Trellys Fishing Report

Trellys Fishing Report

Corio Bay

Fishing this past week has been very productive for a lot of anglers fishing right across the region with our back doorstep producing some great reports. The outer harbour has been offering a great variety of species on offer and on the chew. From Point Henry right through to Portarlington has been quite the hot spot this past week with King George Whiting, Flathead, Pinkie Snapper, Salmon and Squid. There may not be huge fish on offer but they’re certainty in numbers, a great option to take the family out and enjoy the good weather. The northern side of the bay (north of the channel) has been seeing some better quality fish come through with King George Whiting reports standing out. Anglers have been finding good numbers of whiting around Bird Rock and the Quarries with reports of plenty of fish between 30 and 38cm. Pipis and Squid are two fantastic baits to run in this area. Snapper remain on the chew also, although not many anglers are chasing them at the moment there are still a few reports coming through of fish being landed to 5kg in weight.




Offshore Barwon Heads is where all the talk is at the moment with just about everything fishing well. Tuna have been white hot right across the coast line from as shallow as 20 metres right out to 40 metres. Trolling Hardbody lures has been working a real treat and when the fish are sighted on top, Poppers and stickbaits are doing the damage on them that way. Large Schools of Australian Salmon have been busting up offshore in the same areas as the Tuna. The schools are quite easy to spot as the birds and splashes are a very obvious give away with the fish mainly feeding on tiny whitebait, small metal lures are working best at the moment. Yellowtail Kingfish have also been on many anglers’ minds this week with some great reports of anglers jigging a few up in slightly deeper water. Plenty of fish between 60 – 80cm are on offer at the moment.



Goulburn River 


There has been a heap of reports this week from those fishing around Raftery’s road with some legal sized cod caught amongst plenty of smaller fish. Bardi grubs and cheese have been the stand out baits for cod with shrimp and worms working great for those chasing Yellowbelly. Those who have been targeting Carp have been reporting that corn and worms are working great with some catching 8/10 in a hour period. Trolling small stumpjumpers and Spinnerbaits has been a popular way to target natives around Raftery's Rd and also in the heart of Shepparton. Casting surface lures and smaller compact Spinnerbaits around Murchison has also been reported plenty of times recently. The cod are very active so you can move both your surface lure and spinnerbait reasonably quickly to draw the reaction bite. 



Broken River 


It’s been a surface bonanza recently in the Broken River with a heap of cod being caught off the top.

The key has been to cast your surface lures super tight to structure or the bank with the cod sitting close to snags or up shallow in low light periods. Jackal Pompadours and soft plastic frogs have been the pick of the lures reported this week. Those fishing in the day time have been catching both cod and Yellowbelly on lipless crank baits rigged with a single belly hook or small compact Spinnerbaits with a white colour. Bait fishing with shrimp has been great with cod Yellowbelly and carp being caught with the best areas being around the weirs and down towards the junction. 



Kialla Lakes 


There has been some nice sized fish caught this last week at Kialla with both Redfin and Yellowbelly reported. Casting small divers around the willow trees has been the best areas to target both species with some bites being right at your feet so make sure you angle your rod so the lure stays in the water for as long as possible. 

Bait fishing around the sand bars and near the island has been a great way to chase Redfin with small yabbies working great. There has been 2 stand out ways to fish the yabbies with either floating then shallow in low light periods or hard on the bottom when the sun is over head.



Shepparton Lake


It can be a tricky spot to fish but when the fish are on at the shepp lake you can have a great time. 

Floating worms and shrimp around the weed edges have been a great way to target Redfin lately with some nice 30+ cm reddies caught. If you can get out deeper in a kayak you will find the Yellowbelly are very active with trolling small lipless crankbaits or casting weedless rigged plastics near the towing lanes. Casting bent minnows in low light periods has also been a great way to target Redfin in the shallows with the minnow running just above the thick week. 



Irrigation Channels 


It's probably been a tougher summer compared to past ones in our local irrigation channels but it maybe starting to turn in our favour. We are starting to get more regular reports about cod being caught around both the bridges and syphons. The best lures seem to be both Spinnerbaits and square bills with the retrieve being quicker than usual to get the cod to hit and not second guess. 

There has been some nice cod reported caught right and the bank after chasing the lures in from the deep so make sure your stay aware and don't pull your lure out to early. Bait fishing with scrub worms around flowing water has also been a great way to chase Yellowbelly & Redfin with plenty of fish being caught out towards Karramomous and over towards Waranga basin. 


