Trellys Fishing Report

Trellys Fishing Report


Some nice fishing on offer at the moment with the offshore scene really starting to take off with great reports coming through much more consistently with Tuna and Kingfish both on the chew! Kingfish have been chewing well from behind the Bluff of Barwon heads towards Torquay with some notable areas being the foul grounds, the FADS off Torquay, Charlemont and the area known as S**T Reef. The Tuna have been in great numbers out the front too and been well spread out. Between 35– 50 metres has been holding most of the fish which is a VERY general area but they have certainty been keeping anglers guessing on where they will pop up next. Sticking with the birds is key as they are following the tuna. Trolling diving lures has been very effective and when the fish have been often seen on top then casting poppers and stick baits is working well as expected.



Outer Harbour

The outer harbour of Corio Bay between Clifton Springs and Portarlington has seen some good Garfish on offer with reports of anglers finding fish in that 2 – 3 metre depth range. A solid and consistent burley trail is key to success when chasing these tasty morsels and they also make great bait! King George Whiting reports have remained relatively consistent with anglers still getting amongst the action on them and much like last week a wide variety of size with one fish being mid 20s then the next being mid-30s. Patience and persistence is key as you will need to sift through a lot of smaller fish to secure a bag of better ones.


Corio Bay

Corio Bay has seen some fantastic Black bream fishing on offer with the silos piers holding some quality fish! Outback Breamer Bait muss vibes are a hot lure to use in this area or even lightly weighted live crabs or freshwater yabbies. Some fish are getting to over 45cm.


Barwon River

Although we haven’t had any ‘official reports come through the Barwon River is starting to clear up and we can expect to see some reports come through over the next few weeks. The Carp should be feeding well right across the system on corn kernels and as for your redfin and EP’s the golf course around Queens Park should start to fire up on worms or small hardbody or soft plastic lures. This time of year you’re also a shot at a yellow belly or Bass!



Goulburn River 


We are starting to receive more regular reports from those fishing the Goulburn River after the last river rise. The water is slowly clearing up which is making for much better fishing especially with lures. Trolling has been great for those fishing in the afternoons and into the evenings with the best lures being those in pink or fluro green. Surface fishing in the morning or night has started to fire back up with some legal fog reported around Murchison and also off the bank in Shepparton. Pompadours and the Bassman Aussie Crawler have been prominent in the recent reports. Fishing around Nagambie again has been great with some nice cod and Yellowbelly caught recently with Spinnerbaits and tn60 jackals working best. Bait fishing in the Goulburn around Shepparton has been good with scrub worms working well for Yellowbelly and Bardi grubs from cod.



Broken River 


It’s been a surface fishing bonanza in the broken river lately with high numbers of fish being caught. We have had reports of some young fellas walking the banks and catching 15 cod in a session all on top water. The Balista Humpbacks and also the pompadours have been the stand out top water lures this week with many of those reports coming in from those using these lures. Fishing downstream of both weirs with lipless cranks and small chatterbaits has also been a great way to y they both cod a Yellowbelly in the broken especially if there is a little bit of flow so if we get any upcoming rain those weirs will be must fish locations. Bait fishing this week has been very consistent with reports from numerous locals fishing up to Benalla but mostly around Orvale to the junction area. They have reported that fresh is best when it comes to bait so using both shrimp or yabbies has been key to chasing cod. The carp take a liking to shrimp so be prepared to catch a few of those in between the natives. 



Murray River 


It was jammed packed on the Murray River over the Australia Day long weekend and that meant plenty of fishing stories from those who got out. There was one thing in common with these reports and that was there is plenty of fish to be caught in the Murray. Bait fishing was the most popular way to fish with a heap of cod caught on chicken and cheese mostly undersize but there was the odd 70/80cm fish caught. Carp were very active with a heap of them removed over the weekend, those fishing for them found that worms or corn was the best baits. Trolling old mates would happen to be one of the easiest ways to target cod in the Murray and this were exactly the case this week with so many keen anglers stocking up on one of our most popular cod lures. 15ft divers seemed to be the best ones in terms of depth this past week with the stand out colour over the long weekend being anything with pink. Those who were targeting the big cod off the top found Balista Tremors the best lure with some fish up to 90cms reported. Casting Mumblers was also a great way to target cod during the daytime alongside orange and black Spinnerbaits.