Trelly's Fishing Report

Trelly's Fishing Report

Shepparton Local Lakes
The local lakes around Shepparton have been fishing slow with only a few Trout getting caught and a few Redfin being landed. The Trout seem to have spread out a fair bit in Lake Victoria after being stocked over a month ago now. Plastics and tassie devils are probably the best choice if You’re after some of these Trout. Redfin in Lake Victoria are still fairly active if you find them at the right time of day. Lures with a bit of flash and vibration are the best to get onto a few of the Redfin in there.
The lakes in Mooroopna are home to some nice Yellowbelly and Redfin and there are also some Trout which have been stocked into the Mooroopna Recreational Reserve lake. Casting small soft plastics and shallow diving hardbodies are a good way of getting onto most fish in these local lakes. If fishing with bait, worms are a great start when fished under a float.

Lake Eildon
Eildon has seen a few Trout getting caught with some good fish up to 60cm being landed while trolling pink or green Tassie Devils. Murray Cod have been tough and because there are limited people within the radius to fish Eildon we haven’t seen a heap getting caught. From the couple reports We’ve seen the Cod have been pretty good sizes with a few over the metre mark being landed on big plastics. Andrew made the most of his 2 hours at Eildon landing 2 Cod over the Metre mark. His biggest was this one that measured 120cm.

Lake Mulwala
Lake Mulwala has been fishing well for those able to get out on the water there. Casting big swimbaits like Jackall Gantarels and Megabass Vatalions have been working well. Fishing amongst the shallows and near the drop off into the main river bed have been good areas to target throughout the last week. If fishing into dark big surface lures like the Coddog Paddlers and Taylormade “walks on water” Paddlers have been good options. Jack from Lake Mulwala Sportfishing has been landing a heap of nice Cod in his daily 2 hrs including this nice one which inhaled his Jackall Swimbait.

Bendigo Local Lakes
Crusoe has been fishing pretty well for small stocked rainbow trout. Small hooks with powerbait have been the standout on a running sinker rig. These fish are measuring up to 35cm and are really good fun on light gear. Small hard bodies such as your rapala 3cm countdown have also been working well on the trout as well as picking up the odd redfin also. Daiwa bait junkies have been working well on the redfin that can be found in this lake, they have special on currently at all our stores which is buy 3 packets and get the fourth for FREE. 
In Kennington There are still plenty of rainbow trout getting caught. Bait fishing with powerbait is a very effective way to catch any stocked trout but lures have been also working great of late. Small Tassie Devils in brighter colours such as pink have been working well. Another great option is the tassie spinners; the brighter colours in these also are the standout.
Forrest Fields is still producing good numbers of trout also but unfortunately you are restricted in this lake to bait only. Using powerbait has seen anglers rewarded with good numbers of fish. Worms on the bottom also can produce good sized redfin and small silvers.
In Tom Thumb There have been some absolute stonka carp caught recently, the trick is a light weight with a small hook and a bit of bread or corn. People had some great fun in the lockdown chasing these fish with light tackle. The odd trout are getting caught on small soft plastics such as your strike tiger nymphs worked slowly.  Redfin are also around in small numbers and can be found casting small hard bodies.

Geelong Waterfront
Right through the Geelong Waterfront has been fishing very well for pinky snapper as of late with anglers casting soft plastics around the shore and surrounding structures finding plenty of fish. The pinkies have been in fantastic numbers with the majority of the fish being either side of 28cm with still a fair share of fish getting over 40cm swimming about too. Australian Salmon have also been in very good numbers too, unfortunately they aren’t very big but they’re in great numbers.

Corio Bay
Garfish have been a popular target species over the lockdown with the whole inner harbour fishing very well for them. Anywhere from Cunningham pier all the way through to the Grammar school has been fishing very well for them with St Helens being the prime spot to be. A simple pencil float rig with a tiny cut of silver fish for bait is the perfect setup to run with a plenty of burley to get them in the area.

Bellarine Peninsula
After this strong blow the water should be pretty stirred up and the king George whiting along the Bellarine Peninsula with St Leonards being a spot well worth looking at. Fishing the stronger tides are the best times to fish for them with pipis and squid the prime baits.

Apollo Bay and Portland
|If you're still after a barrel tuna then Apollo bay is well worth the look, after a few weeks of bad weather and minimal boat on the water the fish will have had a nice break and can expect them to be chewing pretty freely. JB Micro Dingos are a fantastic lure to troll around the area as the fish were last feeding on small baitfish. Portland was fishing very well on the shelf for both Bluefin Tuna and Albacore before the lockdown. Trolling lumo coloured skirted lures and Rapala X-Raps are by far the best lures to run in the spread.