Trellys Fishing Report

Trellys Fishing Report

Corio Bay

The Easter break unfortunately didn’t grant us very nice weather however the keen anglers that made the most of it still managed to land some nice fish. Lineburners boat ramp off the rocks seemed to produce some nice fish to the keen angler braving the elements landing pinkie snapper, salmon, whiting and flathead. Around the Geelong waterfront has also had some good fishing on offer with Australian Salmon in plague proportions terrorizing small bait fishing right along the area. Anglers have often seen the fish busting up hard on the surface eating pretty much whatever you put in there face even with a few Yellow Tail Kingfish being caught in the commotion.


Outer Harbour

The outer harbour as per usual has got its King George Whiting Reports coming through with anglers tangling with them and plenty of fish seem to be around too. Again, fishing the tides has been key with pippies and squid working well on them. Snapper have continued to be in respectable numbers in the outer harbour also for anglers fishing around the Leopold spoil grounds with fishing being reported to up to 6kg in size. Baits and lures have both been accounting for plenty of fish.



Offshore has still got the tuna biting hot with anglers doing some serious damage on them. Anglers trolling skirted lures with the aid of a spreader bar or daisy chain has been lethal and so too has diving lures like Rapala X-Raps. Fish have been ranging anywhere from 5kg in weight right up to over 20kg. The fish are again often seen on the surface chasing down small baitfish so casting stick baits into them is working very well too.



Down the coast towards Portland is still on fire with the barrels coming through thick and showing no real sign of slowing down. A pack of Orcas did come through last week which did make things a little more difficult to find however the patient anglers did find some fish to over 120kg.



After this rain it is well worth heading down the Otway Rivers and streams to chase some wild Brown trout. After this rain the rivers will fill up a bit, start to flow and result in the trout starting to feed! Small hardbody lures and soft plastics are perfect for this style of fishing.


Goulburn River 


School Holiday fishing is still in full swing in the Goulburn River with some promising reports this week even though the weather hasn’t been the best. Legal sized cod have been caught mostly on bait around Arcadia, Jordan’s Bend and behind Aqua-moves with Trellys chicken and shrimp working well. The water temps continue to drop so shrimp will be harder to catch so make the most of them while you can. Those using lures this week have been finding the Cod are enjoying a trolled codger with lures with some Greens, Purples and pinks in them doing well. Smaller compact Spinnerbaits are working for Yellowbelly with some good-sized Goldens being caught around Moira Park. 




Broken River 


The fishing in the Broken is starting to slow up a little with the 10/12 fish sessions probably just about done. Don’t let that get you down because plenty of locals are still catching fish but are just having to work a little harder for a bite. Casting black and purple divers around 60/80mm long has worked well for both Yellowbelly and Cod. Carp have been caught on the fly as well as on worms. Just like the Goulburn if you can get some Shrimp or Yabbies, you will up your chances of catching a nice Cod or Yellowbelly with the fresh bait bite a lot better this week compared to baits such as cheese and chicken. 




Kialla Lakes 


There is still an edge bite in Kialla Lakes with so much bait still in the shallows. You can simply walk the banks and wait for boils or bust ups in as little as 15cms of water.  Once you see the activity you can cast in a small diver, jerk bait or bent minnow and sometimes the fish take the lure before you have even started your retrieve. If there isn’t any action on the edges you can fan cast a little deeper covering different depths with a jackal chubby38s or beetle spin rigged plastics. These lures are great searching lures and can give you an indication of the depth of the fish as they could be holding on the drop off or out deeper if they are not smashing shallow water bait. Floating worms around the willows or the sandbars has also been a productive way to chase both Yellowbelly and Redfin this past week with some reports of fish up for to around 38cms caught this way. 



Murray River 


We are still receiving reports from the Easter period from the Murray River with a few stand out spots reported.Below the Weir at Yarrawonga has been a productive spot for casting Spinnerbaits around the boat ramps targeting the fish trying to head upstream. Bait fishing in the stretch of bank at the caravan park has also been great with heaps of small cod amongst some legals being caught on cheese and bardi grubs. Cod up to 80cms has been reported around Cobram with surface fishing with tremors or hunchbacks accounting for most of the fish reported.  Down towards Echuca has also been a productive area for those targeting both cod and Yellowbelly. Bait fishing with worms, Chicken and Bardi Grubs has been a great bait to target the natives.