Trelly's Fishing Report

Trelly's Fishing Report

Bellarine Peninsula, Queenscliff, Surf Coast, Lake Eildon, Shepparton Lakes, Goulburn River, Shepparton Region Channels, Waranga Basin, Loddon River/Cairn Curran, Campaspe River / Lake Eppalock, Bendigo Family Fishing Lakes 


Goulburn River

The Goulburn around Shepparton has been fishing ok lately however most Cod have been on the smaller side. There have been heaps of small Trout Cod getting caught on worms along with some Yellow Belly around South Shepparton on Scrubbies. Near Murchison there have been plenty of Smaller Cod getting caught on chicken and worms. There have been some nice Silver Perch getting caught in the Goulburn while fishing for Cod. Corey has been getting a few nice Silvers on cheese with some pushing 50cm.


Broken River

The Broken river is still pretty dirty making fishing a bit slow throughout the last week. We’ve still seen some nice fish getting caught on Jackall Pompadours and Codger Paddlers after dark and early in the morning before sunrise. Throughout the day has been tough fishing with spinnerbaits in the deeper holes being your best bet.



The Goulburn around Nagambie has been fishing well with some good sized cod up to a metre getting caught on Baits such as Bardi Grubs or Cheese, Shrimp have also been a great bait lately. Trolling Stumpjumpers has also been a good way of getting onto some nice Cod and Yellowbelly. The Wineries have been a good place to start with some of the deeper holes producing good fish. When tying up for a bait fish try to find a tree where you can secure 2 tie points to stop the boat spinning around when other boats go past. This helps to keep the bait still and entice a bite if the fish are finicky. Roger Caught this new PB of 82cm this week at Nagambie. Fishing with his Mate Dave, they managed 4 Cod, 10 Yellowbelly and a couple Redfin for the day.


Shepparton Region Channels

There have been some nice Cod getting caught lately in the Channels around Shepparton with the Main Eastern fishing well for both bait and lures between Murchison and Katandra. Focussing your efforts around any structure or sections where the water flow varies such as narrowing around bridges and drop bars has been the key to getting onto a few nice fish. Grant christened his new Codfreak pick landed a few nice Cod from the Main Eastern earlier this week while casting Bassman Spinnerbaits.


Waranga Basin

Waranga Basin has been fishing well with plenty of Redfin getting caught while trolling. Most fish have been around 20cm with a few bigger models up to 45cm getting caught amongst them. The bigger Redfin have been hard to find with most of them sitting at the bottom of the school not getting a chance to get to your lure before the smaller ones take it. A great way of getting to some of the bigger fish is working soft vibes such as the Nomad Vertrex swim and Samaki Vibelicious Thumper tails. Trolling near the boat club and along the wall have been good places to start. Over the years there have been some nice Cod caught out of Waranga but they are few and far between. Adele managed to land this Great looking Murray Cod on a 55mm Codger while trolling for Redfin over the weekend. A great catch on light Redfin gear.


Lake Eildon

Lake Eildon has been a bit hit and miss with some nice fish getting caught throughout the last week. Redfin have been going the best up at Bonnie Doon near trees in around 6m of water. Worms have been the best bait but white soft plastics that are cast around the trees have also been going well. Trolling Rmg Poltergeists have been a great method for landing some nice Redfin. There are also some good Yellowbelly getting caught in the Delatite arm while trolling size 2 Stumpjumpers. Baits such as Yabbies bobbed around trees out from a point are also a great way of getting onto some nice Yellowbelly. Murray Cod have been tough going with time on the water being the key. The Big River arm and the Main arm have been the best sections with surface lures in the early morning doing well along with swimbaits as the day goes on over some of the grass flats. Michael Anderson Caught this 104cm Cod off the top on a large surface lure in the Big River Arm. 


Shepparton Region Local Lakes

The Local lakes around Shepparton have been producing some alright fish with Redfin and Yellowbelly getting caught on a variety of different methods. Redfin have been in good numbers throughout Lake Victoria with a few getting caught on worms off the bank. There have also been a few Redfin getting caught in the centre of the lake casting Keitech plastics rigged with a beetle spin around the rowing lanes. Fishing out of a kayak is key to get to these sections. Make sure to try and keep your plastic above the weed as the Redfin and Yellowbelly will come up to get it. There is also a great chance of landing some nice Yellowbelly this way out of Lake Victoria too. Nelson from Trellys Shepp got this little Redfin while casting around the Rowing Lanes from his kayak. 



Gordon from Shepparton has been getting stuck into plenty of great Snapper and Gummy Sharks around Queenscliff over the last couple of weeks. Gordon has been fishing around the muscle farms near Mud Island. Fresh bait has been the key with plenty of nice squid being landed close in around Queenscliff too. 


Corio Bay

Inside the bay has still been fishing quite well for a whole host of species including pinkie snapper, King George whiting and calamari. Pinkie Snapper have been right through the outer harbour and on both sides of the channel producing plenty of fish. Casting soft plastics has been very effective in landing large hauls of fish with some models getting over 4kg in size. Bait fishing should account for a few fish too but soft plastics just seems to be the go at the moment.


Clifton Springs

Calamari still showing up in good numbers in close to Clifton springs and around the boat ramp with anglers still finding plenty. At times it can be quite the mission to find where they are holding but when you find where they’re hiding you should just keep plucking them from the pack. Whiting still remain a popular target species around Clifton springs also, bit like the squid that there is a bit of searching at times but when you do the fishing can be red hot. Around the corner towards St Leonards has been a little more consistent with the whiting bite with a bit less moving required to locate where they are holding.


The Rip

The Rip has really fired up this week with Kingfish reports coming in crazy! Jigging has been the most popular technique with jigs weighing between 150 – 250grams being ideal and as for colour they don’t seem to be super fussy but having a variety of colours and weights does pay. Dropping live baits down has been working very well too and live squid is definitely the go, just crank it off the bottom a bit to keep it away from the Wrasse and stop getting snagged. Bryce from Trellys Geelong with a pair of solid Kingfish caught from the Rip this week.


Ocean Grove

The Tuna off Ocean Grove are still showing no sign of slowing down with plenty of good reports still coming through. Trolling small skirted lures has been working very well for a large percentage of boats, the back of the foul grounds towards Torquay in 50m of water has been holding tonnes of fish but the trick is just to get them to bite. Casting surface lures into the school during the day has been working very well also with poppers seeming to be very effective.  Peri and Bryce From Trellys Geelong have been getting stuck into plenty of great Tuna off of Ocean Grove recently.