Trelly's Fishing Report

Trelly's Fishing Report

Goulburn River
The Goulburn River around Shepparton has still been fishing tough, although it has dropped back a little bit closer to its normal level. Bait fishing has been your best best around Murchison with Chicken and Scrubbies being the go to. Down around Nagambie is fishing tough also for both our native fish and Crays. We haven’t heard many Crayfish getting caught since the river has risen but it can still be worth a shot around the Wineries.

Shepparton Local Lakes
Lake Victoria is looking great at the moment and has cleared up heaps over the past week. We have heard of a few Redfin getting caught on worms near the hill and on the other side near the new art museum. Casting weedless plastics is also not a bad way of getting onto a few Redfin. Soon enough we should hear of a few more Yellowbelly getting caught in our local lakes with spring only around the corner. Casting black grubs or 3” minnow plastics rigged with a beetle spin is a great way of finding a few Yellowbelly in Lake Victoria and Kialla Lakes. Trolling small hardbodies and vibes around Kialla Lakes from a kayak has also been one of the more successful ways of fishing for Yellowbelly in recent years too.

Waranga Basin
Waranga Basin is sitting at a great level but We’re still waiting to hear of better reports to come out of that area. There are a couple Redfin getting caught trolling around Sapling point with most around 20cm. There are still enough Redfin around to get a nice feed but it has been a little tough to find some bigger fish.

Lake Eildon
Lake Eildon is fishing tough with us not hearing of much being caught at all. There will still be the odd Murray Cod getting around with surface lures and large plastics probably being the go to for most. Around the Big river arm and near the Delatite would both be worth a go if Targeting Cod. The best sections to go if targeting Trout are at the start of the Big river arm and around Bonnie doon. Trolling Tassie devils and small rapala minnows are your best bet to find a few Trout. With Fisheries stocking a huge number of Yellowbelly in Eildon we should see this fishery keep improving from recent years. Last year was a good year for Yellowbelly with heaps getting caught around the Bonnie doon and Delatite areas and we can only be hopeful that this year is as good and hopefully better than the last couple. 

Hume Weir
Hume Weir has been one of the only places that we keep hearing consistently great reports. To our disbelief the Redfin are still going strong with good bags being landed by plenty targeting this top notch table fish. Along with the good numbers of redfin we have also seen some more great Trout being caught with a handful over 60cm being landed from Hume Weir over the past week. Trolling lures around the edges has been the go to method for those looking to find one of the trophy Trout that have become so commonly caught out of Hume this season. Jake caught this cracking 69cm Trout from Hume earlier this week.

Loddon River 
Loddon River is still dirty at the moment but the odd fish is still being caught. Lures with a big presence are the best choices at the moment, big lures such as your size one stump jumpers, and cod dogs lures all seem to be working well. If you're fishing early hours of the morning or late afternoon lures such as your Kuttafurra rats have also been working well. Bait fishing is also going well with chicken being the bait of choice.Stick to fishing structure such as logs, rocks or reedy edges. If chasing Yellow Belly Scrub worms have also been working well.

Campaspe River 
Campaspe is fishing very similar to the Loddon at the moment with the large amount of rainfall that we have received over this winter making the water fairly dirty. Anglers that are putting the hours in persisting with spinnerbaits have had some rewards, there's reports of some fish being caught up to 70cm on spinnerbaits. The odd Yellow Belly are being caught using small vibes such as your TN60s around weed beds. Bait fishing around the Campaspe is worth a go this time of year. Big yabbies are a great bait for Murray Cod this time of year. Small yabbies and scrub worms are also working well for Yellow Belly and will be a key bait leading into spring.

Lake Eppalock
Lake Eppalock is still on the rise, with the water quality rather dirty. There are still fish to be caught with Redfin, Yellow Belly and the odd Cod popping up. If you’re targeting redfin we are having reports of people doing well trolling 50mm A/C lures in 30ft depth. The natural colours seem to be the standout at the moment, Trellys Bendigo has plenty in stock so come in and check them out there are some great colours. Once you’ve located the schools of redfin by trolling its best to then try ice jigs or drop soft plastics into the school for good numbers. Yellow Belly grubbin or casting vibes has been the most effective way to target these fish. So “Grubbin” is a technique that’s used around the trees and structures that you’ll find located around the lake. If you're unsure about this technique come into any of our stores and ask us how. Had reports of people catching some smaller reddies around the rocky ledges on scrub worms as well as the odd yellow belly. Yabby tails are also a great way to target fish in this system.

Cairn Curran
The lake is still pretty quiet, but it is on the rise. With the rising water levels some anglers have had some luck on the banks where the grass sat before the rise. Small soft vibes such as your Jackall masked vibe 60mm 19gram are working great, which are best worked slowly across the grass beds. This is a very effective way to catch good numbers of yellow belly, another way is fresh yabby tails. The fish in this lake find that hard to resist. Bait fishing around trees with scrub worms are also a great way to get redfin and yellow belly.

The odd trout is being caught casting small tassie devils in brighter colours. Strike tiger nymphs hopped slowly off the bottom are also working well on the trout and small redfin. Bait fishing with powerbait is the best option at the moment. 

Fishing here has slowed up over the last week, but the odd redfin and trout have still been getting caught. Small soft plastics have been working to some effect; the daiwa bait junkies are the pick of the bunch. Currently have a deal to buy 3 packets and you get the 4th free.

Forrest Fields
Still very weedy, hard to fish at present. The odd redfin and trout are being caught. Redfin on worms and the trout being caught on powerbait.

Tom Thumb
Still plenty of fun to be had on the carp around the lake. Try using a small hook and a light sinker with a bit of corn.

Corio Bay
The inner harbour has continued to fish well over the past week with once again Garfish being the most popular target species and yet again St Helens has been the hot spot. Pinkie Snapper have also been biting pretty well off the rocks from St Helens with reports of fish to about 3kg. After a few days of strong winds and horrid weather we can expect the rocks to fish well for a little while longer. Anglers fishing in boats have also been boating some good snapper with a bit better average size and fish to 6kg. Snook and pinkies have been reasonable throughout the waterfront with soft plastics proving to be very effective, bouncing turtleback worms along the bottom have been working a treat. 

Offshore Barwon Heads
Offshore Barwon Heads has had some reports of gummy sharks starting to chew quite well out there on the 40 metre line, it’s been quite a slow winter for them out there so far so it’s great to see some fish starting to get caught in reasonable numbers. Fish have been ranging in size anywhere from 8-15 kg with fresh baits like salmon and squid working best. There has also been a few whispers getting around of Tuna out the front and towards Lorne so it’s well worth taking some tuna gear if you plan on heading offshore anytime soon.

Portland has had some reports of Barrel Tuna coming on the chew towards cape Bridgewater over the past week or 2 with fish to over 100kg hitting the deck. Lumo coloured skirts have been the most effective as of late trolling between 40-60 metres. There also seems to be a few school tuna cruising around with the barrels aswell, only small but could be a potential donut saver having a few smaller lures in the boat.

Crater Lakes
Lake Purrumbete and Bullen Merri have been fishing well for trout and chinook salmon with anglers trolling hardbody lures along the edges of the lakes picking up some nice fish to over 4lb. Purrumbete has been offering some good trout fishing near the boat ramp with Mudeye under a bubble float Woking a treat. Tim caught this nice Salmon from Purrumbete earlier this week