Trelly's Fishing Report

Trelly's Fishing Report

Shepparton Region Channels
The Channels around Rushworth and Tatura have been fishing ok with a few nice Yellowbelly getting caught and some numbers of Redfin around if you can find them. Yellowbelly have been getting caught around some of the Bridges and near drop bars where the water has been stirred up a bit. Worms are the best bait at the moment and have been the most successful for getting a few fish on the board. When casting lures it’s hard to go past Ecogear ZX Blades. Shane caught a couple Nice Yellowbelly on Grand final day including this one. He was using the ZX40 Blade in colour 416.

There have been a heap of Redfin getting caught around Waranga basin in some of the outlet Channels. We’ve had reports of over 100 small Redfin getting caught in a session with some bigger ones including a 46cm fish mixed in amongst them. 9-Year-old Noah Woods caught this great looking Redfin in one of the Channels near Tatura over the weekend.

Shepparton Local lakes
The Local lakes around Shepparton have been fishing a bit slow lately but there are still a couple of Trout getting caught while casting lures in the mornings. Small soft plastics and little Hardbodies are both good options. In Kialla the Yellowbelly should start up soon as long as we keep getting some warmer weather. Casting or Trolling lures around 50-60mm are your best bet with Jackall TN60’s being popular in Kialla Lakes for The Yellowbelly. Although fishing has been slow in the local lakes, it’s still worth getting out with the kids and giving it a shot. Practicing their casting or just hanging around for a bite is a great way to fill in a few hours. Shane from Trelly’s Shepp took his girls for a fish at the lake over the weekend. Even though fishing was slow the girls still enjoyed being outside in the sun.

Waranga Basin
Waranga Basin is full at the moment and there have been some nice numbers of Redfin getting caught. Most fish have been getting caught trolling and bait fishing with worms and little Yabbies around Harrimans Point. A lot of the fish getting caught have been small but if you sift through them you should be able to get enough for a feed.

Lake Eildon
Lake Eildon has been a little slow over the past week but there are still a few fish getting caught around the lake. Trout have been getting caught around Big river arm with most being around 30-40cm in length. The Yellowbelly or giving hints of starting to fire with a few around the Delatite arm but we’re still waiting for the water to warm up a bit more for them. There have been a few Cod getting caught around Goughs Bay and in the Main arm on Big Soft plastics like Megabass Magdrafts’ and Biwaa Kapsiz Kasts soft plastics. Chris sent through this photo of a nice 86cm Cod he caught at Eildon over the weekend on a Yabby while fishing from the bank.

Lake Hume
Lake Hume is still one of the best options for freshwater fishing in the State with it all happening at the moment. Redfin, Trout and Now Yellowbelly are all going well at Lake Hume right now depending on what you’d prefer to target. Trout have been getting caught mostly while Trolling around Hardbodies and Tassie Devils. Paul Caught this cracking 77cm Trout at Hume last week while trolling a small Hard bodied lure.

Yellowbelly have started to come on a bit more at Hume with a few more starting to show up across the lake. Trolling is a good way of searching for some and usually they’ll go for similar lures to what You’d use for redfin. Size 2 Stumpjumpers, 50mm RMG Poltergeists and 55mm Codgers are all good options when Trolling around Hume. Kate caught this nice Yellowbelly while fishing at Hume over the weekend.

Loddon River
The Loddon river is now starting to settle with the water clarity slowly improving.
Below the wall at Lannecorie through to the Serpentine weir fishing with small vibes such as your TN60s has been rewarding with some yellow belly being caught up to 50cms. The most popular colours are definitely HL Black or Peacock. Bait fishing is definitely the best option at the moment, if you're able to get some fresh shrimp you’ll be in with a great chance. Another very popular option at the moment is to use scrub worms under a light sinker so it moves around the bottom.

Campaspe River
Campaspe River has cleared up considerably over the last week or two with a number of anglers reporting good numbers of yellow belly coming below the Elmore weir. Small hard bodied lures such as your Bassman tubby native have been a great option to try to entice one of these fish. Around Aysons reserve there have also been some good numbers of redfin being caught, a lot of small ones but there have also been some bigger ones amongst the schools. Try using small soft plastics such as your 2.5inch Daiwa Bait junkies in either grub or minnow style both work well, brighter colours have been the most popular at the present time. Also around doaks reserve there have also been a few Yellow belly being caught on small spinnerbaits. People using bait have also done well on worms and small yabbies, corn has worked well on carp to keep the younger ones occupied also!

