Trelly's Fishing Report

Trelly's Fishing Report

Waranga Basin
Waranga Basin is fishing ok with some alright numbers of Redfin getting caught. Most are on the smaller side but there are some bigger models amongst them. There are still some more great reports flowing through of big Trout getting caught at the Basin while fishing for Redfin and casting small Trout minnows. With the cold days we’ve been having it isn’t unheard of to have a Trout come along and hit a trolled lure like a size 3 Stumpjumper or 50mm RMG Poltergeist in the 3m diver. Casting small minnow lures from the bank like a Balista Trance or Bullet lure isn’t a bad way to try and target the trout that we’ve seen getting caught at Waranga. Peter caught this 41cm Trout on a 3cm Bullet lure in the Brook Trout colour.

Murray River
The Murray River around Bearii and Barmah has been fishing extremely well with plenty of bigger fish getting caught on big surface lures such as the Balista Tremor and Kingfisher Abela Paddler. Lots of People have been persisting with surface lures right throughout the morning and finding plenty of bigger fish still feeding on the top. Later in the day Spinnerbaits like the Codman DT’s have been working well once the surface bite slows down. Shepparton regular David visited our store before heading up to the Murray last weekend. He bought one of the New Lizard colour Tremors and didn’t waste much time, boating this tank going over 120cm on his fourth cast for the morning.

Shepparton Local lakes
There have been a few more Trout getting caught out of Lake Victoria in Shepparton with the few frosty mornings that we’ve been having. First light and last light are the key times to go and target the stocked Trout on small plastics, Rapala Minnows and baits like worms. We've had some great reports of the larger Stocked trout still being caught and one report of a 50cm Cod being caught from Lake Victoria on a Pink Tassie Devil! There are some nice Redfin up to 25cm getting caught when fishing with small hard bodied lures and plastics above the weed throughout most parts of Lake Victoria. We have also heard of a couple mid-sized Yellowbelly getting caught in the mornings and afternoons while fishing for Trout and Redfin.

Lake Eildon
There have been a few nice Cod getting caught on baits and surface lures throughout the lower sections of the lake. Baits like chicken and big yabbies have accounted for some nice fish as well as surface lures like the big Kingfisher Paddlers and Coddog Paddlers fished in the low light periods and into the morning on the overcast days. The Trout have definitely fired up in the lake as they get ready to spawn with plenty of good bags coming in and some impressive fish around the 60cm mark getting caught while trolling. Big River arm has been producing some great fish while trolling Pink and White Tassie Devils and Small minnow style hardbodies. Around Bonnie doon there have also been some great Trout getting caught trolling similar Tassie devils and Minnow style lures like the Balista Trance and Rapala minnows in Trout imitation colours. Paul caught This 50cm Brown Trout while trolling near Jerusalem Creek earlier in the week.

Lake Hume
Lake Hume is still going really well with reports from customers of days where they’re catching over 100 Redfin in a day. Most of the fish have been good size too with the majority around 25cm and some bigger fish around 35-40cm mixed amongst them. Trolling the Trelly’s White RMG Poltergeist with a soft plastic running above it on a paternoster is a great way of getting a few fish on the troll. Once located, casting soft plastics and 60mm mask vibes is a great way of keeping fish coming into the boat. If bait fishing Shrimp are the best bait but there are still plenty getting caught on worms, small yabbies and small pieces of chicken.

Loddon River
The Loddon river has been producing some absolute monsters over the past few weeks. Bait fishing has proved the most profitable, with some anglers catching murray cod measuring up to 95cm! With the colder weather coming through, hard bodies seem to be the lures of choice, 90mm Australian Crafted lures have been working great, these lures are best fished tight against structure. With the hard bodied lures anything with a white underside seems to be working the best. Early mornings and late afternoons still seem to be the best times to target these fish in this river system. It is also worth throwing a big surface lure such as your Kuttafurra Joe the Rat which are stocked at Trellys Bendigo! These lures are hand made from timber and create a great disturbance on the water to annoy any fish. There are still the odd Yellow Belly about which is surprising for this time of year, try using small hard bodied lures such as your size 2 stump jumpers, brighter colours seem to be working the best. Bait fishing has proved to be going great, for both Yellow Belly and Murray Cod. If you’re chasing Yellow Belly try using fresh bait such as scrub worms or fresh shrimp if you’re lucky enough to find some. If you were smart enough to put some in the freezer they are a great option also! Pro staffer Will was able to get out two weekends in a row. The first weekend he was using Trellys Chicken and was unfortunately busted off by what he thought was a meter cod. One week later he returned again using Trellys special chicken and hooked into the fish which measured 95cm and still had the hook in him from the weekend before! Check out the photo below!

Local angler David was also able to get out during the weekend and landed a very nice Murray Cod measuring 86cm! See the Photo Below.

