Trellys Fishing Report

Trellys Fishing Report

Corio Bay

Wild weather is certainty not making it easy to get out into the action but it has turned some fish in particular areas into a bit of a feeding frenzy! With strong winds the Geelong waterfront is a fantastic location to go and have a suss around as it stirs all the food up and gets the resident fish going crazy.  Pinky Snapper respond best when this happens and you will quite often catch fish to 40cm off many of the land based structures in and around the Geelong Waterfront. Other species you can expect to encounter include Salmon, Flathead and Trevally. Gars have also remained well on the chew inside the bay this past week with the northern structures of the bay producing the best results.



Offshore Barwon Heads is still attracting a lot of attention to game anglers this week and for good reason as the Barrel Tuna are fishing very well. The fish seem to be spread out just about everywhere. From the back of the rip all the way out to 70m right through to Torquay in 20 metres they just seem to be everywhere at the moment. At the moment they seem to be mainly chewing on whitebait which can make them tricky to catch but at times anglers are finding them feeding on yakkas and when they are your chances more often than not sky rocket! 8-10inch skirted lures have been the main lures getting the bites with anglers starting to throw some topwater lures too.


Surf Fishing

With these strong North winds plenty of keen fishos have been hitting the surf beaches and rock platforms across the surf coast with most of them providing some great Australian Salmon Fishing. The further west you head the average of the fish and numbers seem to improve. Metal lures ranging between 20-60 grams are working best and bait fishos are picking fish up also.


Wurdi Buloc

Wurdi Buloc has been fishing well this past week with lots of reports of Brown Trout on the chew off the rock walls with anglers finding fish to over 4lb. Shallow diving jerkbaits and soft plastics have been lethal on the resident fish lately and also picking up plenty of Redfin too


Goulburn & Broken Rivers 


Both river systems are still running close to minor flood levels and this has been the case for weeks. We have not had many reports from either river lately just the odd carp being caught from the bank fishing worms around the flooded grassy banks. There has been a couple of reports of Crayfish being caught by them holding onto the hooks from those chasing carp on the edges with worms. With impoundments still reasonably full the river heights may stay high for the near future. 



Lake Mulwala 


There is plenty of water flowing through Mulwala at the moment which can change the way you fish the lake. Bait fisherman have had to upsize their sinker weights especially at the bottom end towards the main bridges. Those Luring fishing have targeted areas where the flow either pushes into a bank or the flats behind where the old river bends. Those with live sonar have been reporting that the fish are sitting in the old river then pushing up on the flats nearby to feed. Some nice fish have been caught on big plastics such as the Biwaa’s or the Magdrafts. Top water action has been a little slow lately with only a handful of smaller cod reported this week. 



Lake Hume


There has been plenty of Redfin being caught at Hume with plenty of reports from the recent school holidays coming in.The best thing about the fishing at Hume recently is you can almost catch them with any technique.Bait fishing off the bank with worms has worked well so has dropping a lightly weighted bait into the schools out deeper directly under the boat. Those in a boat have said Trolling 10/15ft deep running divers has been a great way to catch high numbers of fish with whites and pinks the pick of the colours. If you can find schools of fish on the sounder and can sit on top of them you're in for a good time with vertically fishing ice jigs or blades your bat bet to landing plenty of fish. 



Shepparton Lake 


We have still been hearing promising reports from the lake with some nice trout and Redfin being caught.  Casting small Keitech or Strike tiger soft plastics has been the best method this week with the fish sitting deeper in the weed. Lightly weighted jig heads or weedless run plastics is the best way to no get caught up regularly in the weed at the lake because you need to get your lures into the weeded areas. A slow roll or a shake a pause technique has been working well with trout both eating the plastic on the move or as it sits on the bottom. There have also been some Redfin caught this week using these same techniques.