Trellys Fishing Report

Trellys Fishing Report

Corio Bay

Very inconsistent weather has certainty made it testing to get out and get amongst the action but those that did managed to find some impressive fishing on offer. The Bay has continued to produce snapper reports, not as consistent as what it was a few weeks ago but there is still fish about for sure. Some fish have been reaching up to 8kg in size but it’s just a matter of putting some time in and doing all those little 1% ers. A few areas to mention thaty are well worth sussing out are the channel, Spoil grounds, Old Channel off Portarlington, Mussel farms and just off Clifton Springs Ramp in 8 metres.


Outer Harbour 

The outer harbour has had a hot bite of Bronze Whaler Sharks as this time of year they come in the bay to breed and they are in thick numbers. Many anglers are losing fish to them, hooking them and getting smoked or for some that have come prepared, landing them! Pretty crazy fishing for our area with some sharks getting over 2.5 metres in length. The Bellarine beaches have been producing some fantastic results for anglers kayaking baits out with game setups. Well worth getting down there and having a crack.


Offshore has seen some good numbers of snapper and gummy sharks still hanging about, the snapper aren’t huge in size at the moment but sure are making up for it with numbers, there are HEAPS. The 40 metre line is proving to be the standout area as of late. As for pelagics the Tuna are starting to roll through with some reports starting to circulate with anglers finding a few schools kicking about, mostly small fish but great to see. There has also been a few makos kicking about too in quite close. The water is looking very good out there!


Barwon River

The Barwon River has offered some great fishing fun for Families lately with Carp on the bite across most of Geelong. Breakwater and Queens park have been 2 very popular locations with anglers finding plenty of fish to 5kg with the odd mirror carp thrown into the mix too. Corn Kernels and bread are both working very well at the moment.

Goulburn River
It’s been a great December so far with plenty of cod and Yellowbelly being caught In The Goulburn River. Over the past couple of summers as soon as the river settles the fish seem to just bite well and we are now experiencing this great bite period. The promising sign is there seems to be plenty on offer for those fishing many different techniques. Trolling around Shepparton from the boat ramp to the junction has been great for those looking to stay more local with some nice cod caught on stumpjumpers and codgers. Casting the new Bassman Spinnerbaits Codman Vibes have been working well downstream of the boat ramp around Jordan’s bend and near the Shepp Golf Course. Fishing more upstream in Murchison we have been getting some good reports from those bait fishing from the banks with Bardi grubs and cheese working well. Fishing on sand banks on the evening has been a favourite for many this cod season with the odd Yellowbelly being caught on shrimp in the same areas. Surface fishing has been another great way to chase cod this season with some legal sized fish caught in the heart of Shepparton, Downstream of Nagambie and also down towards loch Gary. A great way little technique that has been working with the winged surface lures such as the pompadours is to just cast and let the lure sit near the snags, from there just shake the rod tip so the wings just vibrate making the lure look like a big moth sitting on the surface. The cod seem to love this or will then hit the lure once you start retrieving it. 
Waranga Basin 
There have been some nice numbers of fish caught at the basin over the last couple of weeks with some anglers reporting 30/40 fish in a session. 
Bait fishing has been on fire with night crawlers being the best of the baits used with small yabbies being the next best. Those in boats have found either drifting or anchored in around 10/12ft has been a great depth for the Redfin. Those off the banks have had more success in the evening with the Redfin more confident to come in shallow to feed. Those using lures have reported some nice fish in similar depths 10/12ft with points being the best areas. A great soft plastic this week has been the Biwaa 3 inch submission soft plastics in the #28 gold perch colour, they have a big paddle tail so it only takes a slow roll close to the bottom to draw a bite.
Kialla Lakes 
The main lake is super low and dirty at the moment which has meant a little tougher bite especially for those using lures. The smaller shallower lures have not been working as well so many have opted to fish deeper with tn60 jackals or blades. Bait fishing seems to be the best way to target the fish in the lake at the moment with big scrub worms working well on Yellowbelly around the willow trees. There was even a report of a cod being caught on chicken off the sand bar. There were plenty of cod relocated a few years back from the irrigation channels so it’s great to see some are still in there after numerous floods. 
Lake Mulwala 
There has been plenty of reports from Mulwala since the cod classic with some solid fishing being caught. Spinnerbaits have been working well around the edges especially near willow trees. Afternoon bite seems to be the best period to fish at Mulwala so far this season with majority of reports coming in from those heading out after work. These sessions normally consist of a few hours casting Spinnerbaits or Smaller swimbaits followed by bigger surface lures in the evening. Switch baiting has also been a great way to land these aggressive cod that don’t hook up straight away off the top. If you can have a second rod rigged with a diver or spinnerbait fire this lure in straight after the retrieve on the hit. Or if your fishing 2 up get your fishing partner to cast into the areas. A thought process is the fish have hit the lure and injured the bait so they can sometimes be hunting in the same area as the initial strike.