Trellys Fishing Report

Trellys Fishing Report

Spring has hit and the fishing at the moment is fantastic with most of our tasty local fish starting to show up in great numbers. Inside Corio Bay has still got some good Pinkie Snapper on the go with the odd bigger fish thrown into the mix, out towards the area known as the silos and north shore has been a very popular location for boaters with fish reaching upwards of 5kg. Bait fishing at night with pilchards and squid has proved deadly with plenty of fish still getting caught on plastics.

Bellarine Peninsula 

St Leonards still remains a popular location for the angler that is chasing a feed with fishing holding in good numbers and maintaining a great size. It does pay to keep active and constantly move around until you get onto the school which has definitely been the deciding factor between boat that are slaying fish and those that aren’t. Fez Sepic got out over the weekend in search of whiting and wasn’t disappointed landing a good haul of fish to 42cm with Pipi being the best bait. Fez also got down towards Queenscliff in hope to find some of the big calamari that come into the bay during spring, not long into the first drift his jig was attacked by a cracking squid that went 44cm (hood length). Fez also managed plenty more nice sized squid with size #3.5 jigs in white proving lethal. The squid at Queenscliff have definitely come onto the chew this past week with plenty of boats getting amongst the action and once again finding some great specimens.


Offshore has been providing some good fishing lately also with Snapper starting to show up in better numbers along with plenty of gummy sharks too. Fishing in 30 metres of water has been a popular depth with plenty of quality fish being caught along with plenty of other pleasant by catch such as flathead, nannygai and even whiting.

Wurdi Buloc

The trout fishing at Wurdi Buloc reservoir have come back onto the radar with anglers landing some solid fish. Brown trout still remain the #1 goal for most fishos with some great success with some fish reaching 60cm along with plenty of smaller ones too. Fishing sub surface lures such as the OSP bent minnow has proved to be a slayer this week. There still should be plenty of Redfin on the go too so your heavier spoons or soft plastics are going to be a great option to throw at those guys.

Waranga Basin

Waranga Basin has Been going alright with Plenty of Redfin getting caught around the 40cm mark however it has been hard work as these fish have been tough to convince to take a bait. Trolling has definitely been the best method as you can cover some more ground to find fish that are willing to feed. Deep diving Poltergeists in Trellys Redfin and Blood Nut colours. 15ft Codgers in the 55mm size are also a great choice and have been catching some nice Redfin. There have also been some good fish caught near the Island while trolling RMG poltergeists in the shallower 3m+ diver. Trellys Shepparton Staff Member Nelson and Fiance’ Jayme fished Waranga on Saturday where Jayme Got this Healthy 35cm Redfin on a 55mm Codger in colour #52 while trolling along the wall.

Shepparton Local Lakes

We’ve heard rumours that Victoria Lake may have been stocked again recently with a heap of ready to catch Rainbow Trout, leading to great numbers of fish getting caught caught over the past week while casting various different soft plastics. One group has reported catching over 20 fish in a session while casting little hardbodies and Small plastics around the 1” to 2” size rigged on a size 4, 1/24oz weighted jighead. Our favourite soft plastics to use at the Shepp lake are the Strike Tiger Nymph and Keitech 2” Easy Shiner. 
During the warmer days as the water warms up its worth getting focussed on targeting some of the Yellowbelly that have been stocked into the local lakes by Fisheries Vic.  Craigmuir Lake in Mooroopna has had 1000 Yellowbelly stocked in March as well as Kialla Lakes which have had a couple thousand Yellowbelly stocked between the lakes in March this year. We had a report during the week of some good numbers of Yellowbelly getting caught out of Kialla Lakes recently while casting Jackall TN60s in the Peacock colour. If You’re having trouble with weed we have also found that black grubs or the keitech crazy flapper rigged weedless with a beetle spin are a good way to handle the weed and have been successful in previous years.


Nillahcootie is starting to fire up a little with some good numbers of Yellowbelly getting caught on Scrub Worms. We had one report of over 10 fish getting caught in an arvo session while bobbing scrubbies around the trees.


For those who were able to get to Eildon for Trout opening there was some great fishing to be had with reduced crowds and plenty of Stonker sized Trout being released by fisheries. There were some great Rainbows caught up to 11lb with powerbait working the best. Around Thornton and Alexandra are great places to start. As well as powerbait, casting small hardbodies like Rapala CD5s and little Trout spinners has also proven successful on the stocked Trout in the Goulburn. Eildon Pondage has seen some big Brown Trout caught while casting Tassie devils, Spinners or gold krocs. Scrubbies suspended under a float and powerbait are the best methods for the bait fishos.
Up on the Lake there have been a few nice Cod caught up to and over the metre mark while casting magdrafts or Jackall swimbaits in the Big River arm and Goulburn arm in the late Afternoon. Casting along the rocky edges and along drop-offs has worked well over the past couple of weeks. There have also been some better numbers of Brown trout getting caught in the Big River arm and around Bonnie Doon while flatlining Tassie Devils.