Trelly's Fishing Report

Trelly's Fishing Report

Goulburn River
The Goulburn river is up a bit and fishing has slowed down due to the recent rain throughout this week, there are still a handful of Cod getting caught around Bunbartha in North Shepparton and also down around Arcadia on surface lures. With plenty of cloud cover, surface lures are a good choice and can be effective throughout the entire day.

Broken River 
The Broken River closer to Benalla has been fishing well with some alright numbers of mid sized Cod getting caught on Pompadours and medium sized Hard bodied lures such as Stumpjumpers and Codgers. Over this week with the water being a bit dirtier it's worth tying on some darker Lures as they create more of a shadow and presence in the murky water. David Lowe Caught this 45cm Cod first cast for the day earlier in the week. 

Nagambie has been fishing great recently with some good numbers of Cod getting caught and some bigger models getting stirred up. Yellowbelly have been getting caught on shrimp and scrubbies along with casting spinnerbaits.Casting lures such as spinnerbaits and surface lures around the lake have been accounting for some good numbers of mid sized Cod. Bait fishing with Chicken near the wineries has also been pretty effective especially in some of the deeper pools with good structure in them. Trellys Bendigo Pro Staffer Karen has been doing a bit of fishing with Rhys from social fishing, finding some great numbers of Cod around Nagambie in the last couple of days leading up to GoFish Nagambie. 

Mitta Mitta
Trelly went up to the Mitta again last weekend with the family and got onto some great stream Trout while casting lures and floating Scrubbies. Charlie Trelly showed Steve how it’s done by landing some excellent fish over the weekend including this Great looking Brown Trout caught floating Scrubbies in one of larger pools. 

Lake Hume
Lake Hume is still going nuts with heaps of Redfin getting caught in huge numbers around the lake. Bait fishing with worms, small yabbies and shrimp has been extremely successful however trolling RMG Poltergeists as well as casting soft vibes and soft plastics like the Bait Junkie Grubs have also been accounting for great numbers of Redfin. What we’ve really liked about the fish coming out of Hume is that a lot of them are a good size to take home with plenty of people cashing in and keeping a heap of fish for the table. Paul Watts Kept this great haul for a feed after fishing Hume earlier this week.

Lake Eildon
Lake Eildon has been going alright with a few nice fish getting caught around Jerusalem creek as well as up near The Delatite arm and Bonnie Doon. Redfin have been found mostly around Bonnie doon sitting on trees in 20ft of water and hanging around some of the rock walls. Soft plastics like Keitech Easy Shiners and Bait Junkie Minnows fished with a beetle spin have been working well for both Redfin as well as Yellowbelly. The Trout throughout Eildon should start fishing better soon with some colder weather moving through, Trolling Tassie devils and small minnow style lures around Bonnie doon and near big river arm should account for some great Trout over the next few weeks. Cod around Jerusalem Creek have been getting caught on surface lures in the morning and then Trolling Stumpjumpers and 15ft Old mates throughout the day. Between Jerusalem Creek and the wall has been a good spot lately for trolling along with down the Big River arm. Lisa from Eildon has been getting some great Cod including this thick 103cm caught Trolling. 

There have been a few nice Cod getting caught around Echuca at the moment with bait fishing being the method of choice. There have still been a few nice ones getting caught while trolling 15ft divers however throwing in a piece of chicken or cheese from the bank or off the back of the boat or Houseboat has been the go to. Renee and Shae caught these nice couple Cod off the back of the houseboat on chicken and Cheese earlier in the week.

Loddon River
This river is unfortunately still dirty, but the fishing has still been rather good. With the recent hatching of goat moths around central victoria now is the prime time to start using surface lures. Early mornings or late afternoons are definitely the best time to throw these lures. The standout lures are the Jackall Pompadours or bassman aussie crawler. These are great at this time of year as they cause a big disruption in the water. They are nice and loud and should grab the attention of any decent cod lurking nearby. During the middle of the day a spinnerbait with a big presence such as a gangster 1oz mother frogger has been able to attract the attention of some good sized fish. The brighter colours seem to be the most popular at present due to the water being rather murky. If bait fishing try some fresh shrimp these are great for Yellow Belly. Raw chicken or Trellys special chicken has been also working great in this river for Murray Cod!

