Trelly's Fishing Report

Trelly's Fishing Report

Shepparton Region Channels
The Channels around Rushworth and Stanhope have had some nice numbers of Redfin getting caught out of them over the past couple of weeks and some good-sized Yellowbelly too. Bait fishing with Worms works well along with casting small soft plastics like Keitech Easy Shiners. The Main Eastern around East Shepparton is fishing ok and we’ve had a couple Yellowbelly getting caught on metal ZX Blades and worms.

Shepparton Local Lakes
Lake Victoria in Shepparton has been recently stocked with a heap of little Trout for the school holidays which are great fun to catch on light spin gear. Casting lures is one of the best ways to catch some of these little stocked fish with Tassie devils, small minnows and Strike tiger 1” nymph soft plastics working the best. Bait fishing with little worms and Powerbait nuggets and dough is also a great way of catching some of these stocked fish. The weed has been cleared up in Lake Victoria making it easier to fish is some sections. It’s still worth rigging your lures with single hooks to minimise the chance of getting hung up on the weed that is still in there. Nelson from Trelly’s Shepparton caught this little Trout out of Lake Victoria before work earlier last Friday.

Waranga Basin
Waranga Basin has had some good reports come out of it this week with some good numbers of Redfin getting caught Around Harrimans and Peppin Point. We had a great report of some locals getting an esky full while trolling size 3 Stumpjumpers around the Basin with a few nice sized fish amongst them. Trolling other similar 50mm divers like RMG Poltergeists and Codgers usually work well around Waranga as well. With Spring giving us some better days, the Yellowbelly should start at Waranga soon and usually get caught while Trolling for redfin or casting a range of lures at some of the rocky points.

The Goulburn river at Thornton has been fishing really well for some of the big stocked Rainbow Trout that were put in by fisheries for the school holidays. We've had reports that the river is loaded with big Trout it's just working out what they want to take on different days. Some guys have had a heap of luck on small soft plastics dragged along the bottom but spinners and mid sized hardbodies have worked well too. Shepparton regular Paul caught this 69cm Trout on a 7cm Rapala last week.

Lake Eildon
Lake Eildon fished well over the weekend with Trout, Yellowbelly and come great Cod getting caught as well. Now is a great time to fish Eildon with a whole range of species on offer. Trout are getting caught in the big River arm while trolling Tassie Devils in colours 55 and 82. Small Hardbodies are worth having in while trolling and can sometimes out-fish the Tassie devils. Small minnow style lures like the Balista Trance work great on the Eildon Trout too. Aidan caught a few nice Trout at Eildon over the weekend including this nice 58cm Brown.

Yellowbelly are starting to get caught in most areas of Eildon including the Big River arm and up in the Delatite arm. Bait fishing with Scrubbies and Yabbies in the Trees is a good option along with casting and Trolling lures. Trolling size 2 Stumpjumpers work well along with RMG Poltergeists and hard vibes like the 65mm Balista Juggernaut go alright when trolled too. Using black Grubs amongst the trees has worked well over the past couple of years and can be extremely effective if there are a few Yellowbelly hanging around as well. Dave Caught this pig of a Yellowbelly at Eildon recently

There have been a few Nice Cod getting caught with a couple nice fish around the metre mark. Casting surface lures in the morning and afternoon are a good option, throughout the day large soft plastics and big spinnerbaits are the go. Archie was fishing at Eildon over the weekend and cast his large Spinnerbait at a rock wall when he almost got pulled in by this 105cm Cod! A mighty effort for Archie and a great achievement to get this fish in the boat by himself, with a bit of help from his dad on the net.

Lake Hume
Lake Hume is still going well however it has been a bit windy making it a little tougher over the past week. A few people have been able to get out in some of the nice weather windows and have found some good fish. There were a few reports of esky loads of Redfin getting caught both off the bank and from the boats. Yellowbelly have been showing up a bit more regularly While trolling 50-70mm divers along some of the rocky banks. Lachy caught a few nice Yellowbelly around 60cm at Hume last week including this one.

There have been a few Trout getting caught in the Lake while Trolling Tassie Devils but most of the bigger fish we’ve seen have been caught just below the wall in the river while casting small metal lures. Brody caught a few nice Trout last week below the wall in some tough conditions with his biggest weighing 8 1/2lb