Cairn Curran
The odd Yellow belly can still be found around the trees in the lake, the best way to catch these fish is to use peeled yabby tails on a 1/0 hook, the bites can sometimes be a little finicky so keep your eye on the rod tip. Redfin numbers have started to pick up in the lake with the average quality fish measuring around 25cm in length. Move around until you’ve located the school of fish, once located try using jigs such as your Lunkerhunt Straight up Ice Jig. This jig only weighing 1/2oz is a great weight for this lake! Bait fishing has also been productive from the bank, try using peeled yabby tail or scrub worms for some smaller redfin or yellow belly that are around the banks edges.

Campaspe River
Campaspe River is still producing some good quality fish. Bait fishing using big yabbies or Trellys special chicken has seen many anglers rewarded with some good fish. Some reports of murray cod measuring up to 80cm in length. Surface lures with a big presence such as your kingfisher paddler have also been working great in this water way fished slowly. For people using scrub worms there have also been some yellow belly getting caught measuring up to 50cm. Keen anglers that have been prepared to put in the early mornings and late afternoons have also reaped the rewards, with anglers having luck on a wide variety of lures such as your old mate lures or your Ray Broughton hard bodied Lures. Pro staffer Justin was able to get out during the week and landed himself a couple nice yellow belly on Ray’s Lures see photos below. 


Lake Eppalock
There is still plenty of redfin around the lake, working with small soft plastic vibes such as your zerek fish trap have accounted for a large amount of fish. Anything with a bit of flash helps to attract the fish. To find these schools you are best to troll in around 20ft of water with a small hard body such as a RMG, once you've caught one go back over the school with the soft vibes. Ice jigs have also worked well, but you do get a lot of dropped fish. It isn't uncommon to get numbers of 50 fish in a session measuring up to 40cm. It's worth persisting until you find an active school. Yellowbelly are also still on the bite around the rocky ledges or around the trees. If you're fishing around the trees try using small black 2.5” grubs and work them slowly. Alternatively try casting Jackall mask vibes around the rocky points as they seem to also be sitting around them. Bait fishing is still very productive from the bank. Try using small yabbies or scrub worms, it’s best to cast around structure or rocky banks. Redfin have been found in great numbers, however there are a few small ones in the shallow water. The occasional Murray Cod is caught, but the big one is Yellow Belly which are being caught up to 4 in a session if you’ve found a good spot. Size 1/0 shiner hooks have been the big seller this week for the avide bait fisherman/fisherwoman.

Bendigo’s Family Fishing Lakes
Kennington Res - The redfin have been biting in the late evenings on 2.5inch soft plastic grubs, bright colours seem to be working the best. Scent has also helped to attract the bites, with the dizzy scent in ghost uv being a standout at present.
Crusoe Res - The odd redfin is being caught on worms. Trout are also being taken under a float, try using sherbet powerbait and running a small split shot sinker just about your bait. Small hooks are key!
Lake Tom Thumb - Small Redfin and trout are being taken on spinners. Bait fishing from the bank has produced some great carp, bread and corn kernels are still doing the damage here.
Lake Waroona - There is still loads of fun to have at this lake with anglers catching some monster European Carp. The best way to target these fish is with a very small hook with a split shot sinker, standout bait is bread or corn kernels.

Lake Purrumbete
Lake Purrumbete still continues to fish very well for Brown trout and redfin and should only continue as we get deeper into winter. The trout have been mainly holding in and around the weed beds that surround the lake and as the day goes on they have been moving out to the deeper parts of the lake. Casting shallow diving minnows and bent minnows have been by far the most effective lures to throw.  

Geelong Inner Harbour
The Inner harbour of Geelong has had some reasonable reports of winter snapper starting to get around with anglers fishing towards north shore landing some solid fish. Casting plastics around the structure in the area has been working well with fish to around 3kg being caught, Gulp Turtleback worms are a classic lure to throw around this time of year. Bait fishing at night has also been working quite well for the larger fish, patience is a very important factor for chasing Snapper this time of year but if you put the time in the rewards are there and well worth it. 

Surf Coast Beaches
The Surf coast beaches continue to fish very well for anglers in search of Australian Salmon. Bait fishing has been working well but those who are casting metal lures are definitely seeing the best results with some fish getting over 3kg and in the surf would pull like a truck. Although we haven’t had any reports come in it’s also a good time of year to chase Gummy Sharks and Mulloway off the beach and with fresh salmon on tap around you can’t get any better bait than that.

Offshore Barwon Heads
Offshore Barwon Heads has had some really good snapper on the go also at the moment, although the bay might be holding slightly bigger fish they’re in great numbers out there and feeding hard. Between the bluff of Barwon Heads right through to Whites Beach in 45m of water have been holding plenty of fish. Drifting using paternoster rigs with pilchards and squid as bait has been working a treat. School and Gummy sharks have also been cruising about quite a bit lately with them getting up to 15kg in weight. This time of year there tends to be a few cuttlefish cruising around and they’re usually quite big and are fantastic eating.