Cairn Curran
The lake is still fishing well. The standout lures have definitely been the RMG poltergeist in the special trellys colour, white with orange and black! These lures are best trolled at a slow pace around the rocky ledges and steep drop offs. Stick to these areas and put the time in and you should be rewarded with some good quality fish. If bank fishing try small spinners for some smaller redfin that are still hanging around in the shallows or alternatively cast out a big scrub worm and you are in with a good chance of hooking a yellow belly.

Campaspe River
The Campaspe River is fishing great at the moment with a lot of fish being caught. A lot of the reports have been of smaller fish measuring around 50cm and have been taken casting smaller spinnerbaits such as your codman ½ oz’s. However hearing great reports of some good sized yellowbelly being caught on spinnerbaits. Purple seems to be the colour doing most of the damage. People who are still able to get some live shrimp have also been having good success on the golden perch and murray cod. This would be the standout bait as well as small yabbies. Remember to try to present bait that is present in the area as this is what the fish are used to eating and on those quieter days you will increase your chances of catching something decent.

Lake Eppalock
Lake Eppalock is the Bendigo hotspot at present. Families that are able to get out are in with a good chance of catching a fish whether this is from the banks or from the boat. If you're fishing from the bank and want to cast lures it is effective if you walk out in the water to knee depth and cast small spinners or hogbacks, this is a great way to catch good numbers of Redfin. Alternatively if you are using bait look for structure this can be weed beds, rock ledges or trees. The good quality fish will be hiding in this area and you’ll put yourself in with a better chance if you cast towards this. If fishing in a boat try trolling along in 20-25ft of water and troll RMG crazy deeps.

The bigger quality redfin seem to be schooling up in the deeper water, some of these reddies are measuring up to a pound. If you try to bounce soft plastics around the trees there is also some good yellow belly being caught some measuring up to 50cm in length, try some scent as well to help attract. The most popular scent has got to be the yabbie scent by dizzy scents.

Bendigo’s Family Fishing Lakes
Crusoe Res is starting to produce redfin up to a pound. These are best targeted early morning using fresh scrubbies or nathalia worms. If you use lures try using small 2.5inch grubs, in brighter colours. Lake Tom Thumb has got silvers that are happy to take a nice presented worm. If casting lures try small hard bodies or spinners and you are in with a good chance of catching reddies. Lake Weeroona is still producing some monster Carp! Some measure up to 80cm. It’s best to target these fish with some corn or bread.

Geelong Waterfront
The Geelong waterfront has offered some good protection of the conditions and still offers some good fishing. The new Wingam Pier has been producing some great fishing to those casting soft plastics around the area as there is plenty of structure there and holds tonnes of fish. Pinky snapper, salmon, pike and trevally have been the main target species and all take a liking to the Gulp Turtleback worms in pumpkin green fleck.

Corio Bay Outer Harbour
The outer harbour has also been holding some good fish and Alcoa pier has been one of the many hotspots. Andrew Orchard got out late last week getting stuck into a few Flathead, whiting pike and pinkie snapper all once again caught on the humble turtleback worm in pumpkin green fleck. Calamari have been in reasonable numbers in close right along Hermsley but after this blow it may make it a bit tricky as the water clears back up again.

Barwon River
The Barwon River has been fishing very well for fishos casting small hard bodied lures, redfin and estuary perch have been the main target species. Around Queen spark has been the biggest hot spot lately as it's super sheltered from the wind and a great spot for the kids.

Barwon Heads Offshore
Flathead have been in plague numbers offshore at the moment along the 50 metre mark, drifting paternoster rigs with baits like squid and salmon have been working very well. With the average size getting around 40cm and fish to over 60cm they make a great option when the tuna are slow to secure yourself a feed of fish. Offshore Barwon heads have still been fishing well for Bluefin Tuna, I'm sure everyone is sick of hearing it by now but these fish just won’t stop chewing! In 60 metres of water straight off the bluff of Barwon Heads has been holding the majority of the fish. Boats trolling small skirts like the Pakula Uzi have been by far the most popular skirt in them, casting stickbaits into the packs of mutton birds has also been producing plenty of fish.