have reported red & black Spinnerbaits, purple and pink hard bodies and black jackals working great especially for Yellowbelly.







It’s been on top action this week with heaps of reports of Cod being caught from Benalla all the way down to the Broken / Goulburn junction. There has been reports of fish up to 75cms being caught this week and those coming into our Shepparton store reported both smaller surface lures like frogs to bigger baits like the Bassman Aussie Crawler and the Mega Pompadour. Bait fishing around Shepparton has been great also this week with fresh shrimp working well for Yellowbelly and chicken working best for cod. The are plenty of areas you can access the water along Broken River Drive and this maybe why we have had so many reports from this area.  







Double and triple hook ups have been not uncommon over the past week at the basin with some reporting 2 Redfin smashing a set of trebles each on diving lures and those running a soft plastic trailer or above the river catching fish on both lures. Around the 12/15ft mark has been great this week with the standard bibbed RMG’s and 10ft Codgers working well. Trolling ZX40s and then stopping and casting on schools have also been a great way to catch Redfin. Drifting small yabbies or worms in the same depth has been great for those bait fishing. Off the bank worms are working best for both Redfin and Carp.





Big time carp fun has been had this week in the Main Eastern Channel especially down towards Katandra. Worms and corn has worked well for these big mud marlin and it can be a great way to spend a afternoon. You can either bottom bash your baits or drift or float your baits in the weed edges. Those chasing natives this week have again reported back the Spinnerbaits have worked well downstream of drop bars or around bridges. 







The Redfin fishing has continued to get better which is hard to believe because there has been so much action in lake Hume lately. Trolling diving lures around the 20ft mark has been very successful so has rolling plastics up trees. Once you have found the fish you can throw almost anything at them, blades, beetle spin rigged soft plastics or even just a basic spinner. Bait fishing has been the same with almost any bait dropped down in schools working well. Make sure you stock up before you go because some have reported 70/80 fish being caught in a session so that’s plenty of worms and yabbies to have. There has been some cracking fish caught amongst the smaller Redfin so just keep working the schools until you find these bigger fish. 







The Central Vic Lure Casters event was held at blue rock dam over the weekend. As always the event was a huge hit 65 keen anglers entering in the event. David Borno managed to take out biggest fish section with a 39cm bass. Outside of the event there has been plenty of great fish caught off the top with some pushing 50cms. The best top water lures this week have been Small cicada’s and buzz baits fishing the edges in the main basin or in the trees in the river. It’s only a bit over a week until the ABT event at Blue Rock Dam there’s plenty of spots for Boaters and non boaters. It’s a great opportunity to fish and socialise with some of the countries best tournament fisherman without travelling interstate.