Trellys Fishing Report

Trellys Fishing Report
Broken River 
It’s been a long time between positive reports from the broken river but we are glad to yet again report that the fishing is firing in the Broken River with reports coming in over cod opening.
There was no real stand out location along the river with reports coming in from Benalla, the weirs, Nalinga, Orvalle and in Shepparton near broken river drive. 
Both lures and baits worked well with legal cod caught amongst many smaller models. 
Single bladed Spinnerbaits like the Bassman & Old mates were very popular this week so we’re smaller square bills for those casting hard bodies. 
Bait fishing reports were dominated by Trellys chicken baits and scrub worms with plenty of Yellowbelly also caught especially on scrubworms. 
As the water continues to improve, we should see the surface bite get better with plenty of frogs around casting zman frogs or smaller topwater baits will be a great option. 
Lake Mulwala 
The cod classic was yet again a huge success with so many positive reports coming in from those who made the trip. 
Swimbaits, and Spinnerbaits worked well for those on the lake fishing around majors and along the Mulwala foreshore.
Bait fishing from the Yarrawonga side of the lake was also a great method with some nice fish caught from the train bridge to the yacht club with Bardi grubs and cheese working great. 
Those fishing outside the competition hours reported cod up to 85cms caught off the top on Aussie crawlers and pompadours. 
Lake Eildon 
It might be summer but the bite is very similar to a spring bite with heaps of Yellowbelly and Redfin now being caught. 
Fishing the edges with Spinnerbaits, divers and beetle spin rigged plastics has worked for those targeting Yellowbelly.
Redfin on blades and gulps has worked around the trees so has worms and small yabbies.
Trolling small Codgers and Oldmates around the points and flooded timber has been another way to chase both Redfin and Yellowbelly. 
Bait fishing from the bank has been just as good this week especially fishing around flooded trees. Scrub worms and yabbies under a float has been a method to chase Redfin with Yellowbelly biting a bit deeper so a longer cast with a sinker is needed. 
Irrigation Channels
Cod season has kicked off with a bang in our local irrigation channel system with some very promising reports of cod up to 64cms being caught on baits along with many other legal sized cod. 
There has also been plenty of Redfin being caught on bait and on small Blades.
Fishing the water below drop bars has been regularly reported as the ideal spots to chase both cod and Redfin with some nice fish caught in the turbulent water and many more where it starts to settle with many fish waiting to ambush baits moving with the currents.