Lake Eppalock


Still getting many mixed reports from anglers across the board with some finding large schools of fish and others finding it quite slow. Yellowbelly have been caught consistently in the mornings with similar reports saying they are finding fish down deeper. Australian Crafted 70mm invader and RMG Poltergeist are great choices for getting down deeper to producing good fish. Soft plastics for redfin are always a fairly safe bet if you can find the fish, Strike Tiger 3-inch grub in vodka and orange worked for some local anglers turning up 25 plus fish. Another great option is the Biowaa Submission 3” and 4” plastics these might fish a tad slower but generally will produce bigger fish especially the 4”.  If your land-based flicking lures it can some time’s help to wade out a bit which will help you find some deeper pockets/water. Baits are always popular with euro worms or scrub worms usually producing fish.



Campaspe River

We are still finding the further towards Elmore the dirtier the water seems to be but its slowly clearing, some locals are still finding quality fish, first and last light with surface has seen the odd cod on smaller more subtle surface lures. Once the sun’s out spinnerbaits seem to still be catching the most fish with single willow and double Colorado being very popular choices. Bright and funky colors seem to be working well so don’t be afraid to mix it up and maybe try a new color combination or perhaps adding a plastic to your favorite color with a trailer hook. Persistence is Key with the Campaspe.  

Cairn Curran

A slower week this week with no many reports coming but the odd few. Those that did make it this week found it a little tough going have to work a fair bit harder to find the fish. Redfin and yellowbelly mainly caught on bait similar to last week, we have plenty of bait in stock at Bendigo with euro’s scrub worms and yabbies which are excellent for yellowbelly. When the bites slow like it has been something that can turn the tide in your favor is lure scent, we have found it can really help get some fish on the board on tough days, Gulp, Strike tiger and dizzy scent can all be found in store with a range of different scents on offer. Oft plastics and blades seem to be the lures working well mainly between 1.5 to 3 inch in curly tails and paddle tails. Yabbies tend to be the bait of choice here and we have some great small – medium size ones available in store while they last.



Loddon River


As Cairn Curran still has poor water clarity, many stretches of the Loddon are still dirty, in particular from Cairn Curran to Lannecoorie. Bright and loud spinnerbaits seem to be working best here with some nice cod being caught and the odd yella but no reports to us of any big fish this week.


up and downstream of Laanecoorie seem to be fishing ok still with a few reports this week of some cod and yellowbelly being picked up on a variety of lures and bait, 15ft old mate in tree frog and fire tiger being two that landed some along with 13 fishing jabber jaw in goldilocks color bringing some yellowbelly undone. Fishing these lures slow is key as they have a great action and are loud in the water, If you feel the lure coming onto a snag stop retrieving and let the lure float for a few seconds then continue the retrieve. Scrub worms and cheese seem to be doing best for bait with a few fish here and there being caught.



Main reports coming in this week are bait is what’s catching the fish scrub worms yabbies and Bega cube cheese. We did have a customer who caught some nice cod in the 50-75 range on bassman scopebait fishing it on some heavy timber with both fish being caught late afternoon.




Not to much to go off here this week as most people in the shop have fished elsewhere as its been tough the last few weeks, but if you’re heading out single willow spinnerbaits with a bit of orange in them and seemed to produce some good fish along with tn60’s and hardbodys with purple/black. The odd surface cod still being found but only small fish.


Bendigo Family Lakes

Lake Weeroona

The beat family access lake in Bendigo! Has been a little slow this week but bait seems to be the main winner this week with euro worms and rolled up small bits of bread if targeting carp and corn. With plenty of fish in this lake its great for families to take the young kids too, there are plenty of big redfin here who haven fallen to worms and soft plastics, particularly 3 inch strike tiger curl tail grubs and Zman slim swimz 2.5 paddle tail. Be careful to not cast over the rowing lanes as this usually results in a lost lure but otherwise a slow hopping/twitching retrieve work’s great here.


Caruso Reservoir


The rock wall he still proving a good spot for Reddies and if you can get out deep enough the occasional trout too. Worms and power bait being the go-to baits here, but a yabby can bring up a yellowbelly, they are in here but can be quite rare but who can say no to a yabby. Spinners in this lake are a great option, anything with a little red or pink seems to always work well. Fishing around bushes / weed this time of year and out at a few of the trees in the lake.



Kennington Reservoir

Not many reports have come from this lake, as it seems the lake has lots of water weed. However. Bait is probably with best here at the minute if you do want to give it a go, euro worms on a smaller hook would be the best option.