Trelly's Fishing Report

Trelly's Fishing Report

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Fishing in Victoria’s Lockdown
This was taken from the Victorian Fisheries website “Recreational Fishing and Boating are permitted for up to two hours per day, within 5km of home and with only one other person (plus dependants if they cannot be left unattended). Face masks must be worn at all times unless a lawful exemption applies.”

Goulburn River
For those living within reach of the Goulburn river there have been a few reports of Crayfish getting caught over the past week. It has been a little tough with the river level changing a bit but if you can find a patch of steady water then it is definitely worth throwing a couple of nets in. Murray Cod and Yellowbelly fishing has been fairly slow in the Goulburn but there is always the chance of catching some great fish within this waterway and with the weather beginning to improve we should see a few more great fish being caught soon.

Shepparton Local Lakes
Lake Victoria saw a few of the stocked Trout getting caught with the bit of rainy weather we had at the start of the week while fishing with Strike Tiger Nymph soft plastics and 7gm Tassie Devils. With the weather improving and some great sunny days around it won’t be long before the Yellowbelly start firing up more in Lake Victoria.  Kialla Lakes are fishing a bit slow but as we move into spring the Yellowbelly will start fishing better and there are a few great ways to target these fish depending on what style of fishing you prefer. If you prefer bait fishing then throwing in some scrubbies around the willows is a great way of getting onto some nice Yellowbelly. Casting both metal, hard and soft vibes has been the best for lure fishing in Kialla Lakes over the past couple of seasons. If you have a kayak it is definitely worth putting it in the lake and either trolling around the centre with small hardbodies and vibes or casting lures around the willows and some of the drop-offs. 

Waranga Basin
There have been some ok numbers of Redfin getting caught out of Waranga however most of them are lacking in size. Casting soft plastics from the bank near Harrimans point and the park at the North West corner of Waranga are both good options. Strike Tiger 2” Bugs and Keitech 2” easy shiners are both good choices when casting plastics from the bank at the moment. Crayfish have also been getting caught by some locals with a few good keepers coming out of Waranga and creating a nice feed to go with the Redfin getting caught.

There were a couple nice Cod caught out of Mulwala just before the Victorian Lockdown while casting swimbaits. Mid sized swimbaits like Jackall Gantarels are probably the best choice however going down in size to the Jackall Chibitarels is worth it as well and may see you get better numbers of fish. Big soft plastics like the Biwaa Kapsiz Kast are also worth a shot if the swimbait bite is slow. Lachie caught this 107cm Cod at Mulwala on a Jackall Gantarel just before the lockdown hit.

Lake Hume
Lake Hume is still fishing great for those able to get out on the water over the past week. Redfin are still going well with Ice Jigs being the best way to target them over the past couple of weeks. If they’re going slowly on the Ice Jigs give other methods like bait or Soft plastics a go to see if that will fire them up. Dylan had a great day on Hume landing over 100 Redfin, keeping these better ones for a feed

There is still a great run of large Trout being caught at Hume while trolling as well as a few getting caught on plastics when fishing for Redfin. Trolling has by far been the best way of targeting these fish and Tassie Devils have been the lure of choice for most. Along with Tassie Devils, small minnow style lures like Rapalas as well and the Balista Trance minnows are definitely worth a go as well.

With a few excellent sunny days around, we are seeing the start of what looks to be a promising run of Yellowbelly getting caught in Hume. Last week we saw a cracker get caught on an Ice Jig by Mick Falla from Shepparton before the lockdown and this week there were a few more great Yellowbelly caught by those within the zone for fishing Hume. Jacklyn landed this thumping 60cm, 10 ½ pound Yellowbely in Lake Hume over the weekend

Lake Purrumbete
Lake Purrumbete is fishing well lately with some alright numbers of Redfin being caught and some nice Trout also getting caught over the past week before the lockdown came into effect. Redfin have been schooling up in around 25m of water with some good numbers of fish getting caught on ice Jigs and Soft plastics. The larger Trout have been hanging around the edges in the late afternoon and into the night with Bent minnows being the best lures to cast around in search of some of these big Trout throughout the lake. Mick from Victorian Inland Charters caught this great 67cm, 7lb Trout while casting a bent minnow at Purrumbete last week.