Lake Eppalock
The lake is still a little bit cold sitting at around 14-15 degrees in most areas. Some Yellow Belly are holding the trees and the most effective way to entice the fish to bite is to use a heavy jig head around 1/4oz with a black grub. Another way is to bounce ZX40 blades in colour 416. Trolling in around 20-25ft of water has been the depth that most redfin have been holding. Troll with an RMG crazy deep or an A/C invader in 70mm with a plastic teaser about 1m above the hard body and this will put you in with a good chance of finding an active feeding school. Once you’ve located the school try using ice jigs or soft plastics. Standout soft plastics have been the 50mm drop bear squidgies. From the bank yabbies around rocky ledges have also produced some good fish.

Cairn Curran
Yellow belly have been getting caught from the bank in most rocky areas. Bait fishing with scrub worms has been a great way to try to get the fish to bite. While most are still a little touchy, late afternoons or early mornings are still the pick of the bunch. Lures have also been working well, with grubbing around the trees or vibes doing the damage. Trellys Bendigo will have a fresh stock of Samaki Vibelicious with the Redfin one doing most of the damage at the moment. Best areas are the pine trees near the wall or in front of the yacht club. 

Trout are still being caught since being stocked for the school holiday period. Pink Tassie Devils have been the standout for people chasing the trout on lures, if using bait use a very small hook with some powerbait and it’ll put you in with a good chance of landing a nice trout. Small soft plastics have also been working for reddies with the average size around 20cm but there are also some large ones amongst them.  

The place to go if you’re after trout. Fishing with a small hook and powerbait has proved to be a great way to target these fish. Similar to Crusoe there have also been some small reddies caught on spinners or trout taken on tassie devils

Forrest Fields
Still very weedy, hard to fish at present. The odd trout are being taken on powerbait.

Tom Thumb
Still plenty of fun to be had on the carp around the lake. Try using a small hook and a light sinker with a bit of corn for the big carp that are in the lake. Worms have seen redfin and silvers also caught. Powerbait again for those stocked rainbow trout.

Geelong Waterfront
The fishing has been on fire in the local area with the Geelong waterfront on fire with Snapper starting to dominate reports. Salmon and Tailor have also showed up in plague numbers around the yacht club, the fish have been super aggressive snatching up angler’s plastics and hard body lures making great fun fishing and fantastic bait. Flathead have been very active in the same area with all 3 common species (Bluespot, Sand and rock) all latching onto anglers lines too, Eric from Trelly’s found some nice Rock flathead during the week to about 45cm with gulp nemesis plastics proving the best. Anglers casting soft plastics around the many structures in and around the area have been having great success landing snapper to 6kg in weight with plenty of much larger fish smoking anglers into the structure. Adam Van Der Lugt from Trelly’s Geelong fished the waterfront on grand final day landing snapper to 5kg on Zman Slim Swimz.

St Helens Rocks
St Helens rocks has also had some snapper reports coming through with some good reports from anglers soaking baits into the night pulling some quality fish to the shore. Baits such as pilchards and squid have been the standouts with fish to 5kg being taken. 

Clifton Springs
Clifton Springs through to Queenscliff has been fishing pretty well for calamari also, with the lack of boats on the water has really allowed the squid to rejuvenate in the area and there is plenty there to be caught. Size 3.5 jigs have been a standout and in particular the new Shimano Clinch rattle jigs.

Offshore Barwon Heads
Offshore Barwon Heads has been fishing red hot as of late with snapper and gummy sharks running riot, the 30 metre mark towards Torquay has been probably the spot to be with snapper to 6kg and sharks to 25kg both school and gummy. Fresh chunk and strip baits have been super effective and fishing a tide change will increase your chances immensely.

Wurdi Buloc Reservoir
Wurdi Buloc Reservoir has been a hot fishing location for anglers in search of a trout at the moment with the lake producing some quality captures for anglers casting along the main rock wall. Shallow diving minnow hardbody, soft plastic and spoon style lures have been working a treat at the moment with trout to 4lb being taken.