Trelly's Fishing Report

Trelly's Fishing Report

Shepparton Local lakes
The Local lakes around Shepparton have been hitand miss with some small Trout getting caught in Lake Victoria while casting soft plastics around the rowing club and behind aquamoves. There have also been some trout getting caught while casting 7gm Tassie Devils around the hill. There are also some decent sized Carp getting caught on worms around the platform behind Aquamoves. Gary “Wizz” from Shepp caught this good sized Carp out of Lake Victoria earlier this week.

Shepparton region Channels
The Channels around Stanhope, Rushworth and Tatura have been fishing alright with good numbers of Redfin and some nice Yellowbelly getting caught out of them over the past week. Both casting lures and bait fishing have worked well. Casting metal blades like the Ecogear ZX Blades have done well for Redfin and  Yellowbelly and if You’re looking for Yellowbelly in particular Jackall TN60’s and similar vibes are working well when cast around the drop bars. Tyson took his daughter out for a fish to fill in some time this week where they managed to get some nice Redfin and Yellowbelly. The Redfin was caught on a ZX Blade and the Yellowbelly on a worm.

Waranga Basin
Waranga Basin is full at the moment giving us plenty of water to cover to find a good patch of fish. The usual areas around Harrimans Point and the near the Caravan park are goo areas to start but it is best to give trolling a go to help cover a bit more water and find where a good group of Redfin are holding. Trolling 55mm Codgers and 50mm RMG Poltergeists are great options. With the Basin being full it is worth going to the deeper models in your hardebodies or letting out more line to help get your lures down near the fish.

Lake Eildon
Lake Eildon saw a huge amount of people overt the past week with the majority of Regional Victoria opening up for travel. With the increased traffic we saw some great fish getting caught including a few Cod over the metre and some big Trout. Murray Cod have been getting caught mostly on large plastics like Megabass Magdrafts and Biwaa Kapsiz Kast plastics. There were also a few big Cod caught off of the Bank while bait fishing. Brendon caught a nice Cod off the back of one of the Boatels at Jerusalem Creek on a 10” Magdraft, Anie also went to Eildon with her family and some friends where her Husband landed this 120cm Monster while bait fishing from the bank. Both of these Murray Cod were released safely back into the water soon after the photos were taken.

There have been a few Trout getting caught around the big river arm while trolling Tassie devils with most fish being around 35-40cm long. Kate Landed this Trout while casting an 8” Magdraft for Cod over the weekend. There have been a few big Trout cod on Cod lures over the past year showing that it is worth upsizing to bigger lures every now and then.

The Goulburn River at Thornton has been fishing well with some great Trout getting caught over the past week. We’ve heard of great numbers as well as excellent size to the Trout getting caught with small pink soft plastics working well when slow rolled along the bottom. Casting mid sized minnows is also a great way of catching some of the bigger fish too. Jed fished at Thornton over a couple days with a few mates where they landed over 50 fish with a few stonkers like these mixed in amongst them.

Lake Hume
Lake Hume has been fishing well for Trout for a while now with heaps of trophy sized fish being taken from this lake. With the trend continuing over the last week it’s a great idea to get over there while we can and while theyre going strong. In the lake Trolling has been the best way to find some nice fish with Tassie devils always accounting for some nice Trout. Over this year there have been some great fish getting caught on small minnow lures and a fair few getting caught on small swimbaits as well when weighted down to get a bit of depth. Matt caught this trout at Hume earlier this week

With Hume full at the moment they’ve been letting out a heap of water and we’ve seen some great Trout getting caught just below the wall in all the stirred up water. Most of the Trout getting caught below the wall have been great sized too so this is definitely worth givig a go if you can’t get out on Hume in the Boat or if you prefer your land-based llure casting. Kel caught this 64cm Trout below the wall earlier this week.

Corio Bay
The inner harbour of Corio Bay has been a feeding ground for Australian Salmon, there has been multiple schools hanging around the yacht club smashing baitfish which can quite often be spotted splashing all over the surface. Casting small minnow profile soft plastics into the commotion should result into a hookup just about every time. Snook and Pinkie Snapper have also been in great numbers for land based lure casters with soft plastics working a treat, in particular gulp turtleback worms. The snapper reports have been a but quite over the past few weeks with a few anglers starting to get a few to chew now, more so inside Corio Bay. It is well worth starting to have a look out towards Clifton Springs as the snapper are sure to fire up any moment now!

Clifton Springs
King George Whiting have been in fire right along the peninsula with Clifton Springs right through to Queenscliff with big fish in big numbers! Fishing about 2 hours before the tide changes has been the ideal times to chase them with fishing going into a feeding frenzy and if you can time it on dark then even better. Pipis and tenderized squid have been by far the standout baits with a little bit of burley in the water helping hold the fish under the boat.

Offshore Barwon Heads
Offshore Barwon Heads and Ocean Grove has continued to provide quite a productive shark bite with Gummy and School shark both chewing sensationally well. The 30 metre mark has been a fantastic line to drop a bait. The sharks have been ranging between 10-20kg with plenty of bigger ones popping up too. Does pay to have a look and sound around as there should be a few snapper starting to show up offshore this time of year too.

Otway Streams
The 2021 Trout season is open and anglers have made the drives across the state to their favourite rivers chasing a trout again. The Otway’s have been a popular location over the past week with just about all the creeks and rivers proving some solid fishing

Lake Purrumbete
Mick from Victorian Inland Charters got back to Purrumbete this week and had this to report
“Sunday afternoon I arrived at Lake Purrumbete to start a couple of week trip doing charters..
Managed to get out on the water for the last hour of light and what do you know…
As always at this time of day it’s lure casting time in search of a big brown..
Out came the trusty D&A lures bent minnow and I got to casting for the last hour in the hopes of crossing paths with a local beast.
Long story short with roughly 10mins or so of daylight left this big boy decided it was my time to join the club (finally)..
After holding deep under the boat for about 10mins and taking on a run around for 4 laps of the boat I finally got him to come to the surface an show himself in all his glory and this was the end result.
A cracking Purrumbete buck brown that pulled the scales to 4.7kg/10.34lb and 77cm
Absolutely stoked with landing this fish as it has been a long time coming..
He was kept and is on his way to the taxidermist and is destined to hold a spot high up on my wall of fame”
If You’re ever keen on taking a fishing charter at Purrumbete be sure to give Mick a call on 0402347515 or check out his Facebook page.